Guest Review: Remy Champagne Lunch Aboard the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

Join me in welcoming Amanda Allen (a WDW Moms Panelist) with a decadent review of the new Champagne Lunch at Remy aboard Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Fantasy.

Psssst! Wanna know a secret? Remy, one of the adults-only restaurants on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream Cruise Ships, serves a Champagne Lunch once during select cruises that have sea days.

You can’t reserve a table for this meal online, and you won’t find it mentioned in the Daily Navigator. Since a mere 40 spots are available for this special lunch, it’s advertised only to concierge guests and those who have dinner at Remy, but anyone is welcome to reserve a table.

Remy Table


I’d read rumors online of this new meal at Remy so when I boarded the Fantasy for a Western Caribbean cruise in June, I stopped by the restaurant to ask if the champagne lunch would be served during my voyage.

Raised Seating Area

I learned that Remy began serving the lunch in May, and on the Western cruises, it is held only on the second sea day. Dress at lunch is more relaxed than dinner at Remy: men are not required to wear jackets or ties; shorts and flip flops are prohibited, but anything else seemed permissible.

Remy Atmosphere

(Editor’s Note: See more photos of Remy here!)


At the start of the lunch, groups of guests were escorted into the wine room where the chef awaited with a table of small plates of Pata Negra and glasses of champagne.

Wine Room

The chef described how this ham came from a specially-raised pig and demonstrated how they used a hand-cranked machine to slice it paper-thin.

Machine used to slice Pata Negra

I’ve spent most of my adult life as a vegetarian so I have to admit that a mound of meat on a plate did not look appetizing, but I’d decided to try each of these courses, and I’m so glad I did. The Pata Negra was one of the most delicious foods I’ve ever eaten, and my dining companions and I are still talking about it weeks later.

It was soft and buttery with a flavor reminiscent of bacon, and we all ate every single bite! The crisp Cremant d’Alsace Blanc de Blancs perfectly complemented the rich Pata Negra.

Pata Negra

Our server then escorted us to our table, and we enjoyed a delicious bread accompanied by small bowls of butter and coarse salt.

Bread Service

Each place setting had a small menu listing the courses.

Place Setting

Remy Champagne Lunch Menu - click image for larger version

I’ve heard that a dinner at Remy can last several hours, but because the lunch is a set menu, the food service began immediately and courses were presented within quick succession of each other. The entire meal took about an hour and a half.

If you’re a vegetarian or have special dietary requests, I recommend that you mention your food preferences when you make your reservation. Our server assured me that those with special dietary needs could be accommodated at this champagne lunch.

Tattinger Champagne Cocktail Glasses


Our first course was a Gnocchi Chili with a Tattinger Prestige Rose, Disney’s signature pink champagne.

Tattinger Prestige Rose NV

Gnocchi can sometimes be heavy and dense, but this one was so light and pillowy, and it was topped with a lovely, foamy sauce. The rich flavor of the gnocchi paired perfectly with the slightly sweet champagne, and this course was one of my favorites.

Gnocchi Chili

Next, the server brought Lobster Cannelloni paired with a Saumur Veuve Amiot.

Saumur Veuve Amiot

The cannelloni was presented with a small chunk of lobster topped with a tiny dollop of caviar and a petite radish.

Lobster Cannelloni, Caviar

The portion size of these first two courses was quite tiny, and the men at the table started wondering if they would need to head to the Cabanas buffet after our meal at Remy. However, the next three courses were more ample, and no one left Remy hungry.

Our third course was Sea Bass served with Pommery Gold 2004.

Pommery Gold 2004

The fish was perched over an egg mixture and was topped with leeks. Everyone at the table seemed to agree that while this course was good, it was our least favorite of the meal. This dish lacked the flavor of the prior courses, and I didn’t care for the texture of egg mixture under the fish.

Sea Bass, Egg, Thai

The Sea Bass was followed by a Gascogne Pork Loin with Turnips and Tattinger La Francaise NV, the Disney signature brut champagne.

Tattinger La Francaise NV

The pork was from the same type of pig as the Pata Negra, and it had the same richness, which was enhanced by the slightly sweet, dark sauce the server poured over our dishes.

Turnips are not a vegetable I eat often, but the cute cylinder presentation of these turnips led me to taste one of them even before trying the pork, and they were delicious – sweet with a mild earthy flavor. The dry champagne complemented the mild sweetness of this dish.

Gascogne Pork Loin

Last, but definitely not least, was dessert: a Duo Chocolate paired with Moet & Chandon Ice.

