Review: Hollywood Scoops at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

OK, let’s be totally honest here (this is just between you and me, of course…). I’ve never ordered a hand-scooped ice cream cone in Disney World. NO KIDDING! (What can I say, I always prefer that ice cream cookie sandwich!)

Yep — until my last visit to Hollywood Scoops in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I was ice-cream-cone-less. But this is no longer the case, my friends… Hollywood Scoops to the rescue!

Hollywood Scoops


Nestled between the Hollywood Tower Hotel and Sunset Ranch Market, both themed to the late 1930’s, this brightly-colored stand fits perfectly into the World War II-era style of the Boulevard. You just want to stop here, right?

Hollywood Scoops from Second Angle

Even Scoops’ saucer-shaped light fixtures feature a scalloped edge, which was popular with early mid-century designers during the late 1930s and early 1940s. I love these!

Hollywood Scoops Light

And how cute is this little guy?? So many random “mascots” for restaurants in Disney World…

Hollywood Scoops Mascot

SO — because it’s got a fun theme and is located right on the corner of Awesome Ride and Awesomer Ride (Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror), lines for this spot are sometimes longer than you’d expect — especially from April through October when it’s HOT HOT HOT in Orlando. But it’s worth the wait, and they usually move quickly!

Hollywood Scoops Lines


In addition to three outstanding sundaes, you can also order ice cream by the cup, by the cone, or sandwiched between two freshly-baked cookies. YUM!!!

If you have dietary concerns but are still looking to splurge, there are fat free and sugar free options available on menu as well.

Hollywood Scoops Menu - click image for larger version

I opted for a massive double scoop of mint chocolate chip, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the hard-packed flavors served up at Hollywood Scoops.

Hollywood Scoops Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

The ice cream was the perfect end to a fun Studios Day, but here’s a tip: have them put the cone in a cup to serve it — that way the quick melting won’t be a messy problem! :-)

What’s your favorite Hollywood Scoops treat? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Krizia says

    Mint choco chip is my fav, but I really like the cookies and cream! This may be a dumb question, but can you get more than 2 scoops and in different flavors on the same cone? How much does an extra scoop cost?

  2. Kelly M says

    We always go straight to Dinosaur Gertie for ice cream…. But with how I am drooling at the apple crisp, I may be having ice cream twice next time!! (With a carrot cake cookie inbetween to stave off the hunger pangs naturally)

  3. Niki M says

    We often go to WDW in the Fall and I never knew about the apple crisp a la mode! My husband will love this during our next visit. I hope Disney eventually adds frozen yogurt to some of their ice cream locations for us lactose intolerant folks.

  4. says

    Krizia — I don’t see why you couldn’t get two different flavors! I’m not sure how much an extra scoop costs; will have to check it out!

    Kelly M. — Ha ha! That’s my kind of DHS visit!

    Niki M. — Let me know how he likes that apple crisp!

    Molly — Yay! Glad to find another Scoops lover.

    Matt — Ha ha — you’re obligated to love it!

  5. Kristina says

    I don’t know if I’ve just been unlucky with my timing or what, but every single time I’ve gone to Hollywood Scoops, the service has been incredibly slow. My husband and I usually end up standing in line for 15 to 20 minutes, with only a few people in front of us. We always joke that this is truly the longest line to wait in in all of Disney!

    The ice cream is delicious, but the line is really inexcusably slow in my opinion.

  6. Essie says

    I never knew about this place until I saw an article about it in another one of your blogs!!!!! I have my 16th trip coming up in about 6 weeks, AJ, and I’m afraid that even tho it’s my first Christmas visit, much of the emphasis is going to be on snacks, treats and food!!! I think I’ll know all of your holiday articles and reviews by heart before I leave, and then there’s the cupcakes……..ROTFL

  7. Emily says

    Interesting fact – out in Hollywood, CA there is a small ice cream place called Scoops (it’s now a three-store mini-chain, but was a single store for a while). They are known for being one of the best ice cream places in LA for their inventive ice cream flavors like Brown Bread, Pistacio with Rose Water, Salted Oreo, and Jim Bean/Cherry/Raisin. Great flavors and cheap.

    Though I’m not sure Disney will ever go so extreme – I’m always hopeful that at some point WDW Scoops will experiment with LA Scoops flavors!

  8. Julie says

    LOVE this place! The scoops are HUGE. We couldn’t believe the size of them. One scoop here is about 3 times the size of a scoop you would get in the UK. I’d say one scoop is more than enough, we were stuffed when we finished it.

  9. Ali says

    Hi there-a little inside information. Yes with the cone and the cups you can get 2 different flavors if you want. The scoops are very generous sized, you really shouldn’t need extra. And there’s no way to price extra. the registers are pre-programmed. Also you can request different flavors with all the sundaes. As far as the long wait times. that’s usually due to either new cast members training or the cashiers are taking orders faster than the scoopers can fill them. Especially if theres a lot of sundae orders at the same time.

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