What’s Your Favorite Disney Burger?

It’s usually my job to smash though the stereotype that theme parks only serve burgers and fries, but today…it’s time to embrace it! We’re going to talk burgers, all! Are ya ready to share your favorites?

It’s time to update our “best burgers in Disney World” list, and we think there are some seriously unexpected meat-and-bun creations that go far beyond what you would expect from a theme park burger. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable in the bunch.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, though! I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments below!

Favorite Disney Burgers

Picnic Burger at Sci-Fi Dine-In

UPDATE: Please note that the Picnic Burger is not currently being served at Sci-Fi-Dine-In Restaurant, but they often feature a specialty burger on the menu in addition to the Build-Your-Own Burger. 

The All American Picnic Burger is a flame-broiled Angus burger patty topped with…wait until you hear this…a grilled hot dog! On top of this, you get sauerkraut, sautéed onions, ketchup, mustard, and a pickle spear! Yep — this one is HUGE…and messy!

Served at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it’s a picnic on a plate. Go ahead and indulge!

Picnic Burger

Beaches and Cream Burger

The simple Beaches and Cream Burger made our very first “Best Burgers” list way back when, and now their upgraded Bacon and Blue version has made our list again!

Beaches and Cream is your spot for comforting food, including malted milkshakes, chicken noodle soup, awesome ice cream sundaes, and Angus cheeseburgers.

Bacon and Blue Burger at Beaches and Cream

Surf and Surf “Burger” at Landscape of Flavors

This is probably the newest on the list, and hails from Art of Animation Resort’s Landscape of Flavors!

Not technically a burger, the Surf and Surf is actually a Crab Cake topped with fried popcorn shrimp, tomato, lettuce, and Cajun remoulade on a brioche bun. There are plenty of other great burgers to choose from at this new counter-service stop, though, so head on over!

The “surf and surf” burger. Popcorn shrimp on top of a crabcake.

Grand Floridian Lobster-Topped Burger

Yes, it’s an expensive burger…but well worth a try! While the price seems fitting for the location, guests are often surprised that one of the best burgers on Disney World property can be found at the Victorian themed Grand Floridian Cafe!

Start by ordering your Angus burger grilled to your specification. When it arrives the table, the grilled-to-order burger will be topped with butter poached lobster (!!!), red onion marmalade, crispy prosciutto, and arugula between a delicious brioche bun.

This one trips on and off the menu, we’ve heard, so be prepared.

Angus Burger at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Frontierland’s Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe in the Magic Kingdom is the place to round up a deluxe 1/3 lb Angus Cheeseburger!

Get yours topped with bacon, onion rings, and barbecue sauce! What’s more cowboy than that (says the Texas transplant who doesn’t know all that much about cowboys)? Don’t forget to hit the fixins bar!

And be sure to visit several of Disney’s other counter service spots for more specialty burgers (we like the Caribbean Burger)!

Angus Burger

Angus Chuck Cheeseburger at Liberty Tree Tavern

This one is truly a personal favorite since Liberty Tree Tavern is one of my number one lunch spots in the Magic Kingdom.

You can get your burger topped with bacon and cheddar, or mushrooms and provolone; and don’t forget to order the ooey gooey toffee cake (yes, it really is called ooey gooey toffee cake) for dessert! You won’t regret it.

Liberty Tree Tavern Burger

Le Cellier House Burger

UPDATE: Due to the change to an all-day menu for the now All-Signature-All-The-Time Le Cellier, the house burger is no longer available. RIP.
Le Cellier (another one of my favorite restaurants) creates a memorable burger with roasted mushrooms, pancetta, maple barbecue, Black Diamond cheddar (hubba, hubba!), and crispy onions (our pic below has slightly different ingredients, remember).

If you’re at Le Cellier and bypassing the filet, this burger is a great choice. It’s the flavorful, melted cheese that makes this one a real stand-out for me.

Note that in 2013 Le Cellier will add lunch to its signature dining status (i.e. become more expensive and high-end). We’ll have to keep an eye on menu changes that might include the loss of this fabulous burger.

Grilled Angus Chuck Burger with slightly different ingredients…

Fada Burger at Raglan Road Irish Pub & Restaurant

Highly recommended, the Fada Burger at Raglan Road is a chargrilled burger with tomato chutney, Irish bacon, and Dubliner cheddar cheese.

