First Disney World Starbucks Locations Announced!

The news is finally here! Disney has officially announced that Starbucks will take over the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom and Fountain View Cafe in Epcot in 2013.

Note the Mickeys on the Cup Sleeve

Main Street Bakery and Fountain View Cafe to become Starbucks

We’ve been wondering for nearly a year now where the Starbucks would be located at the Magic Kingdom. And as it turns out, the Main Street Bakery will be completely revamped to hold the new java shop.

According to Disney, the Bakery will close in January 2013 with Starbucks opening in early summer. At Epcot, Fountain View will close in March 2013 and reopen as a Starbucks location in midsummer.

As we saw with Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe in Disney California Adventure, the Starbucks locations will adhere as much as possible to the theme of the parks where they’re located.

For example, Magic Kingdom’s Starbucks will have an early 20th century theme to fit in with Main Street USA. Baristas will be costumed in period wear. In Epcot, the look and feel will represent the modern feel of Future World.

Starbucks Stuff in Current Disneyland Location

Also as we saw at Fiddler in DCA, the locations will offer Starbucks signature beverages along with sandwiches and baked goods.

Bakery Case at Starbucks in Disney California Adventure

If the sandwiches are anything like they are in Disneyland’s location, this means another excellent counter service spot in both parks.

Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich at Disneyland Starbucks Location

Be sure to take a look through this Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe review for great photos of the kids of food you can expect to be available at these new Starbucks locations.

What are your thoughts on the Disney World Starbucks news? Are you excited…or disappointed? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. says

    I don’t think it’s anything to be upset about! I’m hoping they will keep the best elements from both and combine it into one super awesome place to visit. I’m sure that Disney values the history and the importance of this beloved icon. I’m not seeing this as replacing the Main Street Bakery, but enhancing it. Walt was all about adapting for the future. If he were still alive, I bet that he would be a Starbucks drinker!

  2. EeyoreBFF says

    Nostalgia for the bakery is one thing, but as long as they stay in period it should fit very well. I think this will please my son and daughter immensely. If we can still use our DDP snack credits for the best of both worlds…they will be over the moon. Just wondering what it means for the Cupcake Crawl. And since our visit is the first week of June, we may be out of luck anyway.

    As for at the Fountain View…we hadn’t been in there. I don’t think many people stop for long in that area as we were rushing to try as much in World Showcase. At least it shows American food for more than just burgers and fries.

  3. says

    I was fine with Starbucks in DTD. It’s okay even in EPCOT. Even TL Terrance in MK would have been okay. It’s rarely open. But Main St Bakery? No. No. Not happy with that at all. I love the bakery. I love the smell of it. I rarely buy from it, but it’s a nostalgic place. I am quite depressed to see it go. I was just there two weeks ago, and didn’t get to savour it as much as I would have liked before its gutted. I’m a Starbucks fan, I like frapps. But come on, their regular coffee is as bad as what we already have.. And I can easily get it at MCO, or even a short way away from DTD. it is not necessary to rip out tradition for a mediocre coffee joint. I can already see the hoards of people all with Starbucks in hand. Just like my local mall. Uuugh.

  4. Jenny says

    I think it’s great that Starbucks is comming. the fact that they will make sure to fit the look of Main Street is perfect. Sometimes I wonder if people just want to complain just to complain. When Disney had bad tasting coffee and only Kona cafee was only place to get great coffee, people complained. Now that Disney is adding Starbucks now people are complaining that it will lose the look of Disney. That it (Starbucks) shound not be here. So get mad with no good coffee around and get mad if there is………

    I love it and welcome change, grow with the time.

  5. Essie says

    I’m not into coffee in general, but as long as Starbuck’s fits in with Main St USA and we can still get the Bakery’s good treats, I have no problem with this change.

  6. Jen says

    I’m fine with it as long as they keep the cookies(especially chocolate chip) and the cinnamon rolls! Nothing like walking into the Magic Kingdom first thing and having a cookie for breakfast- where else is it ok to do that?!

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    More than anything else people get worked up over outside brands in the MK (forget that everything is sponsored). McDonalds fries, now this. Im fine with Starbicks. Branding the food is itching new. Hershey’s had the ice cheap parlor at one time, and there were others.

    Are you defending the use of Nescafé, a brand that wasn’t around during the time period? In my mind any replacement of that stuff is an ipgrade.

  8. Victoria says

    I think I’m okay with this. I like that it will be themed to fit Main Street. And I just hope they keep some of snacks and yummy baked goods that you can currently get at the bakery.

    My husband and I ate an apple turnover there on our honeymoon and we still talk about. I hope they keep those around. ;)

  9. Becca G says

    I’m sad about the change. I can go to Starbucks anywhere, any day. When I’m at Disney, especially MK I want to experience unique Disney food. I was so looking forward to the Cafe’s cinnamon rolls.

