Guest Review: Breakfast at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Let’s welcome back Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley with a review of breakfast at the Everything Pop Food Court in Disney’s Pop Century Resort!

In late February, I traveled down to Walt Disney World to celebrate One More Disney Day; and because it was a last-minute trip, I was traveling on a tight budget and without my husband. So I decided to stay at Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

Pop Century celebrates the 20th century.

I’d visited the resort and shopped in Everything Pop Shopping and Dining on a previous trip, but I’d never ordered food from the Food Court portion of the massive retail location before. I’m excited to share my findings with you.


My first impression: Everything Pop is loud and overwhelming. There are lots of kids, lots of Disney resort mugs, and lots of folks wandering around without looking where they’re going. It took me a moment to get my bearings.

But after taking a quick walk around the perimeter of the food court, I regained my confidence, and I didn’t run into any problems. In fact, I found myself looking forward to my morning visit to the food court. It has a fun, festive atmosphere. It’s a very Disney way to start the day!

Everything Pop Shopping and Dining is huge.

My only actual complaint about the food court is that it’s really cold in there in late February and early March! Especially if you’re traveling with small kids, I’d bring a sweater.

The food court itself is set up in sort of a half-moon, with six different service stations and a prepared food area. At breakfast, only three of the stations and the grab-and-go area in the back were open. But there were plenty of options, from POP waffles and chocolate croissants to omelets and breakfast platters.

Each food station in the food court serves something different.

Once you’ve loaded up your tray, the checkout counters stand between you and the tables, and the condiment bar is just beyond the cash machines.

One very important thing to note: you won’t find serviceware at the condiment bar. Your forks, spoons, and knives are at the back of the checkout counter.

Serviceware isn’t where you’d expect to find it.

Once you’ve loaded up on food and fixings, it’s time to find a seat! The seating area is massive. Even when the food court seems loud and full, there is plenty of seating.

If you’re traveling with smaller children, head toward the right after you check out — there’s an area with kid-sized tables and televisions playing cartoons on the southeast side of the dining hall.


During my One More Disney Day trip, I ate at Everything Pop on three mornings, so of course I tried three different breakfast items!

On the first morning, I ordered the adventurous Breakfast Pizza. It’s a pita, spread with sausage gravy and topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon crumbles. I was a little worried that it would be dry, but it was really delicious — and it was even good after it got cold.

It was also huge and very filling — it kept me going through the morning in Hollywood Studios and a visit to both Port Orleans resorts!

Breakfast pizza and a Diet Coke. Breakfast of champions?

My second morning, I ordered a breakfast wrap filled with bacon and eggs. My wrap was prepared right before my eyes by a perky Cast Member who made my morning: “This is my first wrap of the day. I hope it’s great!”

Unfortunately, it was a little dry; and I don’t eat ketchup, but I am sure it would have been great with some moisture added.

Breakfast wrap with potatoes.

My wrap came with a side of home-style breakfast potatoes, which were perfectly cooked — not too soft. They’d be great with the addition of onions or peppers.

The breakfast potatoes are home-style fried potatoes.

The Pop Century Omelet bar offers three omelets every day: cheese, ham and cheese, and Western. They also serve a fourth omelet, which rotates from day to day. Finally, on my last morning in Orlando, the omelet I’d been waiting for came up: the Key West Omelet.

The omelet bar is on the far right of the food court.

It’s full of turkey, Swiss, bacon, and spinach; and it is warm, comforting, and slightly nutty (from the cheese). It’s the most perfect comfort-omelet ever and the perfect power-food for a long day of touring and traveling.

Key West Omelet with guac on the side.

The Key West typically comes with guacamole on top, but I asked for it on the side. I was a little bit leery of guacamole on my eggs, but it really brightened up the omelet. It was like a whole new meal — still comforting and delicious but also slightly adventurous (for me). If, like me, you’re suspicious of avocado and eggs, ask for the topping on the side. You won’t be sorry.

