First Disney World Starbucks Locations Announced!

The news is finally here! Disney has officially announced that Starbucks will take over the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom and Fountain View Cafe in Epcot in 2013.

Note the Mickeys on the Cup Sleeve

Main Street Bakery and Fountain View Cafe to become Starbucks

We’ve been wondering for nearly a year now where the Starbucks would be located at the Magic Kingdom. And as it turns out, the Main Street Bakery will be completely revamped to hold the new java shop.

According to Disney, the Bakery will close in January 2013 with Starbucks opening in early summer. At Epcot, Fountain View will close in March 2013 and reopen as a Starbucks location in midsummer.

As we saw with Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe in Disney California Adventure, the Starbucks locations will adhere as much as possible to the theme of the parks where they’re located.

For example, Magic Kingdom’s Starbucks will have an early 20th century theme to fit in with Main Street USA. Baristas will be costumed in period wear. In Epcot, the look and feel will represent the modern feel of Future World.

Starbucks Stuff in Current Disneyland Location

Also as we saw at Fiddler in DCA, the locations will offer Starbucks signature beverages along with sandwiches and baked goods.

Bakery Case at Starbucks in Disney California Adventure

If the sandwiches are anything like they are in Disneyland’s location, this means another excellent counter service spot in both parks.

Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich at Disneyland Starbucks Location

Be sure to take a look through this Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe review for great photos of the kids of food you can expect to be available at these new Starbucks locations.

What are your thoughts on the Disney World Starbucks news? Are you excited…or disappointed? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Donna says

    My first thought is about the Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll! They must save the cinnamon roll! LOL!

  2. says

    Donna — That was my first thought, too! The cinnamon roll and homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches were the biggest draws to the Bakery for me, so I’d hate to see those go. But otherwise, I’m excited to see the changes.

  3. Darlene Nagi says

    I am so excited about this news. I love Starbucks! Wish it was this trip but next will be good!

  4. says

    Not really sure I am excited. Have always been a fan of the Main Street Bakery. Seeing Starbucks on main street in MK just seems wrong. And if they get rid of the cinnamon rolls it will be really bad.

  5. Rob Edwards says

    I was stoked when the Disney/Starbucks future was announced. I know the MSB makes sense and probably is the best fit on Main Street. But this actually made this grown man cry. The bakery is a symbol of Main Street. Every trip for the past 10 years (3-4 trips a year), my wife and I end our visit by sharing an ice cream cookie sandwich on the last night. This is a sad night for me.


  6. Kim says

    I am very sad to see Main Street Bakery go! It is a icon. I would rather have a bad cup of coffee and the bakery than a good cup of coffee and no bakery. You need to find out what will happen to our beloved cinnamon roll!! Every trip starts with MSB and a roll. Now what? I don’t mind them in the park but do they need Main Street?! I am not happy.

  7. matt says

    I am VERY disappointed in the decision to close down the bakery to add Starbucks. While I welcome their coffee to the Parks, I am borderline furious about them removing one of the best Disney food items of all time, the main street bakery cinnamon roll. Every trip is always started and ended with one of these for breakfast and I am heartbroken that I ate what was to be my last one 2 weeks ago. Please reconsider the location for Starbucks or at least have their coffee coexist with the existing food options from the bakery.

  8. Robin D. says

    I’m all for it if they keep the awesome baked goods, but if they don’t then I will miss my traditional chocolate croissant breakfast. I just hope they can blend Starbucks into the theme so that you aren’t jolted back to your average mall by walking into the bakery.

  9. Jen says

    I’m upset. Main Street Bakery is DISNEY. Starbucks is not. I think this is ridiculous, and another way for Disney to pass the buck and offset their costs onto another company. I am saddened by this.

  10. Peachkins says

    I’m pretty sad to see the Main Street Bakery go. I’ve eaten there for breakfast, had the cinnamon roll. While I certainly wouldn’t mind the bakery offering Starbucks coffee products, it’s sad to hear that the whole thing is just turning into a giant Starbucks. I like Starbucks, but I can get it at home anytime.

  11. scott says

    I would think the cinnamon rolls would be gone being Gaston’s in the New Fantasyland has them now also.

