NEWS!: Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booth Prices, VIP Lounge, and More!

As we’re gearing up for the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival that starts this Friday, September 28th, we’ve got a few new updates for ya!

Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booth Prices and Disney Dining Plan Info Now Available

I’ve been hitting the pavement in Epcot to grab pics of all of the World Showcase Booth Menus and record prices for this year’s eats and drinks!

2012 Florida Marketplace Booth Menu - Click for larger image

You can check out our individual booth pages to see prices for the menu items as well as information on what’s available for a Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit this year!

Chase “Disney’s Visa Cardmember Lounge” Debuts in Epcot

Disney’s Visa Cardmembers will receive access to a new Chase Lounge in Epcot during the Festival!

Cardmembers and their guests can relax, enjoy a beverage, and rest up for more food and wine! Open 9am – 7pm each day of the Festival, the lounge is located on the Festival Center’s second floor. UPDATE: We’re getting word that this is open to ALL Chase cardholders, so it’s worth a shot even if you don’t have the mouse on your card.

For access, just present your Disney’s Visa Card.

New World Showcase Booth Construction Premiers

We’re always on the look-out for changes at the festival, and we’ve found some fun construction updates this year! At the World Showcase Marketplace Booths, it looks like three of our favorite spots have gotten a refurb.

Check out what seems like updated or even brand new booth construction for these countries: Argentina, Ireland, and New Zealand!

2012 New Zealand Marketplace Booth

New Gift Card Design Unveiled for the Food and Wine Festival

Food and Wine Festival gift cards work just like other Disney Gift Cards, but they’re so much more food-and-winey!

Load up your gift card with anywhere from $5 to $500 or more to start! Choose from the smaller wristlet or full-sized card. (We like the wristlet at the Marketplace Booths, because they’re easier to swipe with your hands full of food!)

Festival Wristlet card option

Festival full size gift card option.

New Official Disney Mobile Website for the Festival Debuts

A new mobile website will help guests navigate the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival. Visit on your smartphone to enhance your experience.

Smart phone users can also scan the QR code shown here for more information.

Scan the QR Code!

The Festival is Coming Up Soooon!

We can’t wait to report from the Festival!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Epcot Food and Wine Festival Index Page, the Disney Food Blog YouTube Page, the Disney Food Blog Facebook Page, and the Disney Food Blog Twitter Stream for daily updates!


  1. Nikki says

    So, so very excited!! AJ thank you so much for the updates. They keep me drooling all day at work. 36 more days!! 36 more days!!! Wohoo!!

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Nice to see that most of the dishes are still in the $3.00-$4.50 range. The selections that are $5+ make sense, like lobster, scallops, and more intricate beef dishes. There are so many good selections under $3.50 as well, like Beef Rendang, Belgian Waffle, South Korea’s Lettuce Wrap, and Chocolate Lava Cake.

    IT’s a good feeling to be able to complement Disney on it’s pricing for a change.

  3. venessa says

    Does anyone know what the beverage is at the Chase Lounge is? Water, sodas, juice, more booze? LOL! With that said, I’m so stinking excited! I suggested taking a tray A.J. to Chad but he just gave me the evil look. I personally think it’s genius! He should trust me, it’s his first time going, my 7th! I know how hard it can get carrying teeny plates around. Hmmp!

  4. says

    Nikki — 36 days will pass like a flash!!

    GG — I was thinking the same thing! I was excited to see the waffle for a decent price again!

    JoAnn — Woo!!!

    Venessa — Nope, not yet! I’ll let you know as soon as I go on Friday! And, yes, you TOTALLY need a tray!! Just bring one in your backpack. He doesn’t have to know. He’ll thank you for it. ;-)

  5. says

    Wonderful update, the Florida Local one is definitely on my must-do list! They’ve had Florida booth in the past and I think it should be an annual staple in my opinion, we are the host state after all.
    I am going to the preview this evening, counting down the hours!

  6. Nikki says

    Does the Chase CC have to be a Disney Chase CC or can it be any Chase CC. Like Chase Freedom? Any thoughts?

  7. Courtney says

    I’m really excited to be attending this year! We’re coming out from California and were curious about tax. Do these prices include tax or is it added?

  8. venessa says

    Carrie- Chad and I are def hoping it’s the carnival type lounge on the 2nd floor but for all we know, it’s prob just a bunch of trees blocking off a corner somewhere haha. I had my training there for Safety! =D But according to some folks over at WDWMagic, it’s getting changed from the circus theme to a more modern look. =/

    According to the email, it says 9 guests.

    A.J.- Thank you for letting us know, take pictures of the lounge please =)

  9. Jeanne Curnuck says

    Hey AJ….Love all this information….getting so excited trying to go to the Food and Wine Festival for the first time in 2 weeks….keeping my fingers crossed that we actually get to go!

  10. Amanda says

    we cant wait to go this year. Anyone know how we can get the Wine Festival Passport??

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