Best of the Quest for the West Part II: Jackson Hole Playhouse on Adventures By Disney

We’re back with another food review from the Quest for the West Adventures By Disney trip, covering the wilds of Wyoming including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park.

You’ll remember the incredible eats we had over at Brooks Lake Lodge, of course; but today I’ve got something a little more playful for you!

Jackson Hole Playhouse

Lunch on day two of our trip was at the historic Jackson Hole Playhouse. Founded in 1916 as a buggy shop, the Playhouse now performs Broadway-style shows each evening as well as serves up hearty Western fare in its saloon.

While the food was yum, I was most enamored with the decor, which practically screamed “Hoop Dee Doo” at me, reminding me over and over of this favorite Disney World dinner show!

From the cute glasses to the red table cloths and the costumed server/singers, so much at the Playhouse was similar to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, I kept thinking that I’d see Dolly Drew dis Sixbits any second now. The female performers even flirted with and sang to an embarrassed gentleman in the audience, leaving a bright red lipstick kiss on his cheek.

I’m not sure which was the chicken and which was the egg, but warm Hoop Dee Doo familiarity of the Playhouse made me feel like I was right at home.

First, I noticed the dining rooms and decor were very similar:

Jackson Playhouse dining room

Walt Disney World Hoop Dee Doo dining room

And the mugs and drinking glasses in both spots are alike as well:

Western boot mugs at the Jackson Playhouse

Mason jar glasses at the HDDR

You’ll see similarities between the performers, too!

Costumed performer at the Playhouse

Costumed performers at the Hoop Dee Doo

I reeeeally think they need those saddle stools at Pioneer Hall, don’t you?

The Quest for the West trip is one of Adventures by Disney’s Most popular destinations. There are more than a dozen available for booking in 2013! Based on this little tour, who’s signing up?

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.

Jackson Hole Facade Photo Source


  1. Arlene Novick says

    Do you accommodate allergies to the food on the Quest for the west trip. I am thinking of taking my grandchildren one has celiac and is strictly gluten free and one is allergic to tree nuts and sesame. Would this be a problem for them with eating on the trip? How would you handle it? Thanks for the info.

  2. Erin says

    Hi Arlene – While I have been on the Adventures by Disney Quest for the West trip, I’m not a Disney employee. I know that some food allergies can be accommodated on the trips, but for the specifics about each trip you’ll need to speaks with Disney directly. They will have the most up to date and accurate information. They can be reached at 800.543.0865. Good luck!

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