  12. Charlie says

    Sooooo NOT happy! I don’t want to see Starbucks ANYWHERE on Main Street, let alone have it replace the Bakery. Surely it could have gone into one of the Lands…..

    On the other hand, Future World at Epcot? Sounds like a great idea, should fit right in.

  13. Jess says

    NOT happy that it is taking over the Main Street Bakery. Why replace a beloved Disney spot with a chain store?!!!? Very unhappy about this.

  14. Meghan says

    I think it’s pretty sad that Disney is replacing such a classic spot with a dime-a-dozen coffee shop. I don’t come to Disney to get a coffee that I can get on nearly any street corner across the country. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.

  15. Sally-Ann says

    No am sad that MSB has been chosen, it won’t seem right to see it at MK and so soon after coming through the gates. It doesn’t shout Disney magic at me just corporate commercialism. Please AJ can you find out if they are keeping the cinammon roles and the ice-cream sandwich.

  16. Kay says

    I am very upset that Disney would replace something as original and loved as the mainstreet bakery, me and my family spend ages looking at all the fantastic sweet treats on offer before finally making a choice. To put something as ordinary as a starbucks there is just wrong so what if its themed its still Starbucks :-(

  17. Logan says

    Not at all excited about this. Where I live, Starbucks is the bottom of the barrel, and some locations have actually been going out of business. Only tourists frequent them. I’d prefer all WDW eateries to be unbranded.

  18. Rune says

    Starbucks isn’t Disney so I hope that they keep the store front relatively low key and not to glaringly out of place. I can’t help but wish they’d not put in in MK though, DHS would seem perhaps a more obvious choice but there ya go, Disney moves in mysterious ways. As to the cinnamon rolls question, are the ones they are trumpeting about over at Gaston’s Tavern the self same ones or a completely different type? Just wondering if they’ll go there instead if not. If Starbucks has to be Main Street then here’s hoping they hang on to a few of those guest favourites from the bakery, don’t they know we need our cinnamon sticky icing fix? And what about the banana bread pudding? ^_~ At least Sleepy Hollow still does the ice cream sammiches.

    Speaking of which, the Fountainview is the only place in Epcot to get an ice cream cookie sandwich isn’t it, AJ? Eeep, I hope they keep that on the menu there or pop it on at another location (the ones at Italy aren’t the same, right?) =)

  19. Eric says

    It amazes me how fickle and perpetually unhappy Disney fans are sometimes. People complain for years that WDW has awful coffee. So Disney partners with the largest coffee retailer in the world and people are unhappy because they can get this coffee anywhere…except WDW. Losing the bakery is sad, but if it’s so terrible, stop paying money to the mouse. Now that Gaston’s Tavern offers a very similar cinnamon roll and Sleepy Hollow has the homemade ice cream sandwich, the loss of the bakery is more about losing nostalgia than losing food. As for Starbucks not being Disney, I forgot in which years Walt created Cinderella, Snow White, etc…

  20. says

    Disappointed if this means what I think it means – the Nestle chocolate chip cookie/ice cream sandwich we get at the bakery is going away. :( Sad when something unique (or outstanding) to Disney goes away for something you can get on any street corner. I love me some Starbucks, and am looking forward to the new sandwich options because on Main Street there’s very little counter service for the non-hotdog lover.

  21. says

    NOOOOOO!!! Please, leave Main Street commercial free! Why can’t they put it around the corner in the Noodle Station? Starbucks is a much better fit in Tomorrowland.


  22. Robert says


    Just because we love Disney, doesnt mean we cant be dissapointed in a change. For many I think it is a nostalgia thing. We all understand that things change but the Main Street Bakery is just one of those Disney Park purist locations. As I said above, my family and I end every trip sharing a cookie sandwich in the bakery. Sure there will be other locations to get our favorite treats but it won’t be the same. This is just another that will now have live in our memories along with the likes of Horizons, Mr. Toad, 20,000 Leagues, and last but NOT least Dreamfinder.

