Snack Series: Napoleon at Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As you know, one of my favorite places to go for extreme Disney cupcakes is Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and my recent visit was not at all disappointing!

While I did try one new cupcake (stay tuned for a review!), I also snagged two new-to-me items that I’d never tried before.

I’d heard for months about the Napoleon at the cafe, and I couldn’t wait to finally see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out, the fuss is well-deserved…

Napoleon at Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the case, the Napoleons don’t look all that special next to the over-the-top cupcakes and fancy schmancy desserts. But ya gotta push past the first impression here, folks — it’s well worth it.

When I got my new little treasure out to an umbrella table in the Starring Rolls courtyard, it was definitely starting to show off its sugary appeal. Though I’ve never figured out how to eat things like this without making a complete mess! ;-)

Side View of Napoleon

This next shot shows some serious decadence. The glaze on top seems to be a thick confectioner’s sugar glaze — kind of what you get when you order cinnamon sticks from some Pizza Delivery companies — but creamier and more substantial!

And those layers of custard-cream inside look like pure indulgence, don’t they?

First Bite

So, the construction of the Napoleon is classic — layers of flaky, buttery pastry are interspersed with that thick, rich vanilla custard cream that’s just “set” enough to not spill out the sides until you take a fork to the thing. And unlike some other goodies that seem to be all crust and no filling, the proportions of custard to pastry here are perfect.

Flaky Pastry

The Perfect Bite

Once again, Starring Rolls Cafe has hit a home run. I’ve honestly been dreaming about that Napoleon for weeks now! I can’t wait to go back and have it again. Sigh…

Have you tried the Napoleon or another sweet find at Starring Rolls Cafe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Danica says

    Very happy to see that little purple ddp symbol next to this one! As I continue reading this blog, my snack list grows…what will my list look like by next May? Yikes!

  2. Tanya says

    It’s nice to know they have the Napoleon at Starring Rolls. They also have it at the French Bakery in Epcot. I had one there that was delicious!

  3. John B says

    So AJ the burning question is: is this one better than the French one at Epcot? (still can’t type the name of that bakery!).

    The custard looks the same, but this has the sweeter icing vs the powdered sugar.

  4. Claire says

    I’m beginning to think that Disney needs to add an ALL snack package to the Dining Plan…at least thanks to you ;) The great multitude of snack-licious items you have uncovered is unbelievable! We are at Disney for 15 days in November and I don’t think I’ll be able to hit everything on the list I’m compiling….guess I’ll just have to go back in February!

  5. says

    I would buy this over a cupcake in a heartbeat!!! I’m not a big cake or sugary sweet frosting fan.. but what I am a huge lover of is vanilla cream custart (or bavarian custard/boston cream custard/etc). This looks sooooooo good! Thanks AJ!

  6. Louise says

    Love this in the French bakery with a steaming cup of coffee! It’s so rich that I always say I’m gonna split it with my husband, but so good that I never do!

  7. Essie says

    I like this kind of Napoleon, the kind with that icing on top! A.J., you’re absolutely right that these are messy and impossible to eat neatly. So unless I’m in my own home, I’ve found a pretty good way to eat this with less mess. I turn it upside down and eat starting at the bottom! The flaky layers and creme are easier to go through without tackling the harder consistency of that luscious but much firmer icing on the top. You eat through the softer bottom layers and as you get down towards the bottom of the creme and pastry then you start to dig into and enjoy that wonderful firmer icing waiting for you on your plate. It delays the icing for a little while, but it is neater and saves that dreamy icing until almost the end!

  8. says

    My mum had one of these in September last year, after her HUGE sandwich she really struggled with this, luckily my dad and I helped her finish it off. lol YUM

  9. Deb says

    These are a common bakery item in the UK, but I’m sure will taste better in WDW! As for how to eat them without getting messy – layer by delicious layer :)

  10. Fran says

    I never order napoleans because they are so messy to eat. Right up there with spaghetti and spare ribs! However, I might have to just suck it up and deal with the mess! It looks incredible!

  11. ErwinM says

    Another hint I’ve seen for eating a Napoleon (more) neatly is to turn it sideways, so that it looks like a pack of cards on its edge. That way, you’re putting the force onto the pastry layers without pushing down on the cream in between.