  10. Louise says

    Boo! Hiss! Main Street USA should stay uniquely Disney and not have such a ubiquitous restaurant in the Main Street Bakery. I am always transported to a more genteel time whist on Main Street, and Starbucks will infringe on that suspension of reality. I can think of a dozen different places that would not have bothered me as much. Resort kiosks, anyone? I’m all for a good cup of coffee, but I think the Starbucks integration could be handled better.

  11. Jamie says

    Are they basically “retheming” the whole Bakery to be a Starbucks shop or just inserting Starbucks products in it? All the articles I’ve read about this have the wording so vague or confusing that it feels like the former, so I kept imagining it meant they were just going to throw a Starbucks shop in the middle of the park. If the latter, or if they’re still keeping the theme, then I’m confused at why they have to close the store to add the products.

  12. Liana says

    Boo! Hiss! from me to! Epcot, fine – maybe they could do a cool feature on mini coffee cuppings, and the how and why’s coffee origins are mixed because of the unpredictability of rainfall sometimes changes the flavor etc… Interesting. futuristic. Epcot.

    BUT the bakery! – why? when we were there this year, it was always so crowded we could barely get in – and it was a “slow” week. Why would they need Starbucks there? And comeon- their logo is a MERMAID… they couldn’t have worked that into something near the new Ariel stuff instead???

    I guess if every other MS coffee house in small towns across america are being eaten by Starbucks – why not there too. :-(

  13. Jayne says

    I’m not bummed Starbucks came but I do find it a bummer that it is replacing the iconic Main Street Bakery. Won’t sound the same when I say, “Let’s hit the bakery first thing!”

    I’m not opposed to corporate sponsorship, either.

    And yes, I would have preferred a Dunkin’ Donuts, too…their coffee is much better, IMO.

    Does anyone know if the new store will carry Disney food products or will everything be the Starbucks’ line? Like the baked goods and such?

  14. says

    I have nothing against Starbucks. I don’t even mind it being in the parks. However, the Main Street Bakery is unique, special. It is a typical, old fashioned, bakery that we all remember from our childhoods. The baked goods are fabulous! Starbucks food is ok; nothing to write home about. It is just mass produced, trucked in food. I much prefer fresh baked. We are going to WDW in 2 weeks and I guess this will be our last visit to the Bakery. I can’t tell you how disappointed we are. There had to be a better place to set up the Starbucks at MK.

  15. Jeanne says

    Starbucks does not belong on main street in WDW. It is going to completey ruin the entire atmosphere of walking thorught the tunnel, smelling the popcorn and then heading down main street…… we will see a stupid starbucks sign which is so out of character with the entire theme of WDW…………I think they really need to re consider this entire ridiculous decision. Starbucks does not belong on main street…………find somewhere off the beatin path to put it………this will just be the start of more and more frachaises taking over the park. If I want Starbucks I will go before I enter the park, WDW is a place to get away from it all……….now it is going to follow us into the park……………..what’s next Wal Mart.

  16. Sandra says

    Some of us who don’t like the Nescafe “coffee” aren’t fans of the burnt stuff that Starbucks serves either. I have no objection to them serving Starbucks coffee at WDW, as so many folks seem to like it, or updating the menu at the MSB–so long as they don’t mess with the cinnamon rolls. But a change to Starbucks isn’t a positive thing for many people, us included. Starbuck’s style is a West Coast thing, like Chock Full-O-Nuts is a New York thing. The companies that have a more widely accepted style are places like Dunkin’ Donuts, 7-11, and even McDonald’s. Not liking Starbucks either doesn’t make us whiny so and so’s, just folks who still can’t find a good, plain cup of coffee at WDW.

    Disney could have simply had a coffee blend made up for them (they do sell their own brand in the shops) and offered brewed coffee for a better cup than the current Nescafe that is made from coffee syrup and hot water. My husband would have been happy to pay a little more for it, but Starbucks isn’t going to be seeing any of his $. Lucky for us, we drive, and he can get a cup at McD’s right outside our resort gate or at the Dunkin’ Donuts up the road. For myself, I’ll stick with tea–and bring my own bags.

  17. assortedjellybeans says

    I think if they want to put Starbucks in, keep it in the hotels or something. There could be a different vibe going through the parks now.

  18. Aldo says

    Whilst I have no gripes about Starbucks in the MK, lets face it any other kind of coffee is an improvement on the current stuff, however…..

    …anywhere but Main Street Bakery. Last time I checked, Starbucks don’t do Ice Cream sandwiches, especially the best Ice Cream Sanwiches in the world (note, the word world isn’t in quotes there!)

