What Are Your Favorite Disneyland Snacks?

Disneyland is a treasure trove of amazing snacks and goodies, and I think it would take us list after list to mention all of my favorites. But I received a reader request for my top 5, so I knew I had to take a shot at choosing! :-)


SO, let me add a disclaimer…I have SO MANY MORE than 5 favorite snacks at Disneyland. But if you want to get a good overview of some incredible classics, head for these. (I’m sensing a “Next Top 5 Snacks” post coming soon. ;-D)

And I want to hear YOUR favorites, too! What Disneyland goodies are your must-have eats? Share with us in the comments below so others going to Disneyland can benefit from your experience! :-)

Favorite Disneyland Snacks

Corn Dog

Along Paradise Pier sits the unassuming, Corn Dog Castle. Behind this modest kiosk awaits a snack that Disneyland guests know is a true gem — the Corn Dog!

Hand-dipped and made fresh to order, these corn dogs are an indulgence, but a worthy one! Get them in Disneyland at the Little Red Wagon, too.

Disneyland Hand-Dipped Corn Dog

Of course, if you want to go vegetarian, the Cheese Stick is pretty awesome…

Disneyland Cheese stick

I’ll admit, though… my favorite is the Hot Link Corn Dog! :-)

Peanut Butter Sandwich from Pooh Corner

Home to many incredible and unique treats, Critter Country’s Pooh Corner has my favorite peanut butter sandwich covered in chocolate.

Start with a graham cracker, then pile on salty-sugary peanut butter before smothering it in a generous helping of milk chocolate. It’s called a sandwich (maybe because of the shape?) but it only has one graham cracker!

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich

These can also be found at the Candy Palace on Main Street! I used to be able to get them in Disney World, but they’ve been gone for a couple of years. Now, they’re a classic, Disneyland-only treat. Maybe not as sexy as some other snacks, but delicious all the same.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cross Section

Caramel Popcorn from Disney California Adventure

You’ll only find this version of caramel popcorn in Disney California Adventure at three separate popcorn kiosks.

What makes it so special? It all begins with your favorite Disney popcorn — buttery kernels of fluffy white corn — bathed in a thin layer of just the right amount of caramel sweetness. This stuff is addictive. ADDICTIVE I tell you.

Caramel Corn

Matterhorn Macaroon from Jolly Holiday

Jolly Holiday Bakery doesn’t disappoint with this imaginative mountain-treat.

The Matterhorn Macaroon is a dense, sweet, chewy over-sized coconut macaroon baked to a golden brown. The peak is dipped into white chocolate and layered with white sprinkles for a lovely, snowy effect!

Matterhorn Macaroon

What makes this a top 5, besides the fact that it’s delicious, is that it’s unique to Disneyland! A must-have!

Chimichanga from Disney California Adventure

I’m a new fan to these crispy fried burritos filled with beef and beans. The crisp shell is perfectly complemented by the soft and flavorful (but not overly spicy) center.

You’ll find your chimichanga to sample at kiosks around Disney California Adventure and Disneyland.

Disneyland Chimichanga

Okey dokey — it’s time to share your favorites! After all, I tried many of these snacks due to the suggestion of DFB readers. Thank you. ;-) Share your experience below so that others headed to Disneyland can benefit!

Tell me your must-have Disneyland resort snacks in the comments! Churros? Chili Cone Queso? Fried Green Beans from Trader Sam’s? Let us know!


  1. Donald says

    The skewers at Bengal Barbecue are amazing! I like the spicy banyan beef skewer and the safari skewer (bacon-wrapped asparagus) best, but they’re all fantastic!

    The pies at Flo’s and a sundae from Ghirardelli are also among my favorites. :)

  2. says

    I agree, the corn dogs at the Corn Dog Castle are worth standing in line for! These choices are all so good!!!

    I also like Donald’s picks of the pies at Flo’s and the Ghirardelli sundaes.