Check out how much I love this burger (and the cheese!) in this Raglan Road review. (Spoiler: Yes. I order a “side of cheese.”)

Fada Burger with Irish Bacon, Tomato Chutney, Dubliner Cheddar, and Chips

Kobe Beef Burger at Yak & Yeti

Burgers don’t exactly come to mind when wandering by the Yak & Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But with 10 oz. of grilled American Kobe beef, this big ol’ burger just might get your attention!

This one’s topped with your choice of shiitake mushroom & scallion compote or Asian slaw. On the side, you’ll get sesame-soy mayonnaise and shoestring fries. We have a review of the Kobe Beef Burger here.

Kobe Beef Burger and Fries

Angus Chuck Burger at Captain’s Grille

And here’s another fancy seafoody burger! This one’s topped with Lump Crabmeat Salad and Choron Sauce at the Yacht Club’s Captain’s Grille!

We have a review here of this signature sandwich.

Signature Lump Crabmeat Sandwich

So now that I’ve shared a few of my favorite burgers, I can’t wait to hear about yours! What are your must-eat Disney burgers from Disney World, Disneyland, the Disney Cruise Ships, and around the world??

What’s your favorite Disney burger? Is it one of ours, or a different find? Let us know in the comments below!

Note: Menus at Disney World are subject to change, so we can’t promise these burgers will be there for your visit.


  1. says

    After having half of those burgers, im still rooted in my original favourite… the angus bacon cheeseburger from Electric Umbrella. Its the only quick service we will actually order a burger, so im pretty sure its the same as the other quick burgers. There old double bacon cheeseburger was our favourite so we naturally gravitated towards that on the new menu.

  2. Frank says

    Beaches and Cream… Hands down… Just coming off that seasoned grill… the fries, the milkshake… WOW.

  3. Jason says

    You forgot the Bison Burger – With salsa verde and three cheese spread served with choice of bulgur wheat salad or roasted potato wedges – at the Wave…which is the best burger on property.

  4. Alan says

    The way we walk around the MK- usually puts us in front of Pecos Bill’s at about lunch time. The thought of that condiments bar is hard to pass by. If they sold just the bun, my wife could make herself a pretty good vegetarian burger with those fixins.

  5. Eric says

    For me, it’s the double cheeseburger at Beaches and Cream. There’s something about the juicy patties as they come off that old style grill. The bun is always fresh and has that great, squishy texture when you pick it up. I always order the burger with a side of onion rings instead of fries and this burger is why B&C is a destination for us on each trip.

  6. says

    From the veggie perspective, while there are a lot of veggie burgers at Disney they are mostly pretty much the same so I always appreciate the locations with Topping Bars (Pecos Bill’s, Cosmic Rays, etc.)

    One standout is the Falafel Burger at Fresh A Peel (inside Pollo Campanero at Downtown Disney). Basically instead of a standard veg. burger patty it is a giant falafel – I love that thing! (And you can use the topping bar from Pollo there -yum!)

  7. George says

    It’s not a current burger, but I really loved the teriyaki/pineapple (and Swiss?) burger from Adventureland Verandah. Great combination of flavors.

  8. Chad says

    One burger that I haven’t seen get any love but totally deserves it is the Chicken Burger at Landscape of Flavors. Described as a “ground chicken burger topped with Queso fresco and black bean relish on a brioche bun.”
    I make it a point to try and only order new foods I’ve never had before. I broke the rule for this one. As soon as I was finished, I seriously considered ordering a new one. I still crave it. The zesty flavors in no way overpower, but enhance the taste of the chicken and roll. The go-to at Landscape of Flavors.

  9. Janelle says

    I so wish I had taken pictures on my recent world wind trip to Disneyland/WDW/DCL in a 3 week period. Just got back Sunday.

    1. I did try the lobster topped burger at Grand Floridian. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! I highly recommend it.