Bonus Eats

Bonus snack!! On One More Disney Day, I took a nap. You can call me names in the comments if you want, but I was the kind of Disney-tired that requires a nap. Before I headed to my room to accept my One More Disney Defeat, I stopped in the food court for the snack of champions: Worms and Dirt.

Worms and Dirt – the best snack ever.

It’s chocolate pudding, Oreo cookie crumbles, and gummy worms, but it’s so much more than that.

You can pick up a to-go cup of this delicious treat in the prepared foods section of the food court, and it is worth every penny of its $1.99 price tag.

Enjoying my One More Disney Snack.


I was a little bit worried about eating breakfast alone every morning. Would I be the weird girl with the camera, snapping pictures like a loon and eating alone? Yes, I would. (A food court doesn’t have the power to change who you are.) But I didn’t feel weird or out of place.

Everything Pop Shopping and Dining is a mad house in the best way. It’s full of great food, delicious smells, and families (and solo travelers) having fun. The food is playful and filling, and it’s decently priced by Disney standards. I’d gladly eat here again and again and again!

Have you eaten at Everything Pop? We’d love to hear your review in the comments!

Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley works in higher education communications in upstate New York, where she lives with her husband, Robert, and her cavapoo, George. She’s is the co-editor of Mouse on the Mind.

Editor’s Note: See our previous review of Pop Century Breakfast here.


  1. Kathleen says

    I love the Pop Century!!! In the past four years and the six trips that I have been to Disney, I stayed each time there. The food is ridiculously good!

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    Of the many examples of your witty prose from this blog, my unquestioned favorite line, worthy of Shakespeare, perceptive and apt, deliciously quotable . . . “A food court doesn’t have the power to change who you are!”

  3. says

    We had a fine experience getting gluten free and dairy free food there. The chef had options for us, and they were good, though we felt the portion sizes were small in comparison to what we had been served at the other resort restaurants. Also, I am not a fan of waiting in so many lines. I wanted an espresso and soy milk, with the milk warmed up, but they wouldn’t get that at the counter with espresso and they said I’d have to ask a chef to help with the milk allergy (and flagging down a chef was a bit odd…I just hang out by the kitchen door until I see one…there must be a system?). Ok, so then the chef said he had no way to warm the milk and I could put the disposable cup in the microwave. Ok. So, that is lacking in the service we have had elsewhere, but with a little pre planning, it works out great for those of us with dietary restrictions because, like all Disney restaurants, they got the options!
    I was overall quite pleased with the Pop Food court and I am certain that if we ever went back, I would be happy to try it again :)

  4. Jen says

    Great review! I love their breakfast pizza. It is huge and very filling. Only 86 days left until I can get it again. <3

  5. Jill D says

    I Love POP! Seriously it is the best! Has Art of Animation changed anything there? Is Pop still the first drop off from Magical Express? Does AOA have their own buses to the park? Or do they stop at both resorts? Sorry I know this is not food related but I’m curious. Thanks!

  6. Victoria says

    We’re staying at Pop for the first time in December and I’m really looking forward to it! This post made me even more excited. Yay! :)

    And that Key West omelet looks really good. Can’t wait to try! :)

  7. archrd says

    Pop Century resort is my favorite place to stay. I can’t wait to go back in 2013. The foodcourt has the best variety.

  8. Karen says

    I LOVE POP. It’s our #1 resort pick and love the food court, for every reason that you described. I love eating breakfast there every morning, I love the crowds and people watching..and I wouldn’t do anything different if I was eating solo and snapping pictures like a loon :)

  9. Lici says

    Jill D – Not sure about the ME drop off but I do know AoA has their own buses to the parks. We’ll be there in 52 more days!

  10. Michael says

    I was just at Pop last September and we were the second ones off the Magical Express (Caribbean was the first)…We thought the food was good (except the pizza we ordered from the room). Planning another trip in a few years when everything is completed (including Harry Potter at Universal Studios).

