Review: New Menu at Beaches and Cream in Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Recently, we told you about about a new menu at one of my very favorite spots in all of Disney World: Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

With so many loyal fans, many of you expressed concern for the changes and wondered if the new options would measure up. I was right there with you! So does Beaches and Cream still rate as THE place to go for burgers and sundaes at Walt Disney World?

Time to find out! We headed over ASAP to try out the new menu…


Walk into Beaches and Cream, and you’ll feel that you just traveled back in time to that beach side soda fountain of family vacations gone by. From the tall and frosty Orange Sunshine to the flavored cokes, this place will definitely bring back memories.

Don’t you love the beach balls decorating the booths? They’re a completely awesome pop of color and immediately make me smile every time I see them.

Seating and Beach Balls!

Seating is comfortable (snag one of the three booths if you can!). And don’t forget to check out the ice cream cone-shaped lights…

Seating -- Up Close

Pastel musical notes and beach towels romp alongside some of the fun dishes served at the restaurant in this colorful mural.

Mirrored glass shelves host a collection of Coca Cola in glass bottles, as well as an impressive array of glassware. This is a great reminder that you can still get your “soda pop” as a fountain drink, or in a cool “nostalgia bottle.”

Murals and Vintage Coca Cola Bottles

It’s always fun to check out the selections on the vintage Wurlizter jukebox. What’s your favorite?

Vintage Jukebox

Imagineers have used lighting to great effect here in evoking that vintage feel. These always remind me of a 1950s schoolhouse.

Retro Light Fixtures

I could spend hours oohing and aahing over the little touches that make Beaches and Cream so special. But the rest of the story is the wonderful food, so let’s take a look.


As I mentioned, we first told you about the Beaches and Cream menu changes back in September.

Hot Off The Grill Menu -- Click to Enlarge

While there are some things gone from the menu, like the Roast Beef Sub, the Turkey Sandwich, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, and the fan favorite Double Cheeseburger, guests can say hello to the Angus Bacon Burger, the Beaches Rachel Sandwich, and a Chicken Caesar Sandwich.

I’m particularly pleased that the Tomato Bisque made the cut! More in a sec about that. :-)

Hot Off The Grill Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Kids have some new choices too, including Kids’ Complete Meals with choices of Grilled Chicken Strips or Grilled Beef Skewers. These replace the Turkey Sandwich. (Hot Dogs and Hamburgers remain as options as well.)

Kids' Picks Menu -- Click to Enlarge

We were really excited to try some of the new items, but we were also happy to see some classics back!

We began with an old familiar favorite, a Bowl of Chili. Full of meat and beans, this is a hearty bowl of goodness that will fill you right up, and the cheese and chopped onion that top it are great flavor boosts.

Bowl of Chili

I, of course, couldn’t pass up the perennial favorite Tomato Bisque, which  is buddied up with…um…the world’s best Grilled Cheese sandwich…ever.

My friends, there is a six-cheese combo on this sourdough sammich. And while it’s perfect for dipping, it has so much flavor on its own that I insist you at least take a few bites before you start dunking!!

Have you tried this? If you love it as much as I do, let me know in the comments. :-)

Grilled Cheese and Tomate Bisque

After we filled up on appetizers, it was time to try some new menu items!

You can see a couple of new menu item pics here, but we wanted to try the brand new burgers, which we hadn’t shown off on the blog yet.

So while you may be sad about the removal of the Double Cheeseburger from the menu, we recommend that you give these new ones a try. First up: the Angus Beef Burger. (I added bacon to make it just the way I like it!)

Angus Beef Burger with Bacon Added, Served Open Face, and Fries

And with the bun made fresh daily in-house, this was awesome.

The burger comes topped with flavorful blue cheese, barbecue sauce, a fried onion ring, lettuce, and tomato.

Angus Beef Burger with the Lid On

I was really impressed by the flavor on this one. The blue cheese was sharp and strong, but didn’t overpower the burger. Also, the patty was just right. And I do recommend the addition of bacon — it really works well with the sandwich. This burger is a must-have.

