New! Madame Leota Lollipops in Disney Parks

As part of the new Halloween Goth Goodies candy line popping up in Disney Parks confectioneries, this Madame Leota lollipop showed up in Disneyland this week! Heather sent over some photos and a mini-review!

Madame Leota Lollipop

Madame Leota is an iconic character in Disney’s Haunted Mansion rides around the world. A “medium,” whose face floats ethereally in a crystal ball (which was recently given the ability to float, itself), this character was played by Leota Toombs, a Disney imagineer whose “eyes were the right distance apart to fit the test model,” she recalled.

Close Up of Leota

The sucker is clear (not a common find in Disney Parks) with a fruit punch flavor, and costs $3.45. Diameter is about 3.5 inches.

Heather got it at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure, but it’s also at Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney. We’re guessing these will pop up in Disney World as well, if they haven’t already.

Madame Leota Lollipop

Here’s how it works: the artwork of Madame Leota is pretty much a clear sugar sticker. As you lick it, the image starts fading immediately. According to Heather, the flavor is sweet but not too sweet.

Heather’s son quickly figured out the trick of the treat: “I figured this lollipop out. It’s on a eatable sticker.” He decided to have a staring contest with Leota…

Staring Contest with Leota

Leota sticker melting away...

I guess he won! ;-)

This is a fun new addition to Disney’s confectionery line. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Jennifer says

    I’m going to get one of these on our trip in October to take home as a souvenir (and to eat on a day when I’m missing Disney, hehe). I love Haunted Mansion!

  2. Heather Louise says

    My friends are at DL right now and I sent them on a mission to find one and bring it back for me.

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