Review: The NEW Disney Fudge

Many of us absolutely adore Disney fudge. But something that many fudge devotees do not know is that Disney World and Disneyland have some new fudge on the block! Yep — from what I’ve heard, they seem to have a new fudge provider altogether.

These days, little if any of the fudge sold at Disney locations is made in-house any longer; and the fudge slabs sold in the candy shops has gone from the old familiar square shape to a smaller, rectangular shape.

New Fudge Shape at Disney Candy Counters

new snacks come and go, and some even wheedle their way into our hearts (insert almost anything from Karamell-Küche here.) But Disney fudge has been something that many guests look forward to on each and every trip.

I knew I owed it to all of us to take a few bites and figure out if it’s still worth shelling out the cash or the DDP snack credits for one of our favorite rich, creamy Disney snacks!

Peanut Butter and Turtle Fudge, Side by Side

For this experiment, I went with a combo of a classic and a “new-to-me” flavor. I give you Peanut Butter Fudge and Turtle Fudge.

Disney’s Turtle Fudge

Buying the Turtle Fudge as part of this endeavor was pretty much a no-brainer. Look at it! Covered in ooey-gooey caramel swirled with chocolate, it’s probably one of the more attractive pieces of Disney fudge I’ve seen in a while!

Turtle Fudge

And it tasted exceptional as well. At times, Disney fudge can be stale or plasticky, but that wasn’t the case here. While this is still obviously mass-produced fudge and doesn’t have a homemade flavor, the caramel on top goes a long way toward making this treat extremely decadent.

Small chunks of nuts and more caramel swirls rounded out the snack, and, though small, it is very rich. It might be tough to eat this all in one sitting!

Disney’s Peanut Butter Fudge

Peanut Butter fudge is one of my absolute favorite treats, so I was excited to sample this one. Though slightly boring-looking next to that (hubba, hubba!) Turtle slab, we all know that the potential for an explosion of Peanut Butter flavor means we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.

Peanut Butter Fudge -- Up Close

And this was very good as well. With what seemed like a confectioner’s sugar sweetness and a powerful (if not necessarily salty) peanut butter punch, I would certainly buy it again.


Both pieces tasted great, and I would venture to say that I find this fudge version slightly creamier that Disney’s previous fudge incarnations. But that could just be based on fuzzy fudge memories.

If you’re a Disney fudge devotee, you might be able to tell that things have changed with your favorite vacation snack. But, overall, the flavors and feel of the fudge is very similar to what you’ve gotten on your past trips to Disney World and Disneyland.

If you’d like to sample some Disney Fudge on your next trip, you can find it at Main Street Confectionery and Prairie Outpost and Supply at Magic Kingdom; the Scary Apothecary candy shop at Hollywood Studios; Bayview Gifts at the Contemporary Resort; and Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney.

And keep in mind: while a lot of the classics are available year ’round, some seasonal flavors only show up at certain times on the calendar.

I’m very eager to hear about your experiences with the new fudge. Have you tried new flavors that you loved? Do you miss your old treat? Let me know!

And if scoping out all the best snack in Magic Kingdom is your favorite vacation pastime, be sure to check out the DFB Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks!


  1. Jennifer Murphy says

    What’s the name of the new provider? Can we buy from them directly like the cookies?

  2. says

    ooooh! my mother is a HUGE fudge lover.. she always has to buy a box of it on every Disney trip. I think on our next trip I will see if she notices a difference then let her know about the changes after she tries some! Good to know the new stuff still tastes good! Thanks for taking one for the team AJ!

  3. Amy says

    I’m not the biggest fudge fan in the world, but my husband is, so I especially appreciate the handy “where to find” info toward the end–thanks!

  4. says

    Jennifer — I’m not sure the name of the new provider. I’ll ask the next time I’m on property!

    Marci — Perfect! I can’t wait to see what happens in the “blind taste test!”

    Amy — Woo! Let me know what his thoughts are, Amy.

    Mike B — Start a petition!

  5. says

    I miss the old fudge. The new fudge is ok. I did not buy any the last two trips because it isn’t’ quite as good. Plus, I was told there would be no more mint fudge. I am so sad. That was my favorite!!! Can’t we just go back to the old ways?? Pretty please!!

  6. Dave says

    We also found fudge at the sweet shop on the Boardwalk. I forget what it’s called but it’s between Kouzzina and Flying Fish. Had the cookies & cream fudge and it was delicious.

  7. Essie says

    I was very disappointed with the new fudge situation as when we went after Thanksgiving, the most variety we ever saw was two types to choose from. Before they had a huge variety of so many delicious and exotic flavors to choose from. I wanted to take some home as gifts, but didn’t really see any that was anywhere near the delicious flavors that they used to have. Everywhere we went they had only pumpkin and one other flavor and that was all. Big time disappointment. :(

  8. Charlene says

    Went Fri. 5/15/15 and wanted fudge for the whole group of 7 that went. It is ok but I make better fudge using microwave, 1 Stick of butter, vanilla, pecans and box of confectioners sugar.

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