  12. Kevin says

    On our trip last year I had one of these as well as one form France. It’s a tough call as to which is better. there is somethign to be said both for havin gthe sweet icing and for leaving it off. In both cases, the pastry and cream was very good (and I say this as a chocolate lover!)

  13. brp says

    Napoleon at starring roles is my favaorite snack in all disney world!!!! This version is better than the one of the french bakery at epcot….. or any other in the world!!!!!M
    I cant wait to try it again… the next week!!!!!

  14. Mary Jane says

    Although I have never tried the version at Starring Rolls … I do remember eating and loving these as a child, although my dad called them Mille Feuille. They were a special treat, and I remember thinking that it was a special day when Dad brought them home! I just might have to try them on my next trip to WDW!

  15. Alan says

    Although, as I get older, I no longer have much of a sweets craving, the picture of the napolean triggered an old sweet memory. My grandfather was a baker in NY city and also baked at a Catskill mountain hotel in the summer. Whenever my sister and I saw him, he would give us a bakery box filled with some sort of pastry like cream puffs, eclairs or perhaps cookies. But our very favorite were the napoleans. As I said, a sweet long ago memory. I believe I will stop by Starring Rolls on my next visit.

  16. Sandra says

    My husband used always get one of these in France (Epcot) but lately has been steering straight to the kaki-gori stand. He prefers things less sweet, so if he got one of these, he might be scraping the icing off. Yes, they are messy, but with coffee, the perfect afternoon snack. When at Starring Rolls, we usually end up with some kind of fruit tart!

  17. says

    Danica — Ha ha! Probably it will look a lot like mine!! :-) They keep introducing wonderful things so the list is always growing!

    Tanya — I was thinking about doing a France Bakery / Starring Rolls Napoleon throwdown!

    John B — We’ll have to get them side-by-side and figure that out once and for all, eh? I volunteer YOU!!

    Claire — I’ve been wondering when they would bring that new dining plan around! ;-)

    Kathy — It’s truly amazing! I was so sorry I hadn’t been getting them all along!

    Marci — This sounds perfect for you!

    Heather — That’s a good place for it. :-)

    Louise — You’ve painted such a nice, relaxed picture of Disney World with your comment! I’m going with you next time!

    Essie — But don’t you lose some of the icing if it sticks to the plate?? That’s no good!! ;-) (Wait…am I allowed to lick the plate in public??)

    Nicola — How lucky she was to have you guys there!

    Deb — Ha ha! Thanks for the tip!

    Fran — Bring some wet naps and have at it!

    ErwinM — You’re a genius!!!!!

    Kevin — Glad to hear you’re as torn as I am as to which one is better. :-)

    brp — Enjoy!

    Mary Jane — Sounds like the perfect way to rekindle some memories. :-)

    Alan — What an amazing comment (as usual). And how lucky were you that Grandpa was a baker? I do hope you stop by and indulge in some nostalgia on the next trip.

    Sandra — Agreed that these are a great afternoon snack! :-) (Kaki-Gori is nothing to sneeze at, either!)

  18. Tanya says

    I’m back at Disney World this week. I had the Napoleon at Starring Rolls on Monday and the one at the French bakery today and I must say in my opinion, the one at the French bakery wins out. The crust is flaky and flavorful and the custard is very good. They are both very good but the French bakery version is a little better to me.

  19. Deb C says

    With the new French bakery, the one at Starring Rolls wins out by a mile. Not a bit flakey at the French bakery. In fact all the pastries seemed rather tough and thick, rather than light and flakey.

  20. didiz says

    I enjoy the pictures and the Q&As soo much…luv this blog.
    Do you think they have this gift from the gods at Disneyland/DCA?

  21. Paul in CT says

    This napoleon looks very similar to the one now at the French bakery in Epcot. If so, it can’t be as good as the original that they replaced after the remodel of the French bakery. Nevertheless, after seeing these positive comments, I will have to try it in hopes that it’s almost as good as the original.

  22. Paul in CT says

    I checked for a Napoleon at Starring Rolls twice this week. They no longer feature one, but if you want one like the original at the Boulangerie Patisserie, you can get it at the Boardwalk Bakery. :)

    I tried the new one at BP with the chocolate swirled frosting again. It pales in comparison. If they have improved it, I could not tell. The custard filling is not as tasty or rich as the original.

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