Snack Series: Halloween Bat Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Happy Halloween!! We’ll be covering a few of the fun, spooky goodies you can find this year around Disney Parks in the next couple of days, but I wanted to start out with this decadent Bat Cupcake I found at Kusafiri Bakery in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Bat Cupcake at Kusafiri Bakery

You know we love our Disney Cupcakes here at DFB, and finding a new one to try is always a delicious adventure.

Animal Kingdom’s contribution to the Disney cupcake landscape has been getting better and better, and I have to say that their Cotton-Top Tamarin Cupcake and Elephant Cupcake are two of my very favorites on property. So I had high hopes for this little guy…

Cupcake Minus Bat

I started out by removing the bat (a dark chocolate mold on a wooden stick) from the cupcake and sampling a wing. ;-) The dark chocolate really was dark chocolate — almost bitter-sweet and very rich!

This was somewhat balanced by the very buttery buttercream frosting piled on top of the cupcake. Again, it was extremely rich, and was not plagued by the too-sugary-with-no-flavor attributes of other Disney cupcakes.

Moving on to the cross-section, I noticed that there was no “middle” to this cupcake. It’s just straight chocolate cake and buttercream frosting. I guess that bat on top is your “extra.” :-)

Bat Cupcake Cross-Section

But, luckily the cake stood on its own as far as flavor goes. This was very dark chocolate cake and, again, tasted almost bitter-sweet. There was lots of flavor here, and I didn’t miss the added sweetness and texture that a filling would have brought. The cake was moist and dense enough without added moisture.

Overall, there’s nothing halfway about this cupcake — the flavors were strong in all components. While it may look simple, it’s the very best kind of simple!

What are your favorite Disney cupcakes? Don’t forget to check out our 2012 Disney Cupcake Crawl on your next adventure!


  1. Krizia says

    Yayyyy! Another cupcake post! :D Thank you! I personally love classics, and a good chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream frosting should be a staple at any amusement park. Props to Disney for doing this one right :)

  2. Regina says

    I had this cupcake a couple of weeks ago at AK and it was absolutely delicious! The icing to cake ratio was just right!

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