    2. I know this blog is about WDW, but I have to tell you about the best burger I think I have ever had and it is at Disneyland. It is the Green Chile Cheeseburger – (Third-pound Angus Chuck Patty, Manchego Cheese, Roasted Poblano Chile, Tomato, Lettuce, Fried Egg, and House Sauce on Toasted Brioche). At Carnation Cafe on Maind Street USA. It was so good I am still dreaming and drooling over it. I give high marks to the new menu as everything we had was fabulous and the best meal we had on the trip (trumping Blue Bayou).

  10. Colette says

    Beaches and Cream Cheeseburger or Hurricaine Hannah’s Beaches Signature Angus Cheeseburger -both are delicious and filling :)

  11. says

    I have always thought the Beaches and Cream burger was overrated. I really dont see a difference between that burger and any other burger at WDW.

    I got get my hands on that kobe beef burger. yum!

  12. David Page says

    Has to be the Bacon and Pineapple Burger at Paradiso 37 – 8 ounce grilled and topped with smoked gouda, grilled pineapple, honey glazed bacon, borracho beans, serrano slaw. Served on a toasted bun with P-37 fries. Without doubt the best burger I have ever had in my life – served medium rare with ice cold beer – amazing !!!

  13. Dominic says

    its worth noting that the burger at Hurricane Hanna’s is not much of a step down at all from Beaches and Cream… and requires much less of a wait.. and is a little cheaper.. enjoy it next to one of the best views (of the boardwalk from across the lake) or next to the best pool on property!!!

  14. Auntie Sue says

    Got to agree wiwh the butter poached obster burger at the Grand Floridian! Had one last trip – YUM!

  15. AFoodie says

    What’s the average price tag on these burgers? Are we talking similar to Five Guys or wayyyy beyond? Granted, I know the lobster-topped burger is likely higher, but just on average, what can we expect?

  16. Frank says

    At Beaches and Cream, as of December, 2011,
    Cheeseburger – (single or double) A juicy beef patty served on a fresh baked bun. Single $9.49; Double $14.49

    I had a single in August of this year and I believe it is the same.

    All Sandwiches served with Lettuce, Tomato, and a Pickle.
    I get fries with mine and I don’t think there is an extra charge. I really never look.
    You can use Tables in Wonderland also at B&C for a 20% discount.

  17. Shelby says

    I have to say that we recentrly had burgers at both the Grand Floridian Cafe and Captain’s Grille. They were both delicious, but the angus burger with the crabmeat at Captain’s Grille was simply amazing. I think my husband was envious of my choice that day! After he tasted it, he was a little disappointed he didn’t order the burger as well. What a way to start out two fun-filled weeks of eating at Disney.

  18. canada68 says

    A Beaches and Cream cheeseburger is #1 for me- the perfect ( toasted and buttered) bun to patty ratio. I’ve been told by a cast member that their buns are made for them at the Yacht/Beach club bakery. Pecos Bill and their great condiment bar is my #2 pick.

  19. says

    While my favorite changes from time to time, my current pick is the cheeseburger at Beaches & Cream. It is just perfect — perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked. The fact that it’s usually followed by a No Way Jose probably sways my opinion a bit as well. :D

  20. Janelle says

    AFoodie – usually between $10 – $15, but you can find most menus on Allears.net and plan ahead. We usually try to plan money for food by checking menus and what we probably would order and plan accordingly.

  21. says

    I had the Picnic Burger and honestly was not impressed. The texture difference between the burger patty and hot dog was very strange. The hot dog was tougher and chewy-er than the hamburger. I ended up taking the hot dog off and eating it separately.

    Maybe I am a simpleton but I enjoy the #1 at Cosmic Ray’s. The toppings bar is hard to beat.

  22. Tamara Blundy says

    The Kobe Beef Burger at Yak & Yeti is the best burger I have ever had in MY LIFE! I dream about it. It is always a MUST when we go to Animal Kingdom.

    Great flavor, juicy…it literally drips down your arms! Uh…I need one right now!

  23. Wendy says

    Of the burgers I’ve had so far, Beaches & Cream and the LeCellier are definitely my favorites. I can’t wait to try some of these others, though!! Specifically the Liberty Tree Tavern one. I’m a huge mushroom fan!

  24. Jenny says

    I love Pecos Bills. When they have it all hot and ready the topping bar is the best. I am drooling just thinking about it. hahaha

  25. RobinDe says

    The Angus Chuck Bacon Cheeseburger at Trails End at Fort Wilderness it also fantastic. But my all time favorite has to be the House Burger at Le Cellier’s.