    Take Care,


  23. Jennifer says

    Very, very sad. What about the ham and egg croissant, the banana bread pudding, and the cinnamon rolls?? :(

  24. Linda says

    I don’t think Starbucks belongs on Main Street. It is suppose to represent a turn of the century small town. Starbucks was NOT in existence then! If Disney is keeping all their OWN baked goods and serving Starbucks, then ok. Replacing Disney baked goods with Starbucks baked goods is just wrong! I heard a new bakery is opening in Fantasyland…how about putting the Starbucks there and leaving the Main Street Bakery where it’s at????

  25. Marlene says

    Any word on where/if the very successful items Main Street Bakery will be offered elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom?
    Like the ice cream cookie sandwich they would make for you?

  26. says

    I suspect a lot of people who are unhappy with this news haven’t seen FF&P in Disney California Adventure, or haven’t read any reviews of it. It’s a great counter service location, and is decidedly “Disney” despite having a small Starbucks sign and some assorted logos inside the restaurant.

    By reading the comments here, you’d think they’re removing the Main Street Bakery and replacing it with a regular ‘ole Starbucks from Anytown, USA. Disney has made clear how it will approach these locations in the past, and FF&P is evidence-enough that the locations are not simply Starbucks shops inserted into the parks.

    I suspect (based upon information actually available rather than wild worst-case-scenario prognostication) that this location will remain the Main Street Bakery (in name), and will now serve Starbucks coffee and a variety of other Starbucks items while still serving Disney items. Sure, some Disney items will be cut, and we all hope our respective favorites aren’t cut. But this isn’t the end of the world.

    Of course, if the main text of this article and the link to the FF&P review didn’t convince people that the sky isn’t falling, I highly doubt my little comment here will. :)

  27. Mark Lyons says

    There goes another iconic Disney location. Disney put McDonalds in DTD and then they left, not playing the name game again. If they need fancy coffee add a new location or use an unused building. I am not a big fan of Starbucks and will not patronize them. Where or where will the cinnamon roll go? Hoping Disney gets enough bad feedback on this and change plans.

  28. Karen says

    This makes me sad. First of all- I can get Starbucks anytime- you see them everywhere you look! Don’t get me wrong – I drink my fair share of Starbucks but I wait for our Disney trips to get away from the real world and have all of the special things at Disney that you can’t get anywhere else. Second- Main St USA is sacred and, even with appropriate barista costumes, it just doesn’t fit there! Main St represents a simpler time and I’m not sure what’s simple about all of the Starbucks creations! I agree with Rune that somewhere in DHS would be more appropriate. I know there are name brands all over Disney, but there’s just something more blatant about Starbucks that doesn’t fit.

  29. Stacey says

    Couldn’t the coffee just be Starbucks and the rest still be the MSB especially the cinnamon rolls. I am glad that it will still be open for my trip next month but I am disappointed. It is too comercial

  30. Francis Lee says

    Now I can enjoy my favorite coffee without having to leave the “campus”!!! I’d like to have a Vinti Caramel Macchiato, please? ^^

    oh… and make it extra hot… with whipped cream…. :P~~~

  31. Jill D says

    I am so torn….

    I like forgetting everything of the real world when I am in WDW, but with the unlimited internet access now and Starbucks it feels like the there is no separation. I wonder what Mr. Disney would think about this?

    on the other hand getting a good cup of joe might not be a bad idea….

    i will wait and see.

  32. Eric says


    I totally understand and get your point. I love what’s in the parks, but I also love the change because the change in my mind means an attempt at improvement. It doesn’t always work and I certainly would have liked another location sacrificed, but I Lille that the company is always looking to cut the edge. And as your family does, my family loves the bakery and loved it yesterday when we were there. I’m writing this in MCO and understand I will never see the bakery again, but I l look forward to our next visit to see the new… And enjoy the coffee!

    Take care as well!

  33. John G says

    I am very glad about the beverages, but I am very worried about the food. The press release I saw said that they would offer the Starbucks signature beverages, artisan sandwiches, and a wide selection of baked goods.

    The food at Starbucks is mediocre, at best. The sandwiches get nuked to an extreme so they are too hot to eat. When they cool down, they are chewy. The baked goods are unremarkable when compared to the Main Street Bakery.

