Snack Series: Banana Cake at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons

Every once in a while you come across a truly incredible counter-service restaurant, and Sunshine Seasons in Epcot’s Future World is one of those.

Located in Epcot’s Land pavilion, this food court-style restaurant takes up nearly the entire first floor of the place. But with multiple choices and many varieties of food, even this ginormous place can get busy! (That’s because it’s AWESOME.)

When I visited with a friend a couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a snack I’d been wanting to try for ages — the Banana Cake.

I know, it doesn’t sound all that interesting as a snack; and it is a pre-packaged treat after all. But I was bowled over.

Banana Cake

You’ll find this little cake in the refrigerated section of the grab-and-go area, and it does look pretty unassuming. But just take one bite and you’ll know you’ve found something special.

I’m a big fan of things like banana bread and carrot cake, so it makes sense that this snack would be totally up my alley.

Banana Cake Close-Up

Usually, the only thing missing from a good banana bread for me is a top-notch cream cheese frosting — and this banana cake had it! Yep — the same frosting that you’ll find on the stellar carrot cake cupcake here at Sunshine Seasons also tops this banana cake, and there’s plenty of it!

Banana Cake Cross-Section

Overall, I can highly recommend this one. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to choose between the carrot cake and the banana cake on my next visit.

You know what? I’d probably just pick the one with more frosting. ;-) You can find this awesome treat in our DFB Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks e-Book! Don’t forget to grab your copy for your next trip!

Have you been to Sunshine Seasons in Epcot lately? What are your favorite dishes here? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    I had to do a double-take on the picture… it looked like bacon on the top! Anything with bacon immediately catches my attention. Upon further inspection, I see that it is more likely some sort of nut :)

    Sounds delicious!

  2. Essie says

    I loved their veggie sandwich that they have in the sandwich section. Funny thing is, I didn’t like it cold as it’s intended to be eaten, but when they heated it up in the microwave for me, I loved it. Finishing this up with the Chocolate raspberry cupcake is a well balanced lunch!

  3. says

    Phil — Lucky duck!! Enjoy!

    Jo Ann — It is! One of my favorite pre-packaged desserts on property.

    Christine — I have no idea! Very possibly! I’m really bad at telling one nut from the other ;-)

    Naomi — Ha ha! Hmm… I wonder if it would be good with bacon! (I like how you think!)

    Essie — Ooh, I’ll have to try the heated up veggie sandwich! Add a cup of soup and you’ve got a nice wintry meal (with the cupcake, of course!)

  4. Kristen says

    I dream about this banana cake, I am not kidding! It is my favorite thing at Sunshine Seasons. It is a must for me everytime I am at EPCOT.

  5. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    i love anything banana.. this is a must next trip… unless of course somebody posts the recipe …

  6. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    is there nuts in the batter … if so then this will swiftly be removed from my want list…

  7. says

    Kristen — Ha ha! It’s awesome, isn’t it?!?

    Rachel M — This idea is excellent!

    Canadians — I didn’t see any nuts in the cake itself, my friend. I’ll dig round to see if I can get a recipe to be sure!

  8. heidi says

    I first thought it was bacon also. I’m glad it’s not but I would still be willing to try it ;) .

    Yummy! I’m determined to use my snack credits doing a”Cupcake Crawl” when I go in January.

  9. heidi says

    Oh. I forgot to post that of the very few cupcakes I’ve tried so far in WDW, my favorite is the Red Velvet Cupcake at Starring Rolls.

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