    Right now I’m loving the Churro Bites with Chocolate Dipping Sauce at the Cozy Cones and the Lemon Bars at Jolly Holiday. Next time, I’m going to have to try one of those Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Sandwiches. :)

  3. says

    The hot link corn dog is my fav too! I also can’t leave without some Mickey Mouse beignets from Cafe Orleans (do these count as snacks?). And I agree with Donald (above) that the safari skewers from Bengal Barbecue are quite toothsome and memorable! There’s just something so fancy about walking Disneyland eating bacon-wrapped asparagus :)

  4. Alan says

    I guess the argument that the Disney food police are forcing us to eat healthy foods, while on vacation, gets blown up by these five snacks. I won’t complain about those flavorless wheat hamburger buns if I can follow it up with one of those chimichangas!

  5. says

    I got the tigger tail on my DLR trip in Oct 2009 cause it was a treat you couldn’t get at WDW… while I wouldn’t say it was my favorite treat.. it was definitely different. Sort of a flavor you get used to (and probably end up craving!).

  6. Louise says

    Churros! Churros! Churros! My perfect Disneyland breakfast is a churro (maybe two!) and a cup of coffee.

  7. Makenzie says

    Churros (the Tomorrowland stand is consistently the best)
    Dole Whip
    Traditional caramel apple
    Bacon-wrapped skewers at Bengal BBQ
    Caramel kettle corn at a kiosk in Downtown Disney
    Soft serve at “Catch a Flave” in DCA (is it still called that? May just say “ice cream” now)

  8. Amy Daniels says

    YUM!! Thanks so much for this post AJ!! They’re all on my list!

    The chimichangas look AMAZING! Well, everything does! Dribble dribble!!


  9. says

    You know how I feel about those chimichangas. :) Not my fave.

    BUT – you are RIGHT ON about the hot link corn dog. I DREAM about the hot link corn dog. And I cannot wait to say hello to my little friend in two weeks.

    As for sweets, I think that’s what I’m going to focus on trying during the upcoming trip. Those peanut butter treats are damn tasty, and I will definitely try a Matterhorn Macaroon and a Mickey Beignet.

    Speaking of delicious fried dough, I am in love with Disneyland’s Churros. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think they are noticeably better than WDW Churros… anyone else think this?

    So much to eat!

  10. FHB says

    The Peanut Butter Sandwich is my favorite. Thick chocolate – Nice!

    Pity though, they don’t have them at MK, luckily we are swinging by the west coast, so I’ll have to plan a Disney day to stock up.

  11. says

    Is there a BAD DL snack? Well, yes, buut let’s keep thing positive. While I think your leaving the Dole Whip off the list is a bizarre oversight, the rest of the list (that I’ve sampled) is spot-on. Especially the Corn Dogs. Maybe it is the atmosphere of DL, but they taste better here than anyplace else on Earth.

    My deepest regret is that I never knew about that hot, molten cheese on a stick! Believe me, that is my first stop on my next trip. To heck with the new Cars’ Land! I need me some deep fried plastic cheese!

    Six long months and counting…

  12. Jennifer says

    The gorgeous decorated caramel apples available at Marceline’s Confectionary in Downtown Disney, Pooh’s Corner in Bear Country and the candy store on Main Street are fun and beautiful.

    Has anyone else tried the cinnamon buns from the Jolly Holiday? Pretty darn great.

  13. Dana says

    Dole Whip is always a must-treat, but I am also obsessed with the Magic Cookie Bars. Lately, I’ve only seen them at the food court at Port Orleans Riverside, so I’m not sure if that’s the only place you can get them now. Oh! And carmel popcorn from the Karmel Kuche!

