Sneak Peek: The Enchanted Rose Takes Center Stage at Be Our Guest Restaurant

UPDATE: Read about the Opening Date for Be Our Guest Restaurant and Reservations Info!

We have more pictures today to share with you from the inside of Be Our Guest Restaurant, coming soon to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Today, we take a look at a strong decor motif — the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast!

Enchanted Rose Mosaic Resembles a Stained Glass Window

Any fan of the film knows that the symbol of the rose plays a significant role in the telling of Beast’s story. The enchantress who first transforms Beast offers him the rose as a gift — and things tend to go downhill from there!

Decorative Statue Flanked by Swags of Roses

In honor of the rose, Walt Disney Imagineers have come up with some clever ways to include this symbol of love throughout the rich decoration of the space, which will open in time for the Holidays later this year. (Disney plans to begin accepting Advance Dining Reservations for this hotspot in late August, though there’s still no solid opening date for the restaurant later this Fall.)

When you arrive for the first time, take note of the roses carved into the backs of restaurant chairs.

Carvings of Roses on the Backs of the Restaurant's Chairs

Gilded roses appear to be high on walls…flanking a doorway, perhaps?

Gilded Rose Detail

And be sure to look up when passing through the restaurant to take in the rich detail of the ceiling, as well as the roses on the capitals of these pillars. Gorgeous!

Roses Carved into the Tops of Pillars

Rose Detail on the Restaurant's Columns

We’ve seen this one before, but it really showcases the roses and the mosaic art form that Disney’s used so strongly in the restaurant.

Floor Mosaic of Rose at the Restaurant's Entrance

And this stunning stained-glass rose chandelier reminds me of cathedral windows! The stocky candles that flank the middle panel really convey the feeling that you’re in a castle. And check out that gorgeous blue and gold mosaic domed ceiling!

Beautiful Rose Chandelier

The restaurant will serve a French-inspired menu, and will be counter service for lunch, but will magically transform into table service for dinner. You will, of course, be able to use your Disney Dining Plan for both meals.

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Will you be looking for “hidden roses” at Be Our Guest restaurant this holiday season? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. says

    Can’t see how that will last for long! Character dining brings in the money! We will book adult dinner so long as there is no character surcharge. So I am fine with that for our marathon weekend trip in January! Any idea on price range for lunch and dinner?

  2. Jessica says

    Hello. I read from some Disney sites that it would be 1 qs credit for lunch and 1 ts credit for dinner. All of a sudden people are blogging about it costing 2 credits for lunch or dinner. Have you heard anything about this? Any help would be appreciated. We are going at the end of November, so the restaurant might not even be open by then, but we are keeping our hopes up :)

  3. CanadiansLoveDisney says

    WOW .. this place looks amazing… a character dinner would be really nice here.. maybe i am the only one who thinks so but it would be cool… but I am biased Beauty and the Beast is my wifes Fav…

  4. Essie says

    I’m so excited about this, AJ. We’re going after Thanksgiving and I’m so hoping that we can eat here!

  5. says

    Erin — No word yet on price range. Lunch will be high-end quick service, and I’m assuming dinner will be mid-range table-service. Enjoy!!:-) Perfect marathon weekend fun!

    Jessica — According to the Disney Dining Plan brochure for 2012, this is 1 counter service credit for lunch and 1 table service credit for dinner.

    CanadiansLoveDisney — Ha ha, I’m sure it would be lovely! :-) Belle would have to run between Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table!

    Essie — I hope so, too, Essie! Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Dana says

    Oh, I wish that this would be open when I’m there the beginning of October! :) I’ll just have to try it next year.

  7. A Newton says

    Glad to hear the official word is No on character dining. As long as it remains that way I’ll be open to it – there are already a lot of restaurants off my general list due to the character dining upcharges.

    Though like Erin, I can’t see that lasting and wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it went to character meals sooner or later. It sure looks like it will be a popular spot, and Disney isn’t one to leave money on the table…

  8. Victoria says

    We’re going the first week in December, so I’m really hoping it’ll be open and that we can get a reservation. My fingers are crossed! This place looks amazing so far!

  9. Danica says

    the official word is that Belle will be at her cottage for a MAG, so she will not be at the restaurant. I am looking forward to dining there, character free (even though my girls love the character interaction) next spring!

  10. MandyTG says

    I love mosaics and I love stained glass and before Tangled, Beauty and the Beast was my all time favorite Disney princess movie. I have a feeling I am going to want to live in Be Our Guest Restaurant. I so hope we can get a dinner reservation on one of our upcoming trips because I have a feeling lunch is going to be a madhouse for a long, long time.

  11. heather says

    Is there anymore news on when they will start taking sign ups for the annual pass preview?

  12. Hillary says

    If I can get through the phone reservation line (on hold now!), we hopefully will be dining here at the end of December/beginning of January. :-)

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