DFB Must-Have: Irish Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip at Cookes of Dublin

So, I’ve got a post coming up reviewing all of the absolutely out-of-this-world food I ate at Cookes of Dublin in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney on this recent trip; but I had to rustle up a quick suggestion for all of you headed to Orlando very soon…you MUST try this dip!

I’m creating a new series on the blog — DFB Must-Have menu items — just for this dip. It’s THAT good.

Stout, strong Irish cheese infused with big ol’ chunks of bacon…simply amazing. (Come to think of it, the Cookes Doh Bar might need to be placed in that series as well!)

Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip at Cookes of Dublin

If you’re not familiar with Cookes, it’s a counter service location in Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island area — located right next to Raglan Road Irish Pub. You order your food (anything from fish and chips to savory pies to a battered burger — don’t worry, we’ll cover all of it for you in a review soon!), then have a seat while it’s prepared and brought to your table.

Cookes Ordering Counter

I tried a variety of things on this visit, but the Irish Vintage Cheese and Bacon Dip simply blew me away. It’s listed on the menu with “Sides and Dips,” and costs a very worth-it $4.

Second from the top, my friends

With that strong, aged Irish cheese flavor that comes through even after melting (I can only imagine how strong it was pre-melt!) and large, salty chunks of real bacon throughout, it may even be better than plastic cheese!

Vintage Irish Cheese and Bacon Dip

What do you dip, you ask? Just about anything! I dipped burgers, fish (yes! fish!), those big thick french fries/chips, and even the (very deceptively named) garlic Parmesan skinny chips. Heavenly!!

Garlic Parmesan Skinny Chips at Cookes of Dublin

No matter what you dip, it’s gonna be good. Stay tuned for even more reviews from Cookes of Dublin coming up soon!

Have you tried Cookes of Dublin? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Dana says

    We’ve been to Cooke’s, but we prefer Raglan Road (the sit-down) much more. We wanted to try Cooke’s because of the curry fries (if you’ve been to Ireland, then you’ll know why I was so excited!). But we were kind of disappointed in them. The curry was kind of runny, and didn’t stick to the fries the way it should have. My husband also tried the deep-friend Snickers bar here, which was good, but again, we’ve had better. Overall, better than average counter-service food, but Raglan Road has much, much better food.

  2. Alan says

    We have been eating at Cooke’s, and loving it, from almost the day it opened. It’s the type of “fast” food I love and they always make it fresh to order. But, the thing I love the most is that they have been adding to and improving their menu for as long as they have been around. They started out as a basic fish and chips place. I can’t wait to have an order of fried scallops and dip the chips into that bacon – cheese sauce.

    The best thing to do is to grab a table at the Hole in the Wall beer garden attached to Cooke’s, send one of your group in to place your order, gets some beers at the bar and if they aren’t slammed, someone will carry your order out to you.

  3. Keri says

    That sounds amazing!! I have never eaten at Cooke’s, looking forward to trying on our next trip!

  4. Niki M says

    Ooh this looks like high-class plastic cheese (which I am a huge fan of). We planned on getting a sandwich from EofS the next time we’re in DTD but now I might have to wander over to Cookes to add chips and this dip. If bacon makes everything better, cheese and bacon make it great!

  5. says

    Dana — I love Raglan Road, too! I think these two spots are some of my favorites in Downtown Disney!

    Alan — I can’t wait to try those scallops!!! It was too hot for Hole in the Wall on my visit last week, though — whew!

    Diane — You’re welcome! It’s a great item to get and share!

    Keri — It’s incredible! A must-do!

    Niki M — Ha ha! It IS high-class plastic cheese!! Seriously, Cookes has to be on your docket in Downtown Disney. Well worth it!

  6. says

    That’s funny. I thought I read something that said, “it may even be better than plastic cheese!”.

    I must be having trouble with my glasses.

    Anyway, I’ll put it on the list for October (a list that is getting WAY out of control). Can’t wait for the full review!

  7. Sue Tucci says

    Love Cooke’s when in Downtown Disney. Fish & chips are wonderful.
    Brings back pleasant memories of fish & chips in Dublin.

  8. Sarah cameron says

    Yummmo!!!! Cant wait to try this in October!!! We’ll b eating at RAglan but just might have to try this dip!

  9. Audrey says

    We stumbled upon this on our last trip when we were lured into the Hole in the Wall by the large Happy Hour sign. :) We were sitting have some drinks and I wanted a snack so I went next door and got the regular fries and the cheese dip. AMAZING! First off, the fries are thick and SO good. The dip, I loved. I totally agree about getting your seat at the Hole and grabbing food from Cooke’s. You can eat at the bar or the tables outside.
    I plan on hitting the Happy Hour again (as well as Paradiso 37) but now I’m torn between eating here or inside Raglan Road. I really wanted to try RR. I guess we’ll see. I don’t have an ADR for RR so I might just let the universe decide (something I RARELY do in planning a Disney trip! LOL). I’m just happy about Happy Hour. :-p I live in MA and happy hour is outlawed so whenever I see it, I feel like I just HAVE to partake! Heheh.
    Thanks to my DFB e-books, my food and drink hit list is HUGE! LOL

  10. Patricia says

    Wow, A.J., you’ve made Cookes a must eat for my October trip. No way can I miss this!

  11. says

    This looks amazing! I have never been to Cookes or Raglan Road, and I really need to get there. I bet some Le Cellier pretzel bread would taste delicious dipped in this.

  12. BooToYou7 says

    I had this in March and thought it was absolutely one of the best things I’ve eaten at WDW, ever.

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