News! Disney Café Opens at Harrods Department Store in London for the Holidays

Are you heading to the UK for the Christmas season — or do you just wish you were? Me too! The “wish I were” part, I mean!

Well, if you actually are there, DFB reader Lynn has pointed out an opulent Disney experience right in the heart of London: A pop-up Disney Store and Disney Cafe at Harrod’s Department Store in Knightsbridge, London! (Scroll down for the full menu!!)

Disney at Harrods

Just in time for the winter holidays, the famous London department store has opened a pop-up boutique and Cafe on its fourth floor. The store features a huge quantity of Disney products, including a special collection of bespoke items, and lots of special dress-up togs, too. There’s even a Disney Princess Parlour dress-up area with a fun photo op (by appointment only).

I Have Just the Outfit for These!

But even cooler than the store is The Disney Café by Harrods! Also located on the fourth floor, the family-friendly table service restaurant offers “superbly delicious and nutritious dishes” with fun Disney theming.

Inside of The Disney Café by Harrods

Storytelling and other fun activities keep the little ones engaged as well.

We snagged some pics of the menu (see below!), so whether you’re daydreaming of your trip to London, or you actually make it into Harrods to celebrate the season, you’ll be well-prepared!

Disney Cafe by Harrods Menu -- Click to Enlarge

I think it’s pretty cool (and perfectly appropriate) that the menu stars out with Sweets and Treats!

Disney Cafe by Harrods Desserts and Treats Menu -- Click to Enlarge

The main menu has a wide array of delicious-sounding dishes, ranging from savory crêpes to traditional tea.

Disney Cafe by Harrods Main Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Kids' Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Disney Cafe by Harrods Hot Beverages Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Disney Cafe by Harrods Other Beverages Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Wonder if we can get a good deal on a flight… ;-)

Are you dreaming of experiencing Disney at Harrods? Let us know what you’d order!


  1. Lisa says

    I’m going to Harrods tomorrow to see all the Disney stuff, didn’t know about the cafe though, hope it’s open and we can get a table because it is a definite must try!

  2. Paula B. says

    I wish I was going to Harrod’s tomorrow (because that would mean I was in London)! How fun to go holiday shopping and then on up to the Disney store and have lunch, or tea. What a great idea, thanks for sharing the pictures and menu.

  3. Kim says

    Looks great but those prices are high, even by Disney standards, though not by London standards, I suppose. You’re paying $10-15 for a kids meal if you get a side order and about $6 for a coke(!) Love Harrods though, it does have some very good restaurants and it’s nice to see one with a Disney touch.

  4. Lisa says

    Well we went today and although it is pricey (especially the drinks!!) and we had an added £10 service charge, the food is very, very nice and the service was great! The food was served on disney plates and all the food had a Mickey head added somewhere, definitely worth a visit if you are in London and fancy a treat and a Disney fix!

  5. says

    Wow! I’m headed to London in a couple of weeks and will definitely check it out. I love the fact that (as most menus in London) there are lots of “V”s indicating vegetarian options. Would be nice to see this on our Florida Disney menus too.

  6. Lottie says

    @Amy Knickerbocker Glory is a British classic! It’s basically an indulgent ice cream sundae with lots of cream and a wafer.

    I’m eating here on 15th December, I shall try and report back!

  7. Lisa says

    Absolutely luv it!!

    Being that i live in london and just Having returned from Florida holiday a few weeks ago my family are suffering major holiday blues (& Disney withdrawal symptoms!!) this news letter blog sprang up in my inbox at just the right time!!
    We went to Harrods today ( we had reservations to see father christmas ) there were 3 of us 2 adults 1 child -and had the traditional afternoon – absolutely gorgeous – we managed to get the luxury of harrods and our fix of mickey!!

    Will be going back in a few weeks !! – cannot wait!!

  8. Monica Chavarria says

    Hello! Next Juny is my daughter 7 Birsthday and we like to come to Disney Café. Please Could you tell me how I can book? .
    Thanks in advance.

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