    And I have never had one of the churros…. Never thought they looked (or smelled) that great, but maybe I’ll have to try one…

  14. Brandy says

    Yaaay! I lured AJ into chimichanga love(ok ok,it might not have been ALL me but I’ll tell myself it was)-always get the hot sauce packets even if you aren’t a hot sauce type person. It’s more of a chunky sauce and adds just the right amount of extra flavor oomph to the delicious chimi. I have to second DCA caramel corn and the UglyPies from Flo’s are sooooo good too. We were very impressed with the apple cheddar and the mud pie-definitely could use a side of ice cream though! And at DTD our son INSISTS we ride the monorail over at the end of our day and get the beignets at Ralph Brennans Jazz Kitchen Express,it’s a fun way to wind down our Disneyland day nom nom’ing beignets on the car ride home!

  15. Angelina says

    There are so many good things to choose from but I think Dole Whips and Mickey soft pretzels are pretty high on my list.

    For those that said Caramel apples I have to say that if you haven’t tried the Caramel apples at your local Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory you are really missing out. May not have the DL atmosphere but it certainly delivers a wonderful gourmet caramel apple.

  16. Karen Payne says

    It’s not really a snack but I have to tell you how amazing the chicken curry with rice and naan bread is at Disney Animal Kingdom.
    As a true Brit who loves a curry I was sceptical as to how this would compare to the really great curries we get over here in the UK
    Wow was I surprised! Best fast food I had my entire trip a little tame on the heat for my taste (I’m used to hot hot hot) but none the less a fabulous lunch for $9.99
    I are it whilst waiting for the parade and the number of people who stopped to ask me what it was like was unbelievable. I advised everyone to try it as it’s so good.
    I must have increased sales ten fold that afternoon!!
    If you haven’t tried it then it’s an absolute must have

  17. Karen Dean says

    Mickey beignets, cinnamon pastry twist from Jolly Holiday, soft serve at the Cozy Cones, POPCORN, milk chocolate honeycomb, the list is endless!

  18. Larry Demars says

    It just isn’t a trip to Disney without the brownie and strawberry skewers at Paradise Garden Grill, drizzled in caramel and sprinkled with mini marshmallows. Sadly Dole Whip at Disneyland no longer cuts it for me now that Disney World offers orange/pineapple swirl Dole Whip.

  19. Detronyx says

    I don’t snack much at Disneyland, and it’s much easier for me to list off WDW snacks, but from what I have tried, here’s my lists:

    Disneyland/DCA: raspberry almond twist at Jolly Holiday; Boysen Apple Freeze in Fantasy Faire; Chili Cheese fries at Taste Pilot’s Grill (condiment cart lets you add toppings such as jalapenos, pico de gallo, sour cream, etc); Bumblebee cupcake at Hungry Bear; “scoop cookies” at Pooh Corner (and some other DLR bakeries, I think it was a white chocolate chip or something that I tried); and omg I am so excited to eventually try the “cloudy” cotton candy (sky blue with white; a castmember told me they are a light berry flavor with just a slight hint of vanilla!)

    As for WDW: Napoleon at Starring Roles Cafe in Hollywood Studios; cinnamon glazed almonds at various snack carts at all 4 parks; these last ones aren’t snacks, but the bostom creme parfait at 50s Prime Time Cafe, and the Mango Pie (and fried cream cheese wontons, and bourbon chicken, and beef and broccoli) at Yak & Yeti….omg so much good stuff!

  20. Rosalie says

    1. The giant pickles from the fresh food carts. SOOO good!
    2. Corn Dog, every time!
    3. Mickey beignets and waffles
    4. Anything from Trader Sam’s at the DL Hotel. Must try!
    5. Rita’s Margarita Hut in CA
    6. Sourdough Mickey Head in CA

  21. Elise says

    Frozen Apple Juice in fantasyland, mac and cheese hot dog from coke corner, corn dog, pineapple spear, dole whip float, gummy mickey’s (seriously addicting), chili cheese fries and chili bread bowl at The Golden Horseshoe, Chieftain Chicken Skewer and Bengal Beef Skewer from the Bengal BBQ.

    Officially starving!!

  22. Kate says

    NOTHING beats a cream cheese pretzel! I dont know why these dont have a bigger cult following! They are right up there with dole whips, mickey bars and turkey legs :) Cant wait for my next one! 229 days!

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