UPDATED With Wine and Beer Menus: News! Be Our Guest Restaurant to Serve Beer and Wine in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Interesting news coming out of the Magic Kingdom today about Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Sadly, I’m on vacation (yay!) and couldn’t be at the Be Our Guest Restaurant Media Event happening right now (boo!); but thanks to social media we’re getting great info to share with you!

Magic Kingdom Park No Longer “Dry”

According to several of our friends at the event, the big news is that Disney’s Magic Kingdom will now be serving alcohol for the first time ever.

Located in a *formerly* “dry” park where no alcohol was served (based on Walt’s wishes for Disneyland Park, where alcohol is only served at the private Club 33), Be Our Guest Restaurant will be serving alcoholic beer and wine for their guests.

According to Stuart McGuire, Beverage Director, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, “As part of the overall theming, we wanted to offer wine that enhances the guest experience and complements the French-inspired cuisine.”

Be Our Guest Restaurant Wine Menu

“The wines focus primarily on France’s famous wine-growing regions, including Champagne, Alsace, Loire, Rhone, Burgundy and Bordeaux,” says McGuire. Check out the full Be Our Guest Restaurant Wine and Beer Menu.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Wine Menu -- click for larger image

Be Our Guest Restaurant Beer Menu

According to McGuire, “We’ll also offer the leading French beer, Kronenbourg 1664. And, staying in the general region, we’ll also offer Belgian beers.” We love that they’ll have some Chimay there!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Beer Menu -- click for larger image

Again, here’s the full Be Our Guest Restaurant Wine and Beer Menu.

However, beer and wine will only be available inside the restaurant and at the table-service dinner only (not at counter-service lunch). Guests will not be able to get “to-go” cups of the stuff. ;-)

More Be Our Guest Restaurant Menus and Information

Want more info about the brand new Be Our Guest Restaurant? Be sure to check out our Be Our Guest Restaurant page for full menus, photos from the restaurant, information, and more!

How do you feel about the Magic Kingdom serving alcohol? Is this going against Walt’s wishes, or is it time for a change? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Hayden Davis says

    I think this is a great change for those wishing to enjoy a nice dinner at the Magic Kingdom. A glass or two of wine or beer is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. Speaking for myself as a mommy of three children under age 5 I know I sure could use a glass or two after a long morning in the park :-)

  2. Jo says

    I think this makes so much sense for the bottom line of the restaurant as well as the storyline and setting.

  3. Vicki says

    I think it’s a great idea to offer a French wine with dinner (they can keep the beer, yuck). I don’t think they’ve strayed too far from Walt’s wishes since it’s not like Epcot where liquor is served all day and the Food and Wine festival sometimes resembles Bourbon Street. I look forward to dinner there!

  4. says

    I hate the fact that it will no longer be “dry” but given the fact that they have these restrictions on when and where it can be served, I’m okay with it.

  5. Whitney says

    I think they should leave it as a dry park in honor of Walt. There are plenty of other places to get alcohol.

  6. Scott says

    “Walt is spinning in his grave.” Well, he’s been spinning for a while then, as he originally intended Disneyland park to be dry–but they serve alcohol in Club 33 now, don’t they? The teetotalers should relax (glass of wine, maybe?) and appreciate the fact that the serving of alcohol in Magic Kingdom will be in a controlled setting with dinner only. It’s not like this is a beer stand in the middle of the park.

  7. Christa says

    I think it’s a great addition to a very nice restaurant in the MK. It fits with the theme, and it’s not like it’s being served at Gaston’s Pub.

  8. DisneyElisabeth says

    I am disappointed in this decision. I feel like Alcohol is available everywhere else, and serving it at the Magic Kingdom goes against Walt’s original intent.

  9. Brandon G. Smith says

    Some traditions should always remain “sacred.” I really like the idea of at least one place in WDW so pure and so innocent that they wouldn’t even serve it. I don’t think anything is wrong with alcohol but this just doesn’t feel right at all.

  10. Brian Skinner says

    I think this addition is just a testing ground and will open the door to the alcohol sales in more places in the park. Everyone says that the Alcohol is fitting to the french setting but if thats the case lets serve rum at the Tortuga Tavern. All in all its a bad move, if you want a nice wine for dinner there are many amazing dining choices located right on the Monorail line just minutes away.

  11. Sandra says

    I really never realized alcohol was not served at Magic Kingdom. When I am at that Park just never wanted a drink. It just seemed normal to think of other things – like a pineapple float. I guess if you are sitting down and having a really nice dinner, then a drink wouldn’t be a bad thing. AND they are not going to let people carry them out and walk around with it.

