News! New Cupcakes Debut at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I’m pretty excited that when I visit Disney World soon, I’ll have a chance to taste two brand new seasonal cupcakes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Also, coming in January, is an extravagant cupcake experience that’s worthy of a certain charismatic Captain we all know and love…;-) And judging from the descriptions, these are going to taste just as incredible as they look!

Pumpkin Mickey Cupcake

First up: a fun homage to fall with this cheerful Pumpkin Mickey Cupcake!

Pumpkin Cupcake with Maple Frosting, Candied Pecans, and Mickey Ears

Featuring a — what else? — pumpkin cake(!), this is topped with maple icing and garnished with sugared pecans.

Disney Christmas Cupcake

Once we’re done with the pumpkins, it will be time for Santa hats and such — and this fun Mickey Mouse-topped Christmas Cupcake!

Gingerbread Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Minnie Santa Ears

Decorated with traditional red and green sprinkles, the beautiful treat will feature gingerbread cake and — wait for it — cream cheese icing! I cannot WAIT to try this one!

Want more good news? The delectable treats, which will be sold for $4.99, qualify as a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan!

Captain Jack Sparrow Cupcakes

But once the holiday decorations are put away, there’s something fun and special to look forward to in honor of the new Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow experience: the Pirate’s Treasure Cupcake!

Pirate's Treasure Cupcake

More than just a cupcake, this is a cupcake, wrapped in fudgey chocolate buttercream, and crowned with chocolate pearls! Pearls, I say! Get it?!

The cupcake is then tucked into a tiny treasure box with three more chocolates — a map, a key, and a coin! The pricetag on this one will be a little steeper — $8.99. Thanks to Matt at Studios Central for the head’s up about this one!

If you’re looking for the new seasonal cupcakes, you’ll find them for sale at Pizza Planet, ABC Commissary, Backlot Express, and Studio Catering Co.

The Pirate’s Treasure Cupcake will be available at all of the above, and you’ll also find it in Sweet Spells as well.

And if you have visions of cupcakes dance through YOUR head, be sure to check out our 2012 Cupcake Crawl for some of our DFB favorites!

Which one will you be trying?


  1. Krizia says

    I tried the holiday Minnie gingerbread and cream cheese frosting cupcake last Christmas in DHS and loved, loved, loved it! The gingerbread and cream cheese flavors are distinct and so familiarly cozy. The cake is dense and moist, and the frosting-to-cake ratio is perfect (not to mention, just right in sweetness). The only thing was that the sprinkles left our lips a weird color, but when you’re in WDW, who really cares! :D

  2. Kb says

    Yes I too just had my gingerbread cupcake as I danced with the lights at Hollywood Studios and it is so far the BEST cupcake that I have had at Disney World!

  3. Heidi Bilotti says

    Last week was at the Polynesian at Cooks and my kids got the chance to try a new Thanksgiving cupcake (sorry no pic they ate them too fast). Pumpkin Chocolate chip decorated with a cornacopia on the top with runts fruit. Really yummy and pretty too.

  4. Sarah says

    I am a self-proclaimed cupcake fanatic!! These look fantastically adorable! I was there in early OCTOBER and wanted to tell you thank you for all the posts earlier this year as I was able to try them and indulge!! Zebra cupcake in AK, Minnie witch hat carrot cake, Elvis’ banana &chocolate in POP, cappucino in PPlanet, and many more, they were all fantastic!!! I love this blog!

  5. Amy says

    I am pretty sure there is a Santa Mickey cupcake with my name on it. Online check-in is tomorrow, and I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on one of these cupcakes!

  6. says

    I tried both the pumpkin cupcake and the Christmas cupcake on my trip for Wine & Dine this past weekend. I enjoyed the Christmas cupcake more than the pumpkin. The pumpkin felt like it needed some salt. A salted pecan coating instead of the sugared pecans might have done the trick. A friend said he’d have scooped it up with bacon, and I do think that would have been tasty, too.

    The Christmas cupcake was a wonderful treat, but it was very rich. Three of us split it during the Osborne lights.

    Generally, I do wish that Disney would not put giant gobs of frosting on the cupcakes. It gets a little insane and just makes it harder to eat. I’m also secretly hoping Disney hops on the Whoopie Pie trend. That would be nifty and much easier to eat while walking through the parks!

  7. Marie says

    The “pearls” on the captain jack sparrow cupcake look just like the ones decorating the “gray stuff” at Be Our Guest Restaurant, don’t they?

  8. Jaime says

    I just got back and had the chance to try the pumpkin cupcake… Which I am currently drooling thinking about. So. Good. I am with you TsuKata about the the richness, I wish that they would do mini-cupcakes like my local cupcake shop does. One/two bites, less mess, and most importantly, more room for more cupcake flavors!

  9. Elaine hart says

    I just returned from WDW and I had one of the holiday cupcakes and it was out of this world.

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