Spotted! Fun “Disney Food” Statues at Off the Page in Disney California Adventure

One of my favorite stores to visit in Disney California Adventure is the “Off the Page” gallery located next to the Art of Animation building in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. They always have fun items ranging from fine art, to tech gadgets, to kitchen goodies and statuettes.

DCA's "Off the Page" Store

On a recent visit I noticed these cute “Foodie” statues and thought it would be fun to share them on the blog.

My favorite of the statues is this Donald Duck piece with Chip and Dale behind him sneakily stealing his ice cream. The statue is pretty large, 17 inches tall, and designed by Disney artist Brian Blackmore. It’s hand painted sculpted resin and sells for $199.95.

Donald Duck Ice Cream Statue

Sneaky little Chip n' Dale!

Next up we’ve got Chip and Dale “sharing” a peanut. Also made of hand painted sculpted resin, this statue stands 12 inches high and was designed by Disney Artist Costa Alavezos. It’s $99.95.

Chip and Dale Peanut Statue

Chef Goofy in “Goofy as French Chef” is stirring up a pot of boiling water while his meal escapes him. The statue is designed by Randy Noble. It’s hand painted sculpted resin and stands 19 inches high. For $199.95, it could be yours.

Goofy as French Chef

The 4th and final statue I found featured some famous looking pumpkins. This one didn’t have any artist or sizing info, but my best guess is that it was around 12 inches high. 

This statue was corded and lit up. It resembled the character decor on Disneyland’s Main Gates during Halloween!  The Donald and Pluto combo statue will set you back $175.

Donald & Pluto Pumpkin Statue

See, here’s photo proof!

Familiar Pumpkin Faces at Halloween Time!

I did a little research to find that the Goofy, Chip ‘n’ Dale, Chip ‘n’ Dale with Donald, and the Donald and Pluto statues can actually all be purchased online at the Disney Store!  (Although, sadly, Goofy is sold out. But keep checking! He might come back into stock.)

Whenever I see these types of items in the parks, I always think to myself, “Oh, that’s cute, but where in the world would you put it?”

What do YOU think when you see them?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. vanessa says

    Chip and Dale and Donald ones are at The Art of Disney Store in DTD =D I want the chip and dale one but you’re right, where in the world would we set it at haha

  2. CanadiansLoveDisney says

    I want to buy one of these type of items.. but have to wait till i drive not fly to Orlando . dont trust putting that in my luggage…

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