Snack Series: Holiday Swirl Ice Cream at Storybook Treats

Great news, Disney fans! The Holiday Swirl ice cream is back at Storybook Treats in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland!

We showed you this fun red-and-green twist last year, and love that now it’s available in both Mickey AND Minnie holiday souvenir mugs!

Disney red and green holiday swirl soft serve at Magic Kingdom

The twisted ice cream is simple vanilla soft-serve with food coloring, so it will taste like your beloved vanilla treat.

Get it in the souvenir mug for a fun take-home memento of your Disney holiday visit! Or order it in a cone for a quick eat-and-go treat.

Would you sample the red and green holiday swirl at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Katie says

    Aww! I was hoping it was a cool flavor like the candy cane soft serve at the Pepper Market in Coronado Springs. That ice cream was to die for!! Plus, sometimes you want something other than the hum drum vanilla.

  2. Niki M says

    This is a surprisingly low price for this. Usually any food item that leaves you with a souvenir is well over $10.

  3. David B says

    At Halloween time they sold orange colored ice cream in a Donald mug. I used the mug to hold a votive candle when I brought it home.

  4. Michelle says

    I would ABSOLUTELY buy this in Mickey AND Minnie. I wish it was there when we were there in November. Not only yummy but adorable!!!! Better than the refillable mugs which are overflowing out of my cabinets!!

  5. Michelle says

    p.s. I said “refillable” mugs. Not all of them are refillable. Some of them are just mugs and refillable type mugs we bought in the parks during the holiday seasons because they were irresistable!!

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