2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Merchandise

The Festival Center, headquarters for the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival, is officially open!

Here are some of the fun souvenirs that you can take home to remember the 2012 Festival long after you’ve sipped and sampled your way around the World!

Food and Wine Festival Center Merchandise Display

Taste Your Way Around the World T Shirt

What are you planning on taking home?

Festival T-Shirts and Wearables

As always, the Festival is offering LOTS of different t-shirts in different styles for men and women. One of the coolest 2012 adds is the “Brews Around the World” line, which features this awesome t-shirt, sweatshirt, glasses, and a bottle opener. (We’ll show you the glasses in just a bit!)

Brews Around the World T Shirt

I love the color of this women’s shirt!

Women's T Shirt

And it’s about time we have a “Mission Around the World” shirt, right? And now we have pics of front AND back!

Front of Mission Around the World T-Shirt

Back of Mission Around the World T Shirt

Food and Wine Fest Ballcap

Cups and Plates

Light up glasses mean you never have to say goodbye to that Glowtini!

Fun Light Up Glasses!

You can also get an Epcot 30th Anniversary light-up glass at some of the World Showcase Booths around the park!

The souvenir stein at the booths is sporting a new logo this year.

Souvenir Stein at the Booths

This handy and super cute acrylic tasting plate means that you never have to worry about finding a table!

Food and Wine Fest Tasting Plate

There are also nice small plates and glassware to take home. Throw your own Food and Wine Festival! Why not?

Food and Wine Fest Bamboo Tasting Plate

Stemless wine glasses are a great way to remember the fun — and a chic statement for serving wine or even cocktails.

Stemless Wine Glasses

And here are the Brews Around the World glasses we mentioned before! I have a feeling that a few of these will be going home with me. ;-)

Brews Around the World Glasses

These small plates and dip server are pretty cute and would be handy for a tapas party, I’m thinking.

Small Plates and Dip Server

Miscellaneous Merch

If you aren’t a big t-shirt or glassware fan, this tote is a great way to remember the Festival – and will come in handy for toting all that bread, wine, and cheese around!

Food and Wine Fest Tote

Always a very quick sellout are the bags that Epcot has made from the previous year’s banners! These are such a cool souvenir, and a great way to recycle the artwork from the year before. So far, we’ve spied two styles. This messenger bag features a giant lobster front and center!

Food and Wine Fest Messenger Banner Bag

There’s also a cute makeup bag available again this year as well.

Food and Wine Festival Small Banner Bag

This year’s signature print is available as a clock, on coasters, or framed.

Clock and Coasters

2012 Food and Wine Sepia Tone Poster

Vinylmation collectors, take note! Here is the limited edition (2,500!) Festival vinylmation, featuring Lady and the Tramp’s Tony!

2012 Food and Wine Festival Vinylmation

And of course, everyone’s favorite bear, Chef Duffy, is dressed for the occasion! This little guy proved very popular in 2011 – only the cookbook outsold him!

2012 Food and Wine Festival Chef Duffy!

And if you want a convenient and hip way to pay for your purchases (cash is such a pain at those kiosks), consider loading this handy little gift card with your Festival budget.

Introduced in 2010, these little cards – complete with wristbands – are seriously convenient.

2012 Food and Wine Gift Card

I’ll be updating our merch list this week as we check out more items in the Festival Center and around the park!

So what are you going to buy at the festival?


  1. Brooke says

    Emily – There is! You can see it displayed on the table and on the shelves to the left in the first pic. It’s tough to see without enlarging though!

  2. Brooke says

    Jason – You’re welcome! That’s always a fun collection to add to, yes? ;-)

    Bri – I know right? I predict lots of Duffy Bears as presents this holiday season!

  3. Jason Maxwell says

    I don’t have a collection, but this will be my second F&W (2010 was my first) and I was disappointed with the merchandise two years ago. This year looks better so the stein may or may not be in my plans. ;)

  4. Joanne says

    Festivel is awesome! Got the vinylmation! When I bought my card I got it with the rubber band – went to switch it to the card with the phone card band and the CM said that they are breaking a lot and they are recommending the rubber band card. At the first booth I went to (Canada…YUM!!!!!) the couple behind me had already had to go back to guest services to get their card replaced because their cord had broken.

  5. Jenny says

    Today I bought a great set of Italian food Donald Duck dish towels. Hey, were you at the Liberty Inn when the rain hit this afternoon?

  6. Brooke says

    JoAnn – It features a small Food and Wine Festival insignia on the top left area. We have a pic for ya and will be publishing shortly We’ve updated this post with a pic for you, as well as pics of the bags made from last year’s banners. Thanks for the great question!

  7. Brooke says

    Joanne – Yikes! Good to know! You certainly wouldn’t want to lose that valuable card. Congrats on scoring that Vinylmation, too!

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    I want a 30th anniversary biker cup. All bikers take their drinks in a light up cup. Watch Sons of Anarchy closely, you’ll see.

    Not sure about the other stuff but I love the hat.

  9. Miranda says

    I second the tip to get a rubber band wristband for the gift card & not the stretchy one- our giftcard fell off within 10 min of getting it. Luckily, Guest Relations was able to cancel that card & move the balance to a new card, but it still took about 20-30 min to walk to the front of the park & wait there.

  10. Alana says

    I was wondering the same thing as Pam. Are any of the wine glasses dated? In 2003, when I went, they were, and I was really hoping the glasses were still dated. Thanks.

  11. Brooke says

    Alana and Pam – I’ll have to double check to see if they’re dated. I know the beer glasses are for sure.

    Rach – The acrylic tasting plate will hold a cup or a wine glass, but the bamboo plate will only hold a wineglass as far as I can tell.

    Jess – I didn’t look in all the Festival merchandise shops, but I know you can get it at Festival Center. I believe it’s 4.95.

  12. Jim B. says

    I was at the festival this year and had a blast. I was looking for the Mission Around the World T-Shirt and couldn’t find it again after I initially saw it at one of the souvenirs kiosks. Is there anyway to find and purchase this online anywhere?

  13. says

    Jim B. — At this point, you MAY find a couple of items on DisneyStore.com, but that would be it. They sold them for a week mid-festival.

  14. Jason Maxwell says

    They had a few when we were there the first weekend of November, mainly 2x and 3x but a few L as well. Unfortunately they were sold out of my size (XL).

  15. Ken Longo says

    I have twins who are turning 21 in a couple of weeks. My eldest son & daughter-in-law told me that there were shirts last year that read something about them being 21 & drinking around the world. I would like to get those shirts from them as we are planning a trip to Disney for their 21st. Thank you for your help.

  16. says

    Hi Ken — I can’t think of any Disney produced shirts that discuss that. They did have a shirt at last year’s festival that was an “around the world” theme, but it didn’t mention being 21. These shirts are no longer available unless you can find them used.

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