    It is encouraging that you were impressed by the sandwiches at DCA. I’m still worried, though.

  34. JamelUK says

    As long as the look and feel is in character, and the Cinnamon Roll stays, then I’m all in favour!

  35. Brittany Alvarado says

    I would consider myself a Starbucks fan but this is TERRIBLE news!! The Main Street bakery is my families absolute favorite everytime I’ve been to Magic Kingdom it’s been packed if its doing good business why fix something that isn’t broken?! This is so disappointing!! I’m so glad when I go this Christmas stupid Starbucks won’t be there!! Come on Disney don’t buy in to the Starbucks on every corner those of us that want it can go before or after!

  36. Alan says

    All things will change. I cannot recall ever eating or drinking anything from the Main St. Bakery, and yet it’s changing makes me sad. We all want WDW to stay the way it was on the very day we fell in love with it, but how boring that would become. For everything that I loved and is now gone, three new things are there that I couldn’t imagine not having. It’s fine to shed a tear for what you miss and celebrate the new.

    Realize that thirty years from now, when they are ripping out the Starbucks for something new, many people will be sad and nostalgic about that too.

  37. Suzanne Buckner says

    Absolutely thrilled! My two favorite places rolled in to one. No more stopping at Sbux on my way to the parks. And which two parks do I visit the most??? Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Whoo-hoo!

  38. jlaalja says


    You are so right! F,F,&P Cafe is extremely nice and integrates well! I can get coffee I like along with Disney goods. I love Main Street Bakery and cannot wait for Starbucks to be blended with Disney style!

    Don’t panic people, it will be great. Caveat 1: not everyone will like it because you can’t please everybody.

  39. Lucy says

    I’m LOVING it! I’m so envious at the DCA location with its pastries and excellent coffee so for me this is ideal! It’s a shame it won’t open till summer!

  40. Theresa says

    This is the worst news ever! Disney, please change your minds! Please keep the facade and the name Main Street Bakery and just sell Starbucks there. Don’t change the name to a Starbucks. It’s just sooo wrong! And please keep all the freshly made baked goods! Don’t sell that Starbucks baked crap!

  41. HOLLY says


  42. says

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I understand that lots of people want good coffee in Disney. I have no problem with that, but I wish they were just adding the coffee, or even all the drinks, to a few locations. I don’t see why they have to bring in the mediocre Starbucks pastries too (my understanding was the DCA had both Starbucks and Disney pastries). Like others have said, I can get those pastries at any Starbucks, and the ones at the Bakery prior were great!!

    It’s too early to tell how much of Main Street Bakery will be changed, I think… but the fact that it’s going to be under renovation for so long makes me think it will be a pretty major change.

  43. Lin says

    We have been to the Fidler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe in California Adventure and it was NOT good. It had mediocre ice cream (yes, we did buy it!) and the sandwiches were WEIRD…beef with saurkraut, etc…nothing mainstream. We thought that was just “the California thing”, but felt they would NEVER do it at our beloved Magic Kingdom…their pastries were the same nasty ones Starbucks has other than the $5 Mickey tart, which is ok, but not a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich!! main Street Bakery has some so-so items that could be upgraded, but most are classics and beloved by people who plan their trips in large portion by their favorite places to eat and snack! I am all for Starbucks, but not at the expense of the best snack spot in Magic Kingdom.

  44. says

    PLEASE EVERYONE, Read and comprehend Tom Bricker’s comment. Jeeze, why isn’t anyone paying attention to what Disney is saying about the “period” aspect of Main Street Bakery. And more importantly what they’ve actually done at DCA. It’s not a big deal. Really.

  45. Janel says

    Ive heard rumors that, the goodies from main street bakery will become available at Gastons. Any truth to this? because if so, then Im all for this change

  46. says

    This is awesome news!!! We get the awesome Main Street Bakery items and we also get a great cup of coffee which is not easy to come by in the “World”. Add that to the Starbucks sandwiches and baked goods and you have a win-win situation. I know people hate change but you should only complain after you know what it will be like. Stay optimistic! This is Disney! Give them a chance to do it right!

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