  19. Pudge the Fish says

    I’m a little late to this post, but WOW!!! Some much overreaction. No where, NO WHERE in AJ’s post do I see that the cinnamon rolls or the cookie sandwiches are being removed. Obviously they might be, but let’s see what happens before wild speculation runs rampant. (Oops, too late.) The most sensible post in this thread was made by Tom Bricker. Everyone should take a breathe ans reread that a couple times. I fear what the reaction may be when the Hollywood Studios location is revealed. Star(buck)ing Rolls anyone. ;)

  20. Joy Ousterout says

    While I joined in the hooplah over alcohol at Be Our Guest – this is a change I fully embrace. My two fav things in one place (do I hear angels singing?)! Don’t think of it as Disney being “Starbucktified” but rather Starbucks being “Disneyfied”! I think theming it appropriately for Main St will make this Sbux location truly unique. And thank the Good Lord I can finally throw out my handy-dandy “where to find REAL coffee at DW” guide away! I will just lift my eyes heaven-ward and look for that beautiful green sign. Thank you Disney!

  21. Victoria says

    I think everyone who is having a major issue with this should read the post about the Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe. I wasn’t sure about the Starbucks idea until I read how well they made Starbucks fit to Disney standards – not the other way around. And how they still had some Disney treats. This *is* a food blog! ;)

  22. Robert says

    I am fine with companys sponsoring resturants in MK. But if Starbucks is going to take away Main Street Bakery I will never buy anything from them again. Certain things should not be changed. It will be interesting to see if Main Street Bakery will go by the way side. If I want starbucks I can go anywhere in the U S to get it. Its only over priced coffee. Leave Magic Kingdom the way it should be.

  23. Catherine says

    Per the Disney parks blog some of the current food offerings will remain. They do not, however, say which ones. I don’t do coffee but I still think this can only be an improvement. The biggest question I see coming will be regarding use of the dining plan. Locations operated by third parties tend to be more restrictive in its use re things like substitutions or trading credits.

  24. Pam says

    I for one am NOT happy with this change. Starbucks coffee for me is take or leave it. It’s okay, better than the Nescafe garbage they serve. I HATE that they’re replacing a WONDERFUL bakery with mediocre food. I have NEVER found anything enjoyable at Starbucks. Their food/baked goods are sub-par to what Main Street Bakery serves. Why couldn’t they put the Starbucks in someplace and leave the Bakery alone! The Bakery was always a favorite stop for every trip (multiple trips per year). A tasty treat to take to a quiet spot to enjoy. Another dumb move by Disney but I’m sure they got a lot of money from Starbucks for such prominent positioning. And that’s all that matters. Get rid of a unique one of a kind bakery and replace it with a mass produced product. There’s practically a Starbucks on every corner. Only one Main Street Bakery. Well soon there will no longer be a Main Street Bakery.

  25. says

    I love the idea that Sandra had about a signature coffee blend for WDW. Wouldn’t it be great if they did that within the Starbucks framework, to appeal to more people?? Who knows, maybe they will.

    As for the person who commented about the overreaction (while using all caps, I found that a whole pot/kettle thing) – I don’t believe I said they *were* getting rid of the cookies, just that I’d be disappointed if they did. If that wasn’t what I said or wasn’t clear allow me to correct myself or clarify now.

  26. Ericha says

    Will they keep the cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, cookies, and everything else that makes Main Street Bakery so wonderful? If so, then fine. If not then I’m majorly depressed.

  27. kim says

    I’m excited about Starbucks, but very disappointed about location! Why not put it in New Fantasy land?? It would don’t so much better. Main street won’t be the same without the bakery. Its that smell that welcomes you to the park. As much as I like Starbucks, I much prefer the smell of the great main street bakery and all its goodies to start my day.

  28. Helen says

    Horrified…. Disney you have sold yourselves out! Why not leave the bakery how it is and just serve the coffee you have made a seriously bad call here. Next youll have a mcdonalds 2 doors down andRonald Mcdonald parading the streets with mickey. Disney is special because unique… You need to take a long hard look at yourselves!!!

  29. Gale says

    I can’t believe Disney would even entertain the idea of replacing the Main Street Bakery with a Starbucks. When you enter the Magic Kingdom, you walk down Main Street USA! Please reconsider! Put Starbucks somewhere else!!!!! The Main Street Bakery is always busy, why replace it?????

  30. Rachael says

    I am very disappointed to hear this. I prefer the Joffreys coffee that is available at kiosks in the parks. Starbucks is inferior coffee. I also like going to Disney and feeling like I’m in another world. Hate to see them do this.

