Review: Gingerbread Hot Cocoa and other Holiday Treats at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of the best parks to visit during holiday time — especially if you’re a food fan like me!

Disney's Hollywood Studios at Holiday Time!

On this visit, I got to check out several new holiday additions to the DHS menus — especially around the Streets of America area. These are in place to create a more festive atmosphere for Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights attendees! :-)

Streets of America Newsstand Holiday Eats

First up, a Newsstand decked out in holiday gear…

Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Newsstand

The menu included goodies like caramel corn, spiced eggnog, and two flavors of hot cocoa!

I began my perusal with checking out the new Mickey Popcorn Buckets for this holiday season! These are different from last year’s Mickey Snowman buckets, and are found throughout the parks.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Mickey Popcorn Buckets

Turns out, you can get the caramel corn in these festive containers! But how they open — basically the “caramel corn is Mickey’s brain” as the cast member put it — is a bit disconcerting… ;-)

Disney's Hollywood Studios Mickey Head Caramel Corn

Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Mickey Popcorn Bucket

So after checking out Mickey’s innards, it was time to try some of the new holiday beverages here at the Studios! I had a choice of spiced eggnog, Hazelnut Cocoa, or Gingerbread Cocoa.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Newsstand Holiday Drinks

Choosing between the Gingerbread and the Hazelnut Cocoa was tough, but I figured more of you would be interested in the Gingerbread cocoa; so I went with that.

By the way, you can ONLY get this in the souvenir mug, so if you want some cocoa…you need to really want it for the $5.50 price tag. But it makes a great souvenir.

Disney's Hollywood Studios gingerbread cocoa cup

The cocoa looks a bit watery, but it was actually quite rich and creamy. A full, solid chocolate flavor with a strong hint of spice and gingerbread. I thought this was great! A perfect accompaniment to the Osborne Lights!

Gingerbread Cocoa

Next up, I just had to try the Spiced Eggnog. The alcohol is a definite undertone of the drink, but after a couple of sips you’ll surely find it!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Spiced Eggnog

High Octane Holiday Drinks

Of course, the yummy holiday drinks are back at High Octane — an outdoor bar located next to the Studio Catering Company!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Holiday Drinks at High Octane

These have been a welcome addition to the park for a couple of years now — you can see my review of the Merry Margarita here!

You can also find a couple of pop-up bars serving drinks around the park; this one is outside of Sci-Fi Dine-In!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Pop-Up Bar

In addition to the drinks below, the bartender has several other fixin’s on a table behind him. He can make a good variety of drinks for you here.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Sci-Fi Pop-Up Bar Drinks

Pretzel Garden Holiday Eats

Back on the Streets of America, you’ll find the Pretzel Garden decked out for the holidays!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Pretzel Garden

At this great stop, you’ll find a couple of regular menu items accented by some extra eats…

Disney's Hollywood Studios Pretzel Garden Holiday Menu

Pop-Up Hot Dog Stand

Just past Pixar Place, you’ll find this nondescript hot dog stand ready for business!

Disney's Hollywood Studios Pop-Up Hot Dog Stand

Open pretty much to quell the hunger of the masses exiting Toy Story Mania, this hot dog stand serves a basic menu of dogs and drinks.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Hot Dog Stand Buns

Disney's Hollywood Studios Hot Dog Stand Condiments

Disney's Hollywood Studios Hot Dog Stand Drinks

As you can see, there’s no reason to go hungry or thirsty at the Studios on your holiday visit to Disney World! These fun additions are a great snack to tide you over through the Spectacle of Lights, or to get you to your next FastPass load time!

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Download your copy here!

What cocoa flavor would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Xenia says

    I’ve a question…After you purchase one of the souvenir mug for the hot cocoa…Can you buy a refill afterwards? I’m a hot chocolate addict and will try the 2 sorts…and drink some more! I’m not gonna buy each time a souvenir mug! ;)

  2. says

    It is great fun to eat a pretzel while watching the Christmas lights dance. If you have never seen the light at the Studios it is a must do.

  3. says

    Xenia — I didn’t see any indication that refills were available, but it never hurts to ask! :-)

    Paul Bear — Agreed!! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Maria says

    We saw the cocoa mug just before the msep at MK, but while in hs, we stopped in at the writers stop for coffee, cocoa (in a small throw away cup) and huge cookies!

  5. Alan says

    I haven’t been to WDW during the Holiday Season since the Millennium celebration. This post alone makes me want to get on the phone right now and do a last minute booking.

  6. Bret says

    If you do recall from last year, when do these places close down for the season? I won’t be making my way to the World during holiday season, but RIGHT after and was wondering if they hang onto them for a couple weeks after Christmas and New Years.

  7. Sandra says

    We’re at WDW now and had a gingerbread cupcake for a dessert option at Backlot Express today. Lots of icing, topped with a Santa hat candy, and red & green sprinkles. My son, notorious for being a very selective eater (chocolate or vanilla only please), finished the entire thing. I’m sure they’re available at other places around the park too; get one for a snack credit if you’re not having a CS meal at Backlot.

  8. miranda says

    Does anyone know if they will be selling the santa mickey popcorn bucket this year? I tried to buy it last year and they were sold out completely.

  9. says

    Miranda — They usually do keep the same souvenir bucket for a few years in a row, so I’d guess the Santa Mickey will come back this year.

  10. miranda says

    Is it a limited edition bucket? I was there last january and it was gone and no one had it. I had to get an ordinary one. I just bought the coffin bucket quite recently. i use them alot for decorations around the house and to hide candy in. My cousin recently bought me the dumbo bucket. :0) and i have a few extra holiday buckets that i am selling

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