Duo Chocolate

This course was divine! A log of soft chocolate mousse encased a cold, rich dark chocolate center, and the server poured a chocolate sauce that contained Tabasco around the cold chocolate log.

The champagne was served over ice, and the cold champagne was such a wonderful contrast to the spicy heat of the chocolate sauce. Ms. Manners wouldn’t approve, but I had to tilt my bowl and scrape up every bit of that sauce with my spoon – it was that good!


At $50 per person including the champagne pairings, I thought lunch at Remy’s was a bargain! You’d pay much more than that just for the champagne alone on board the ship. This meal was a highlight of our Fantasy cruise and definitely convinced us to return to Remy for dinner on our next cruise.

Does this sound like a good option for you on your next cruise? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. says

    What an incredible meal! Each and every course looked amazing and I love the idea of champagne pairings rather than wine pairings at brunch. How elegant. Thank you so much for sharing!

    One question, my husband loves wine and would be over the moon with the menu but dislikes champagne. Would he be able to join me but drink wine or would he just have to pass his champagne over (to me!) and drink water?

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    Every picture here has made me salivate, but especially the caviar and the beautifully muscled forearm of your server! And I must add that I do believe the “fish was perched” to be one of the greatest puns I have EVER encountered! Bravo!

  3. Leslie says

    Yum! Pata Negra is actually very rare and expensive. Only 1-2 restaurants in the US were given this last I heard. I’m green with envy.

  4. Anne Campbell says

    This looks fantastic! Do you know if there might be a reduced price for people who don’t drink alcohol? It seems strange to go to a champagne lunch and not drink champagne or any wine, but I’d love to try the food.

  5. says

    Anne Campbell, I have that same question. I have some friends who went to Remy for dinner (at my recommendation) on their cruise in April. They said that some of the staff actually seemed put off that they didn’t drink wine/alcohol. I’m seriously considering booking either this lunch or a dinner for my next cruise on the Dream in November and making it very clear before that I have a dietary restriction on alcohol and see what happens.

  6. Cherie says

    Remy has changed the pricing structure recently. The champagne pairings are no longer included. There is an additional $25 charge for the pairings. :-( Trying to decide if it’s worth it for our upcoming cruise.

  7. Sam says

    My wife and I were on the Fantasy in October. This was our fourth Disney cruise and first on the Fantasy. We tried to get the brunch at Remy’s but it fills quick; I could only manage the brunch at Palo’s, which as usual was fantastic. We did, however, have dinner at Remy’s and were somewhat disappointed. I see above some of the comments about the wine. Well, we were given an appointment with the sommelier, AKA “the wine guy” who, surprise, surprise, was French. We had to meet with him a few hours before the meal. Having been to France many times, I savor the wines and food, and I even knew of this particular chef; we were looking forward to the evening. Disney sort of listened to people-without-children and added a second adult-only restaurant. Since so many parents now bring their toddlers and infants to the late dinner seating, it has in recent years, at least in our experience, created a loud and very unpleasant environment during the rotational dining. Towards the end of the seven-day cruise we simply ordered room service or ate at the buffet restaurant. We like kids, but screaming infants and miserable toddlers surrounded us to the point where we exercised whatever options were available. After this trip we are probably done with Disney cruises. Wonderful ships, but if you can’t even have a conversation with your table-mates or otherwise have to talk over screaming kids, even at the late seating, then it’s time to look at other cruise lines. Anyway, for the Remy dinner we went with the wine pairing and in the end, wish we had not. For $25.00 a glass (four in total per person) we received a small portion of wine with a lecture about the region and vineyard it came from. And adding insult to injury, there was no wine pairing with the cheese course. France. Wine and cheese. Right? While I wasn’t there to get blitzed, far from it, I did want to enjoy a glass of wine with each course, and not what appeared to be little much more than samplings. The wine pairing was $200.00 and with the cost of $75.00 a person, etc, the total bill was over $400.00 for dinner. The service was good, of course, the food…it was OK though the portions seemed particularly tiny. I love fine dining, having spent many incredible evenings at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian, but when I left Remy’s I seriously considered going to the top deck buffet. But back to the wine, seriously, get a bottle of wine and skip the wine guy. For $200.00 you could manage a decent bottle and enjoy a romantic evening (the atmosphere is terrific) free of the constant interruptions that went with a splash of wine and a lecture.

  8. Katherine says

    Great review and pictures, exactly the information I was looking for this experience. There is no way I could make dh still through a Remy dinner, but this opens new possibilities!

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