  31. Kimberley says

    A very sad day here at Walt’s wonders. Starbucks has no place at MK, but specially not on Main Street. Unless they’re going to call it MIckeyBucks and place Ariel as their logo mascot I’m not interested. Main Street bakery was a hit with every disney fan, regardless of the coffee or food it was the whole enchantment of the Main Street bakery that everyone loved. As others have mentioned Disneyworld is where people go to believe in the magic and fantasy that Walt and Roy created, Starbucks however good their coffee is a reality of everyday life in the malls, near our homes and places of work…It has no place being in the Magic Kingdom. I’d love to see what research they did with park guests before planning this venture or is it simply money talks? Also when it changes will you still get the chocolate Nesquik that so many kids and adults crave and the original MS bakery goods like the Danish and Choc crossiant? I think we need to get a petition going up in here.

  32. Fran says

    Glad that Starbucks is coming-but hope all the wonderful and delicious baked goods don’t disappear-hope there is a way to incorporate both-love getting a sweet and watching parade and fireworks!!!

  33. Cass says

    As someone who was really on the fence about how Starbucks would be inside a park, after seeing it ant DCA, I think people are complaining too much. If it’s like at DCA, then everything will be completely in theme and still feel like Disney.
    And, I can’t say anything about this one, but I know the DCA one sells all the normal pastries; we were able to get our Frappucinos and out cinnamon rolls no problem. And to be quite honest, the prices weren’t much more expensive than the regular stores.

  34. Eve says

    Super excited!!!!!! Lets face it, most people complaining are at MK what maybe twice a year?? I’m am there pretty mch every two weeks and when has Disney ever incorporated a franchise and it not blend in well with the theme?!?! I was upset that they put in a McDs at Epcot simply because of all the amazing food options Epcot has. Decent coffee is needed now I can do my cinnamon Dolce Latte dance while watching the parade!!! And I sure due to high demand the baked yummies will still be there. Only one draw back I can think of it being on Main Street…. The hordes of people waiting on line to get their coffee…. That might be a problem…

  35. Glen says

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!! Bringing more of the outside world into WDW. This was NOT the design of Main St. USA. Starbucks was not around in 1910. We don’t need it. And there is NO WAY I will ever set foot in a Starbucks on MS. I don’t even go into them here in NYC! Main Street has turned into an absolute JOKE. Gift shops and Starbucks. Hell, when is McDonald’s coming in?

  36. james says

    Soooo glad starbucks is opening….now i can have a decent cup off ice coffee when walking the park. Other wise im stuck drinking disneys idea of an ice coffee, usually hot coffe poored over ice, not to mention its just does not taste good. Yaaa for starbucks!

  37. Hailey says

    Really bummed that they put it in the Main Street Bakery.. I don’t care there is a Starbucks, I mean McDonalds has been in the parks before, but I really wish they would have picked a different place :/ Hopefully they will still sell the giant cinnamon buns..

  38. Lauren says

    Here’s my problem- You aren’t allowed to park directly at the magic kingdom. The park doesn’t sell newspapers. The reason for this is because Walt wanted to make sure you felt like you were in another world at the Magic Kingdom. He didn’t want you to have sense of reality in the park, and I loved that about it.

    Now, right in the middle of Main Street is a huge reminder of reality. I love Starbucks and it’s fine in the other parks or anywhere else on the property. Maybe even at a different location in the Magic Kingdom. But I think it was a horrible decision to put it on Main Street. Walt wouldn’t have wanted it this way.

  39. Leiza says

    It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The starbucks at disney will be liscence s stores, meaning the employees will be working for disney not starbucks. Also meaning they will have to follow the rules from disney. We were there last week and the coffee at the little coffee building before the ferry was horrible. I’m excited that I can get starbucks at disney, but I also work at starbucks so I’m used to my drink it won’t taste the same anywhere else. I don’t think disney will be able to change anything about the siren in the logo but that’s not what it’s about. Can’t wait to go back and see when it is open

  40. Mike Angelo says

    I cannot believe they (Disney) are allowing Starbucks on Main Street in WDW!!!
    What is next, Olive Garden in place of Crystal Palace??? Not only was the bakery delicious (home make deserts) it (was) an icon of Main street! What are you guys at DW thinking??? Bad decision!

  41. Sonya McMahon says

    I am very disappointed with Disney World for bringing Starbucks to Main Street. Walt is turning over!!! He wanted us to forget everything in our lives we deal with everyday. No clocks, no newspapers and enjoying living your childhood again. Then you stick STARBUCKS on Main St???????

  42. Debbie Howell says

    I am THRILLED. The one thing I miss on my bi-annual trips to WDW is my Starbucks. I usually bring my own and brew it in my DVC villa but I do love picking up an iced coffee or latte in the late afternoon as a treat. It’s a great addition and update to a wonderful Main Street Bakery. They are not taking away any of the charm of this landmark and adding a great product. Great work for your guests Disney cast!

  43. Robert Johnson says

    Wow! Two of my favorite things have finally come together! All is right with the world! Love it. Thank you to both Disney and Starbucks for making my dream come true!

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