We also ordered the Bacon Angus Beef Burger with Fries. (Fruit is an option in place of fries, by the way.)

Bacon Angus Beef Burger with Fries

With bacon, cheddar, lettuce, and tomato, this was pretty straightforward, but nonetheless very good!

However, I will say that my husband mourned the loss of “just a standard burger.” If you agree with him, be sure to ask your server if it’s possible to get the kind of burger you remember from the old menu. It might just be possible.

Shakes and sodas remain largely unchanged. We didn’t order any this go ’round — there were too many other wonderful things to sample. But go ahead — have your favorite!

Shakes and Sodas - click image for larger version.

Desserts, on the other hand, demanded our attention!

Sundaes -- Click to Enlarge

One of the top reasons that I had to schedule a visit during this trip was the Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter! And Grilled Banana Bread! Topped with caramelized bananas and ice cream! What?! Where have you been all my life?!

Grilled Banana Bread with Peanut Butter

When it first came to the table, I was a little frustrated at the lack of peanut buttery goodness in plain sight. I did finally find peanut butter — it was hiding between the thick slices of warm banana bread…

Grilled Banana Bread with Peanut Butter -- Inside

But the peanut butter was a little scant, so luckily I’d already ordered reinforcements… Now it was perfect.

Grilled Banana Bread with Extra Peanut Butter Added

I really, really enjoyed this. The banana bread is a strong flavor, and definitely not too sweet. The caramelized bananas were slightly runny; I would have preferred more of  a thick caramel sauce with bananas along for the ride; but all in all (and especially with the added peanut butter sauce), this was an enjoyable dessert.

A friend of mine tells me this is actually somewhat similar to the Bananas Foster that used to be served in the old Concourse Steakhouse at The Contemporary (with the exception of the peanut butter and chocolate sauce). If you were a fan of that dish, you might want to check this out!

Next, we went with a comforting favorite: the caramel sundae with two scoops of ice cream. Topped with whipped cream, toasted sliced almonds, and a cherry, this is a classic combo.

I was intrigued that they’re now serving these in a “boat” as opposed to the regular sundae dishes!

Caramel Sundae


What can I say that I haven’t said before? I truly adore Beaches and Cream, and it remains one of my favorite spots in all of Disney World. The new menu additions are very welcome in my opinion, even though they might be a little chi-chi for a soda fountain. I dream about that blue cheese angus burger, people…and the grilled cheese? Heaven.

I personally love the new menu, and I heartily recommend stopping in to sample the new items (even if your skeptical). And while you’ll probably have a wait if you dine here (and advanced dining reservations aren’t an option) I recommend patience. You’ll be rewarded for your troubles.

How do you feel about the Beaches and Cream menu change? Let us know in comments!


  1. Lisa says

    You can still get a burger or a cheeseburger. When we went in November, the new menu was a jolt but I told the waitress that all I wanted was a cheeseburger and it was no problem. Happy they can do that.

  2. Pudge the Fish says

    Oooohh, grilled banana bread with peanut butter. That sounds interesting. But my question for you is how did you get pictures of a deserted (desserted!) Beaches and Cream? Did security find you in there at 3am AJ?

  3. Jason says

    We have been fortunate to visit twice since the menu changes. The first trip I had the new pot roast sandwich. It was all around good, nice gravy, tender meat, good mashed potatoes. Exactly what I would expect from an old fashioned diner. My wife tried the new chicken caesar sandwich, even though they were out of the focaccia rolls that night. It was just okay like this, but on the next trip she tried it again with the focaccia and enjoyed it much more. I don’t think she would get it again if they were out of the focaccia now that she knows how good it can be. For my choice on the second trip, I tried the Rachel. It was good, but for anyone that isn’t a pastrami lover, this sandwich would be a bit much. It’s basically a Rueben with pastrami instead of corned beef. It had plenty of nice lean pastrami. I would have personally liked a bit more sauerkraut, but I’m a big fan of the stuff.

