Snack Series: Yule Log at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I just got back from a Disney World trip and BOY do I have a ton to share with you!! From new holiday goodies to in-depth reviews, we’ve got a lot of delicious food coming your way. But first up — I had to tell you about this awesome Yule Log at Kusafiri Bakery in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Yule Log

During my regular “casing” of Animal Kingdom on this trip, I found a few new holiday goodies at Kusafiri. There’s a red-and-green frosted chocolate brownie, a few holiday cookies, and the Yule Log, which I couldn’t wait to try!

Kusafiri eats

I snagged one and headed for my regular “photography” table nearby. :-) Check out the detail on this thing! I love the dusting of “snow,” and the holiday star sprinkles.

Yule Log

The “bark” is made up of dark chocolate shavings, which give the treat an extra bit of texture.

Yule Log

Once you dig in, you realize that this isn’t a “fluff” treat, so to speak. The cake itself is super moist and dense — more like a pound cake — with a rich vanilla flavor.

Yule Log

And while I was worried that the frosting inside would be more like a whipped chocolate filling, it’s really more of a thick mousse with just a hint of lard-y frosting texture. I was very pleasantly surprised and probably ate much more of this than I should have!

Yule Log

Overall, I can highly recommend this treat. I figured it would just be a standard, pre-packaged type swiss roll with dry crumbly cake and whipped cream frosting; but was I ever wrong. I was very impressed with my first bite, and had a hard time stopping when I got to my third and fourth!

Try it; you won’t be disappointed!

What Disney holiday treat are you looking forward to? Be sure to check out our DFB Guide to the Walt Disney World Holidays e-Book for 230 pages of everything you need to know during the Disney holiday season!


  1. Essie says

    The only holiday treat I got was a Mickey crispy head with marshmallow ears that were chocolate covered. It was very good chocolate on the ears and the crispy treat was nice and marshmallowy. I wanted to take home home some gingerbread but never got to buy any! :( I did bring home some other Christmas crispy treats and candies, however, and I’m sure they will be wonderful and we’ll enjoy them very much. The favorite that I had of everything, however, was the cappuccino cupcakes from Pizza Planet. OMG! I’m on a quest for the recipe; they are cupcake Heaven! I only knew about them because of this wonderful blog site, so THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Essie says

    PS: I was really looking forward to the bakery in AK, but we changed our AK day to a MK day to spend more time in the new Fantasyland. It was worth the trade; we got to eat at the BOG restaurant (absolutely magnificent) and ride on the LM Adventures Under the Sea!

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