  26. Galloping Gourmand says

    I haven’t had a burger at Disney since I ate one at Electric Umbrella in 2001. The thing was more processed than plastic cheese. It’s nice to see that they are stepping up their game a bit, however I don’t see myself getting one any time soon.

  27. Keith says

    Beaches and Cream has always been the favorite of our family. But the Lobster burger and the Raglan Road burger seem like a must try.

  28. says

    I’m a burger hound and I absolutely love the Kobe Burger at Yak and Yeti–it’s my favorite so far. I had the surf and turf burger at Turf Club last night (lobster claws and hollandaise) and was not impressed–especially after the one at the Grand Floridian Cafe. There is a new chef at Turf Club and we were pretty disappointed with all of the food, which is a shame because it used to be one of my favorites.

  29. Lisa says

    We just had the Kobe burger at Yak & Yeti yesterday and it was fantastic! We will be going to the Yak & Yeti time after time for this delicious burger. Try it and your taste buds will thank you!

  30. Erin says

    Drooling!! Out of the burgers I’ve tried so far, we always make a stop at Pecos Bills and I loved Beaches and Cream (If you haven’t sat at the counter before, do it! It’s fun and you get more attention than at the tables. Plus you get to see them making your food right in front of you.) I think next I will definitely be trying the Surf and Turf at AoA. Fun!

  31. says

    I have a hunch my beloved Plaza Restaurant burger is the same as Liberty Tree Tavern’s, but at the Plaza you can get it with a frosty chocolate milkshake—heaven!

  32. Mike G says

    I don’t know if it’s a Disney burger, but the burger from The Fountain in the Dolphin hotel was great. Perfectly seasoned and you can build it your own way, I could of had two of them.

  33. Lottie says

    My Tesco soup at work now seems oh so boring…bring on May 2013 and three weeks of Disney fun/food! Looking forward to that fixins bar at Pecos Bills!

  34. Wayne C says

    Duvall Street Burger at Olivia’s Old Key West is great. I haven’t found a burger I didn’t like.

  35. says

    If you eating a burger in Disney, how can it not be great! Had the Picnic Burger at Sci-Fi Dine-In, the Kobe burger at Yak & Yeti, Le Cellier House Burger, & the Angus Burger at Pecos Bills and they were all great.

  36. Joan says

    You left out the burger with bacon, onion ring and pulled pork at Epcot, World Showcase. Really the best!!!

  37. gena yates says

    Some of these burgers sound amazing. I do love Pecos Bill . I have to say that most of the burgers we get at Disney are NOT GOOD. I don’t particularly like the bun….It’s so much bun and usually very hard. I have kids that will live off of burgers and they are always disappointed with WDW burgers. the worst was at Animal Kingdom Lodge at the quick stop place by the pool…..so hard and cold uneatable. I love Liberty Tree for comfort food and will give it a try. I think Disney should rethink the “bun Situation” and offer whole wheat, brioche, soft farmhouse white etc…. because quite frankly our family is sick of that hard brioche bun on all the burgers everywhere !!

  38. Kathryn says

    Are there any non-angus burgers besides the Kobe burger? I usually grind my own hamburger meat at home and I do not like the flavor of angus beef.

  39. Sandy says

    Liberty Tree Tavern – YUM!!! Although now that Be Our Guest has counter service for lunch, and Columbia Harbor House sometimes closes early – how does a girl choose for lunch in the MK???

  40. Ron says

    si-fi dinner and cosmic rays has the best burgers I have ever had in 60 years ,was there Halloween week 2014 great time to go all parks were great,will be back

  41. William Turner says

    I cannot believe no one has mentioned the Grilled Wagyu Beef Burger at the Hollywood Studios Brown Derby. With Wagyu beef it offers a better ground meat that any of the other Disney World burgers. Then toppings of Gruyère Cheese, Pastrami, Heirloom Tomato, Avocado, Fried Egg, Toasted Brioche, Cognac-Mustard Aïoli! This has got to be the best burger in the World. Maybe it wasn’t available when this post was started. At $23 it is a little pricey, but it does include delicious hand-cut steak fries.

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