  12. JoAnn says

    Interesting is a good word for it. I liked the tradition of MK being a dry park but I’m ok with the change.

  13. Monique says

    Disappointed. Must we trample on everything Walt held dear? I know it may seem old fashioned to want one park to remain dry, but that is part of what adds to the magic. I love a nice glass of wine paired with my dinner, but something about this feels really wrong. First red bow ties to deface the Main Street costumes that Walt had approved, then facial hair is allowed, and now adult beverages in the Magic Kingdom. I feel that little by little we are chipping away at the dream.

  14. Sean Riley says

    Definiitely against Walt’s wishes, but it’s hard to deny the wine is kind of a must in a classic French restaurant. I lean to negative, I’d have said wine only (no beer) if anything. I don’t subscribe to the Walt Must Never Be Gainsayed School (Walt had great ideas and bad ones too) but I do think this smacks a touch too hard on the profitability motive. (Yes, I know it’s all ultimately about profitability; I think they can hide it better than this.)

  15. says

    At first I was a little taken aback by it. But after some thought, I think it’s good. First, it’s only beer and wine and it’s only at the sit-down dinner. So you’re still not going to have people drinking in front of Dumbo. Second, Club 33 has alcohol…which is a restaurant, and you can’t walk around with it. So it’s not like this decision is really that far out of the norm.

    It’s a little ridiculous (in my opinion) to say “What would Walt do?!” Well, Walt’s not around. And it’s not 1955. And it’s JUST beer and wine.

    I would be bothered if they opened a margarita bar at the Magic Kingdom, but the fact remains that they’re not.

  16. Sheilla says

    I think it’s a pretty slippery slope… I don’t see how long it will last to have it only in one place at one time…

    And the reason why Walt wanted it to be a dry park get lost when the bottom line gets involved.

    Alcohol makes money and I just don’t see it staying so controlled and only in the one restaurant for very long.

  17. Mark W says

    This is unfortunate and totally unnecessary. I understand the restrictions on its sale/consumption, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with alcohol – I enjoy it myself. But let’s not kid ourselves; the only reason this is being done is to enhance the bottom line, and represents TWDC further trampling on the memory of their founder.

    I’m single w/ no kids, but still visit WDW often, so I realize that lots of people there are not only there w/ families (and even in families, there’s nothing wrong w/ Mom & Dad having a drink) but why is this needed? Why can’t there be one place in WDW where alcohol isn’t needed/available out of a tribute to Walt? Is that really too hard/too much to ask?

  18. Sandra says

    Not too thrilled to hear this. I hope they will limit the number of servings to not more than 2 per guest. If they expand it to other eateries in the parks, it would be possible for someone to become quite intoxicated over the course of the afternoon/evening. Having already dealt with a drunk and threatening guy near the Carrousel one year, I really shudder to think of what will happen with alcohol readily available. I always liked that MK was dry, a true family park, even though I enjoy do the occasional drink; afterall, cocktails are only a monorail ride away at the resorts.

  19. Michael Burk says

    I’ll say the exact same thing I posted on the Park Blog:

    I’m very disappointed alcohol will be served here. I know it’s great for the bottom dollar, given the theming, but it just feels wrong and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  20. Joanne Griffith says

    I think it is a wonderful option that will add to the overall dining experience. The wine list is quite impressive, better than most other WDW restaurants.

  21. Lucy says

    I think it goes with the theme of the restaurant. Can you imagine a French restaurant not serving wine? And really, this is Walt Disney World, not Disneyland. It’s time for a change and the change is welcomed!

  22. Christa says

    I think it’s wonderful. It will be nice to be able to have a dining experience in the MK and have a glass of wine with a meal.

  23. Dana says

    I’m not sure what to think of this. I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and am certainly not a non-drinker. That being said, this is kind of disappointing. This isn’t what Walt would have wanted, and people have plenty of opportunities to drink at the other parks. The Magic Kingdom is the ‘family friendly’ park – can people not go a day without a drink?

  24. @ricknote says

    I remember my first visit to WDW. My son wanted to eat at Tony’s Town Square. I asked why kind of beer they served, the waiter said, “sir we serve up a lot of magic here at Disney, unfortunatly alcohol is not one of them.”.

    I was disappointed by his answer. But after that first trip I was hooked! Reading everything I could about Walt Disney. I knew then why they didn’t serve alcohol at the Magic Kingdom. I feel as though some of the innocence has been lost by this decision. Just me ant the way I feel.

