Review: Frank & Weenies in Disney California Adventure

Happy Halloween week!!

You’ve been “treated” to our cache of fun Disney Halloween Goodies already, but today we’ve got a spicy review from the West Coast for ya!

Frank & Weenies and FrankenFusion Lemonade

Over in Disney California Adventure through November 4th, you’ll have the opportunity to sing your teeth into some serious Halloween eats: Frank & Weenies and FrankenFusion Lemonade!

Inspired by Disney’s Frankenweenie movie, the savory Frank & Weenies served in DCA are bacon-wrapped hot dogs covered in grilled onions and barbecue sauce, and served in a cheesy jalapeño roll!

Frank & Weenie -- hot dog wrapped in bacon, smothered in grilled onions and barbecue sauce on a cheese jalapeno roll

Reader Paul Liu sampled one and sent over his review:

I’d say that the Frank & Weenie was quite tasty and well-executed. All of the elements (bacon, frank, onions, BBQ sauce, jalapeño bun) were distinct yet complementary. The portion size is ideal for a substantial snack or a light lunch, and for us, made an ideal snack during the Pixar Pals parade.

Consistent with the WDW vs. DL dining report published last week, Disney-branded potato chips were served instead of fries, and in the often-seen plastic baskets rather than disposable dinnerware.

To wash it down, try a FrankenFusion Lemonade — a blend of Minute Maid light lemonade, blackberry syrup, and wild grape syrup and blackberry syrup. The whole sweet-tart concoction is topped with lemon-lime foam!

Frankenweenie Eats in Disney California Adventure

You’ll only find these eats until November 4th, so make your plans to get over to DCA ASAP. ;-)

What Disney Halloween Treats are your favorites this year? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Alan says

    This is such a clever tie-in with the recent movie of the same name. I’m thinking that frank looks good, although it may disappoint depending on the type of hot dog it is – you know with the regional differences and all.

    The idea of tying in Disney movie releases with different food and meals at the parks is great.

  2. says

    Alan — I was thinking it looked really good, too!! The bacon looks crisp and abundant, which is important; and the grilled onions look great. I hope they do more Disney food eats, too…and not just cupcakes with a picture stuck in ‘em.

  3. Rachel M says

    I’m thinking I might have to replicate this at home. Just put a piece of cheese in a regular bun with the bacon wrapped frank and onions – yum

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