Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern Trading Pins Coming Soon!

Since the start of the Disney pin trading in 1999, the release of new pins have often coincided with major openings at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

New Fantasyland Grand Opening Pin

With the highly anticipated grand opening of the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland on December 6 (previews on November 19th), including the Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern (hooray!!), Disney’s pin team has created new pins to collect!

A variety of pins will be available, including open and limited edition pins, boxed sets, multi-pin sets, and some pins designed especially for Annual Passholders. On opening day, several pins will be released to commemorate the special occasion, and we’re most excited for these ones…

Gaston’s Tavern Pin

Gaston charms with his big ol’ smile and the allure of a great new brew at Gaston’s Tavern!

Gaston's Tavern Pin

The lovely Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth are on this grand opening pin for Be Our Guest Restaurant. And Lumiere is ready to welcome guests!

Be Our Guest Pin

Mystery sets will also be offered for New Fantasyland. A limited release set will showcase pins inspired by “Beauty and the Beast” experiences.

Look for a limited release “reveal / conceal” set with 10 known pins featuring images from New Fantasyland. In addition, this set will surprise us with 10 mystery pins. In each box, there will be one pin that you can see, and the other will be a mystery.

Check out the Gaston’s Tavern and Be Our Guest Restaurant pins in the first set. I love the Mrs. Potts and Chip pin that seems to be a nod to the former “Mrs. Potts'” that is now Storybook Treats!

New Fantasyland Mystery Pins -- click for larger image

We can’t wait to see more merchandise for the New Fantasyland!

Do you pin collect? Which pins do you hope to add to your collection?


  1. Kim says

    Nate, you are correct. My eyes must have been playing tricks on me. ;-) I’ve changed it to Cogsworth. Thanks!!

  2. Essie says

    I love pin trading. I know that I’ll want to get a Mrs. Potts and Chip, A 7 Dwarf’s Mine Train, and a Be Our Guest Pin. I won’t be there on 12/6 (we’re going 11/24-30th) so I’ll probably miss the LE pins. I’d like the Little Mermaid pin, but I wonder why that’s the only one not in color? A ‘New Fantasyland Pin would be nice, too!

  3. Dana says

    I had put off pin trading for years, but now I’m obsessed with it! I’ve even managed to get my husband and parents in on the game. Do you know if this pins will be available online, or will they only be sold in the parks?

  4. Sarah says

    Wonderin that too. We’ll be there early Oct. Will I be able to snag these then? Love them! We just boarded the pin craze train our last trip and believe me, we will not be exiting ANYtime soon! It’s so fun. ;)

  5. melissa says

    Will any of these pins be there for the soft opening in Nov. We will be there the 15-24. Also, any word on A.P. pins

  6. Sheilla says

    I love the Mrs. Potts and Chip one too!!! It’s just to adorable! I have my heart set on getting that and one of the Be Out Guest ones.

  7. Emily says

    Oh no…I am not a huge pin collector, but the ones I DO get are Beauty and the Beast. New Fantasyland just got a little dangerous for my wallet, LOL

  8. Sandra says

    The pins look wonderful. We will be leaving WDW three days before the grand opening, so we may not be bringing one home with us, but we at least hope to have a CS lunch at Be Our Guest.

  9. Kim says

    Sandy – I’m not certain when the pins will be available. We’ll watch for further updates. ;-)

    Essie – you’ve got quite a list! I hope you get all the ones that you want. :-)

    Dana – no word about online availability. We’ll keep our readers posted when more info is released.

  10. Kim says

    Sarah – not sure about the actual release date for the pins!

    Melissa – looks like there will be pins for Annual Passholders. No further info yet.

    Enjoy the pin craze!

  11. Kim says

    Sheilla – I hear ya. I just love Mrs. Potts and Chip. Total cuteness!

    Emily – These pins will be difficult to resist for Beauty and the Beast collectors. Enjoy!!

    Sandra – hope you get to dine counter-service at BOG!

  12. Tracy says

    I started collecting Disney pins back in 1996 and now I have binders full of them. I have no interest in them anymore – they just sit in a bin in my Disney closet – don’t ask it’s a scary sight. LOL I would keep my Beauty and the Beast pins – I probably have about 100 because it is my favorite. BUT – these pins do get me excited for the pins again – they are awesome but I love the Gaston pin but I would actually display that on a back pack or something – not just put it in a drawer. TOO EXCITED about Fantasyland!!! ºoº

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