  25. says

    Wow. I’m totally disappointed. I really respected that no alcohol was still the rule at The Magic Kingdom. I like a nice glass of wine as much or more than the next person, but I knew the rule and respected the values that they upheld. Sad day.

  26. Jenn says

    I’m all for it. Prior to today, I was only planning to try the QS option. A signature “fine” dining experience without wine? Ludicrous. I am glad they are limiting it to dinner and that carry out cups are not an option.

  27. mat says

    I’m happy that it’s in the restaurant and only at dinner. My husband will be happy to get some higher quality beer (Chimay and a Saison). I just hope people are able to control themselves. I don’t think it’ll become a problem like Epcot sometimes has with drunks. They sell beer in AK and it’s a non-issue.

  28. Mary says

    I’m all for it. Especially because if the server asks, “More beer?” I’ll be ably to reply, “What for? Nothing helps.” And I’ll feel even more immersed in Beauty and the Beast. The movie is pretty heavy on beer and wine imagery, after all.

  29. David says

    This is a good change. Restrictions are fine.

    PS-This will become one of the hardest reservations to get in MK now, if not already.

  30. Victoria says

    I can understand both sides, but I’m not sure “what would Walt do” is a valid argument. This article opened my eyes to the fact that we don’t know what Walt would be thinking: http://land.allears.net/blogs/jackspence/walt_disney/

    I think as long as the alcohol is only served at dinner and cannot be taken out of BoG, it’s fine. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a bunch of drunkards walking around the MK.

  31. David says

    The fact that the new restaurant will offer alchohol is very disappointing. I agree with the other comments made that it should be omitted. The restaurant will still receive plenty of traffic without it. The Magic Kingdom should remain without the beer & wine. As Walt would want it. How long will it be before other parts of parks will follow?

  32. Dr. Nigel Channing says

    @Scott: Actually, Walt signed-off on allowing alcohol in Club 33, knowing it wasn’t open to the public.

    That said, I’m torn on this. I hate to see the tradition go away, but even Walt changed things over time.

    But, I do think the Magic Kingdoms should remain dry.

    I love how Disney says “As part of the overall theming, we wanted to offer wine that enhances the guest experience and complements the French-inspired cuisine.” Umm… if I want authentic French dining experience, I’ll go to Epcot…

  33. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’m surprised at how little I actually care if the park is dry or not. I thought when this happened I’d either be happy or upset. In the end, I feel nothing other than surprise that I feel nothing.

  34. Belle says

    Of course I feel bad that they are going against Walt’s wishes but the time has come to create some adult experiences,specifically dining at MK. I’m now a grown up Disney kid and I like wine with dinner so I couldn’t be more thrilled. Kudo to Disney.

  35. chris says

    Not a fan of MK serving alcohol. Its basically a new way for corporate to increase profits with little regard for tradition. Sad day.

  36. chantel says

    Ummm let’s be honest…a “fine French dining experience” is not what you’ll be getting here…it will still be mass-produced (though good) theme park food. So the “pairing” issue is moot.
    There are excellent, even destination-quality lounges only a monorail ride away, and well worth the time to travel to & enjoy them.
    What irritates me most is what I have been personally told by security in Epcot & MK (both places where I have made complaints about intoxicated guests) which is, they monitor “happy” guests, but will not approach them unless they outrightly break a park rule, or another guest complains. So yes, I AM that complainer (on 2 occasions in 44 trips). When your good time infringes on my good time, I will punch your card.

  37. Louise says

    Except for profit, why change the dry policy? The Magic Kingdom and it’s restaurants are wildly popular and profitable the way they are. It’s only a matter of time before other places in the park serve, and sorry, this changes the atmosphere in a way that cannot be good.

  38. Dee says

    I think it’s sad. Of course I don’t understand the whole obsession with alcohol thing. I live a very happy life alcohol free and loved having one place to go where I was not surrounded by it.

    It’s never bothered me being served in any of the other parks, but it just doesn’t fit in at Magic Kingdom. Is it really asking too much to expect adults to refrain from drinking for a few hours while at MK for the sake of setting a good example for the kids? Why are people so miserable in their lives where they can’t have a good time without a mind altering substance?

    I’m 26 years old and have never had the urge to drink, I honestly don’t get it. I know serving it at dinner at one restaurant doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it opens up for more and eventually Magic Kingdom will have drunks staggering around just like Epcot. How’s that for family fun?

  39. says

    If Walt is posthumously bothered by anything, it’s the scores of inebriated, chain-smoking locals who roll in every night during Food & Wine and sit in the middle of the walkways to belch and litter and yell at each other. Once you’ve seen that, a glass of Chimay in Fantasyland ain’t no thang.

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