Favorite Find: Oreo Bon Bons at Beach Club Marketplace

There are many reasons to head to the Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club — good food and fun character interactions, to name just a few.

But one of the stars of the evening buffet in the past have been the beautiful and delicious Oreo Bon Bons.

Oreo Bon Bons on the Cape May Cafe Buffet

The yummy little treat is made of an Oreo cookie base, topped with cookies and cream mousse, and enrobed in chocolate with a chocolate fudge ganache garnish on top. It’s delicious, and has been a Disney fan cult favorite for years!

So when we started hearing reports of its disappearance from the Cape May Cafe dessert buffet, we were just as shocked and sad as you were!

But I’ve got good news for all of us today! The treat is back! You can now find Oreo Bon Bons packaged in takeout boxes for sale at Beach Club Marketplace in Disney’s Beach Club Resort!

Oreo Bon Bons -- Packaged

The little box of six can be found in the refrigerated treat section at the Beach Club Marketplace, and reminds me a lot of the zebra dome packaging that you’ll find over at The Mara in Animal Kingdom Lodge.

And as you can see, the treats are just as perfect as ever!

Oreo Bon Bon -- Up Close

Still made by stacking that yummy, light, sweet mousse onto everyone’s favorite chocolate sandwich cookie, you probably won’t be dunking this one in milk. :-) (But you totally can if you want. We won’t tell.)

Oreo Bon Bon -- Bottom View

But, inside and out, and right down to the ganache on top, these treats are exactly the same as the ones we’ve been enjoying at the clambake for years and years. Hooray!

Oreo Bon Bon -- Cross Section

It’s always exciting to see Disney recognize a fan favorite and bring it back onto the menu! First the Citrus Swirl, then the 50’s Prime Time Cafe Fried Herb Cheese, and now Oreo Bon Bons…

Let’s all cross our fingers and think REEEEALLY good thoughts for those ‘Ohana Maui Potatoes!! ;-)

Are Oreo Bon Bons a favorite of yours? Will you be picking up a box to go during your next visit?


  1. says

    my husband would love these as he is a big oreo fan and I think I might even like them too.. it would definitely give us an excuse to head over to the Beach Club on our next trip.. I’ve never stepped foot in that resort. Thanks once again AJ for making me aware of a special snack in WDW that I’ve never heard of before!

  2. Corrie says

    I am going to have to get some of these!!! We will be at Beach club checking out the gingerbread displays and I will have to head over to the marketplace and pick up a pack…or two :)

  3. CraigInPA says

    I’ve been waiting, eagerly, for the return of the scalloped potatoes at ‘Ohana as well! It’s been so long that I can just barely recall their creamy goodness, but I know what the replacement noodles taste like and that’s why we tell our server to skip bringing them out!

  4. Jessica says

    My family and I are heading to Cape May Cafe in late November for my birthday celebration. So the oreo bon bons won’t be on their buffet? Its been a few years since we were last there maybe longer, I forget. I was really hoping to get these for free well with the price of the buffet. Should we schedule my birthday someplace else, what else has changed at Cape May’s? I am a huge seafood lover and am now rethinking our plans. Let me know. Thank you for this post, at least I can buy these if they no longer have them on the buffet.

  5. Sandi says

    wish they’d bring back the strawberry swirl…I really miss it, though I enjoy the citrus swirl too.

  6. says

    Marci — It’s a great reason to go check out the resort :-)

    Corrie — Yay! Perfect time to grab some bon bons! :-)

    CraiginPA — Ha ha ha! I think those noodles are “love ‘em or hate ‘em!”

    Jessica — The Oreo Bon Bons haven’t been on the buffet for the past few months. It’s Disney, so anything can change at any time, but there’s been no sign of them for a while. Another thing that’s gone missing is the individual lava cakes, I think. The rest of the buffet is still in tact and continues to get good reviews. If you were ONLY going for the oreo bon bons, then I think it’s safe to reschedule somewhere else. If you enjoyed the rest of the meal as well, it should still be a good choice.

    Sandi — I think there are plenty of folks who feel the same way!

  7. Allison Bedford says

    I have never had the pleasure of trying these, but they look devine! I found a recipe for them online and I am thinking of making them for a party this weekend. What exactly are they coated in? The recipe says to coat them in chocolate, but from the picture it looks like they are coated in some sort of chocolate cake? or perhaps chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder? Can anyone tell me what exactly they are coated in and what type of chocolate (milk? dark?) Thanks!

  8. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    that sux they took them off the buffet.. between those and the crab legs, i dont know how i walked around epcot the rest of the day…

  9. Essie says

    We’re going to the CMC for the first time this year and I wanted an Oreo Bon Bon :( That said, with all of the tempting cupcakes that you’ve introduced to me, I don’t think I’ll be spending calories on a six pack of Bon Bons (maybe if they came in packs of three?). I don’t know; there are so many treats and only so much room in a person’s stomach and suitcase! LOL I’m still excited over CMC though because I love Crab legs! :)

  10. says

    Canadians — Ha ha!!

    Essie — I agree — the six-pack is a little daunting. But just keep them in your hotel room fridge for late night snacks :-)

  11. Corey says

    I just returned from a trip, staying at Beach Club Villas. And as the bon-bons #1 fan (I always said the bon-bons were worth the price at Cape May alone), I bought a 6-pack ($6) while we were there – and they are the exact same as they were at CMC. One word of caution though – there was only one pack of them in the fridge pretty early in the day. So I don’t think you can count on them like you could for dinner.

    My quick take on CMC (which used to be my #1 meal in all of WDW – buffet or not) – I’m now hard-pressed to justify it for $36. They removed the ribs and the chicken (one of the replacement dishes is some beef, gnocchi, and PEAS dish – PEAS?!?!?!?!), removed the bon-bons, and they even swapped the Parker House rolls for plain dinner rolls. The strawberry shortcake shooters are okay, the flourless chocolate cake tastes like straight ganache (which was okay by me). But for me, a non-seafood lover, CMC just didn’t do it for me.

  12. Ana says

    Just wondering, I read that the oreo bonbons are no longer available here…have you spotted them anywhere else? Thanks!

  13. Corey says

    I was there at the end of Oct – they weren’t at Cape May and they were no longer at the Beach Club Marketplace. I actually stopped into Cape May and someone went to the kitchen to ask a chef about them (it was about 1:00, so no meals being served). The chef said they were altogether gone now (I think they were making them for the Marketplace after Cape May took them off the buffet).

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