    We can also confirm that the onion rings are as good as ever, a much better choice over the somewhat typical fries in my opinion. Not that the fries are bad, just nothing special.

    We also tried the grilled banana bread on the first trip. It was exactly as described in the above article. I agree that it could use a little more PB sauce, but overall quite yummy. The second trip we shared the brownie a la mode, but asked for the hot fudge to be substituted with PB sauce. Once again, a very good dessert. However, neither of these really exceeded our love for the No Way Jose, and we will be returning to our trusty favorite on our next visit.

    Thanks for the great review AJ. You have me wanting to try the grilled cheese and tomato bisque now. I’m sure we will be stopping by here during the marathon weekend, can’t wait!

  4. says

    Lisa — Thanks for sharing your experience! :-)

    Pudge — Ha ha! Some of those pics I got after closing the place down (around midnight). I HAVE done the sneak-in-before-they-open thing before, though, to get good shots!

    Jason — Thanks for the corroboration and for sharing your reviews of the pot roast, rachael, chicken ceasar sandwich, and desserts! I always ask for that PB sauce on the brownie dessert (except I get the fudge on it, too!). Yep — I don’t think any of the desserts displace the No Way Jose in my opinion, either. I love that sundae! Yes — you must try the grilled cheese. MUST! :-)

  5. Betsy says

    I was there in late September and my entire family loved the chicken caesar sandwich. It’s made on delicious focaccia bread, and it’s a nice break from the burger if you are eating at Beaches & Cream multiple times in one stay (which I always do when I’m staying at the Y & B Club…) I would definitely order and recommend the sandwich. It’s also huge, so it’s perfect to split and follow up with a sundae.

  6. says

    We tried out the new menu in September. Despite my initial skepticism, we really enjoyed it. I had the Bacon Angus Cheeseburger, which was delicious. My husband asked for just a regular burger, which they were happy to make for him.

    We didn’t try any of the new desserts because the pull of the No Way Jose is just too strong.

    I always love to get a real Cherry Coke here. It’s the only place on the planet I ever drink Cherry Coke!

  7. JenniferS says

    Just a couple of weeks ago, 4 of us ambled over to Beaches and Cream midafternoon to cross something off our Bucket List – the No Way Jose.
    While perusing the menu, we decided to add an order of the Grilled Banana Bread with Peanut Butter.
    I can offically say that the No Way Jose is the second best dessert I have ever enjoyed. The Grilled Banana Bread, is hands-down, the BEST THING I HAVE EVER EATEN. YUM!!

  8. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    must have Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter, wow looks soooo good.. my wife makes a good banana bread.. guess what im making next time she does… as for the resturant .. how does it work with getting a dessert if you are on the dinning plan…

  9. Meghan says

    We ate here for the first time in October, and the new menu was being used then. I asked for just a plain cheeseburger, and it was no problem. My mom tried the “Rachel”, and it was AMAZING. I wished I would have gotten it. I also finished with a mint chocolate chip milkshake – to die for!!!

  10. says

    Betsy — Great tip! Thank you for the feedback. :-)

    Shayne — I always get Cherry Coke here, too! It’s my must-order drink.

    Jennifer S. — Ha ha! No kidding? That’s great! So glad you loved it so much (and liked the No Way Jose, too!).

    Canadians — Send us a pic of your homemade grilled banana bread sundae! Yes, you can get dessert on the dining plan; I’m not sure if you can get the Kitchen Sink, but I’ve heard they’ve been liberal with dessert sizes.

    Meghan — Yay! So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  11. AllieM says

    Can anyone tell me what the 6 cheeses are that go into the grilled cheese sandwich?

  12. Connie says

    I had the Grilled cheese and tomato bisque in June 2014. LOVED it. I would love to know what the cheeses are.

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