Starbucks Coming to Disneyland’s Market House in 2013

The Starbucks location for Disneyland Park has now been announced! The popular coffee and pastries will be sold at a renovated Market House on Main Street USA in Disneyland starting in late 2013.

Market House on Main Street in Disneyland will Serve Starbucks Products in 2013

Disney has not stated how much of the current Market House will remain in tact, but, as we’ve noted before here on DFB, their main goal is to insert Starbucks products as innocuously as possible into existing locations. Themeing will still strongly reflect the decor and feel of Main Street USA.

Inside Market House in Disneyland

You can take a look at Disneyland Resort’s current Starbucks Location — Fiddler, Fifer, and Practical Cafe — in this recent review.

We Hope They Keep the Antique Phone...and Corresponding Conversation!

Starbucks will be debuting at Walt Disney World in the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom and Fountain View Cafe in Epcot in 2013 as well.

Market House will close for refurbishment sometime in 2013, opening in late 2013 serving Starbucks coffee and pastries along with Disney items.

How do you feel about this new Starbucks location in Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Chris says

    On the bright side, at least there is one fewer line I will be standing in at Disneyland. The last thing I want is Starbucks coffee….

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    I’m blessed to live in a town with many independent coffee houses (mostly owned and staffed by hippies–and, believe me, hippies know how to make great coffee!); there is a Starbucks here, but it is mostly frequented by tourists. I’ve also drunk plenty of coffee in Europe. I suppose you could call me a minor level snob as regards coffee. I drink Starbucks from time to time, but I am not a major fan. Having said all that, when I am a tourist in Disneyland or WDW, I will absolutely and wholeheartedly welcome a cup of Starbucks brew, which will be an immeasurable improvement over the insipid hot brown water that has traditionally passed for coffee in the Disney parks. As long as the thematic integrity of Main Street does not suffer, and there is no reason to think that it will, then this seems like a positive move.

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    That insipid brown stuff is called Nescafé. Disney has always had large contracts with Nestlé, dating back to the 50’s, to supply them with everything from coffee to chocolate and candy. Back then freeze dried everything was the new wonderful, and people loved the stuff. boy have things changed.

    Slowly the contracts with Nestlé are coming up and being adjusted. The no longer have a stranglehold on coffee at the parks, but they still supply all the ice cream and candy and sponsor The Land.

  4. says

    So interesting to see the lack of hyperbole from the Disneyland fans, in contrast to the Magic Kingdom people who thought adding Starbucks to Main St. Bakery was something akin to ripping Mickey and Minnie out of the park.

    Though, I grant, the Market House isn’t nearly as beloved.


  5. Shafer says

    Even better news….Joffrey’s Coffee signed agreement to be Official Specialty Coffee of WDW and Disneyland!

  6. Cami Francis says

    Latest news is saying they may rip out the stove and phones, which I REALLY hope is not the case! I enjoy the free refills and the atmosphere of Market House very much. I also like to buy the Mickey Mouse ground coffee to take home. It’s actually my favorite shop on Main Street. I’m nervous about this! And I cannot find any dates as to when this will begin anywhere.

  7. Connie says

    I love the Market House coffee. Even if they took away the free refills I would buy their coffee. I am not a fan of Starbuck’s and definitely don’t believe it belongs on Main Street. I also will not be standing in that line.

  8. Mychele Olvera says

    This makes me sad! I hate Starbucks and we buy a coffee there every time we walk thru the gates! I guess no more coffee for me I will buy and drink it on my way to the park now! Very sad day.

  9. Bekah says

    I am NOT happy about this. What a sell out. I love Market House. The staff is friendly, the costumes are great, and the free refills all day are awesome. What a sellout for Disneyland. If it was going in to downtown Disney that would be one thing, but it being actually in the park makes me sad. I rarely go to Starbucks and when I do, it’s for coffee cake, because their coffee is nasty. I say BOO on Disney for doing this.

  10. Lisa says

    I think it’s funny when people say Disneyland is selling out or that they won’t try Starbucks when it comes in. Disney has been sponsored by companies from day one. It is how Walt helped get the project funded. Think about that when you are partaking in your Dole or Carnation products while in the park, amongst many others. Disney is all about the money, but they also do the guest experience well. Trust them to do this well also. Change is sometimes good, and Starbucks is far better coffee (although not the best) than Nescafe.

  11. Michael says

    I am certain that the themeing will be incredible. The real shame here is the loss of a true hidden gem that you can only get at the existing Market House. I am talking about the Cinnamon Tea Lattes. Awesome drink found no where else in the world. And now I am afraid this little known treasure will gone with the refurbish.

  12. Debbie says

    This saddens me….great memories of this store and the atmosphere and the coffee, and yes, the refills even though I never got them just knowing they were there when you spend so much on your day was comforting. I don’t view Starbucks as a “feel good” down home and earthy place……sometimes change is not needed. Is it because it’s viewed as “selling more”? Wow, still trying to determine how I view this move and contrary to what I read, this is not like Dole or Carnation.

  13. Wendi says

    Sadly, the last day of the Market House as we know it is this Sunday April 13, 2013. I will miss the coffee, free refills, and all it’s charm.

  14. Steph says

    Since this article was first posted I’m glad we now know that the phone, etc. will be left in place. I like coffee, although my body doesn’t, and the few times I’ve been able to have it at Disneyland it was horrid! I am so glad Starbucks is coming! I am not a connoisseur or coffee snob ( I’ll drink Mc Donald’s coffee), but that Nescafé is crap! Looking forward to trying some next time I’m there!

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