  11. becky cole says

    Just an FYI, if you are planning at being at the parks for opening, only one breakfast station is open that early in the morning. I was very disappointed with my stay there last year, but I am used to staying at the moderates or deluxes, so maybe it was just me…

  12. Bret says

    Quote {I was a little bit worried about eating breakfast alone every morning. Would I be the weird girl with the camera, snapping pictures like a loon and eating alone? Yes, I would. (A food court doesn’t have the power to change who you are.) But I didn’t feel weird or out of place}

    No way we take pictures of every meal when we are at Disnet or on a Disney Cruise….. Thanks for the review it was great….. I do have to say though I did try the Tie Dye Cheesecake in June and I love it….

  13. says

    Becky: I made it to Park opening every single day of my trip in February/March, and the only time all of the stations weren’t open was on One More Disney Day (but I didn’t really expect them to be open at 4am). I wonder if they’ve changed their hours?

  14. JoAnn says

    I love breakfast at Pop. I usually get the platter. I have tried the wrap and the pancakes. I may have to try the breakfast pizza this year.

  15. David says

    We will be staying at Pop for the frist time in 10 days starting Aug 29, We can not wait! My son can not wait to have a Pop Waffale! Melissa this was a great review, and it just makes me wish the next 34 days would go buy even faster!!!

  16. Essie says

    Thanks for the review Melissa! I am going to the AoA resort for our first Christmas trip this year and we’ll visit Pop for the first time also, while we’re there. The Key West omelet sounds very good with the Swiss and bacon. I’ve done a few solo trips myself and find them to be very fun and an enjoyable adventure. It’s great to have the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Pop sounds like a really fun resort and I may choose it for a solo trip someday if there is free dining available there, but not at AoA, or just to try a new resort for a change. Your review has really tempted me!

  17. Galloping Gourmand says

    This s my favorite hote food court on property, and its because of the waffle.

    This isn’t a standard waffle, or even a mickey waffle. Pop serves a circular waffle with the POP logo emblazoned on the middle. The indented logo creates a butter and syrup lake. Yet the waffle stays crunchy there because it’s a little thinner there.

    My favorite guilty pleasure, given my chosen handle, is the fact that given the choice I would have this every single breakfast of my trip.

  18. says

    @JoAnn: it’s totally worth a try. And it really was still delicious cold!

    @Essie: I am in love with going to Disney “solo” now!! Pop has me totally sold. Have fun at Christmas: it really is the most magical time of the year at WDW!

  19. Julie says

    My daughter absolutly loves the Worms n Dirt. We are from the UK and it was the first thing she ate when we arrived on our trip a couple of weeks ago, and it was going to be the last thing she ate on the day we left (24th July) but they didn’t have any left and were not going to be making the new batch till 10am and we had to leave at 9:30 – she was absolutely gutted. Now I’m going to search the web to see if I can find a recipe…….

  20. Joe says

    The thing I remember most about the Pop food court was that, during busy times (peak breakfast & lunch), the place was an absolute mess. It was like there were too many people around for everything to get cleaned. It was a challenge finding a table that didn’t have used plates, spilled soda, or caked-on food.

    Since that trip, we’ve been staying at moderates and deluxes – with much nicer food courts.

  21. says

    We have stayed a the Pop Century twice now and we love it! The food court is awesome and provides all we could hope for. The Tye-Dye cheesecake is the greatest and no Disney Trip is complete without a piece.

  22. Sarah cameron says

    We love POP!!!!! Their food court is amazing! I loved your review and all the pictures with it. ;)

  23. Kim says

    We are staying one night next week. Will probably eat breakfast there when we wake up that Friday morning before going to Hollywood studios. I really enjoyed your pictures and comments…please keep on impersonating the “Loone” We all apreciate it!!!

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