Review: Sloppy Joe Sandwich at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

On my last visit to Studio Catering Co., we snagged some holiday cupcakes and a newly added menu item — the Sloppy Joe Sandwich! This one’s only around for a limited time, so be sure to pop in and try it before it’s out the door!


If you’re looking for a place to stop for a bite while the kids run off some pent-up energy, Studio Catering Co. may be just the spot for you.

Studio Catering Company Exterior

Located right beside the play area for the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, grown ups can grab a bite, while the kids take a play break.

With ample outdoor, shaded seating, this is an ideal spot for relaxation — especially during these cooler months when a/c isn’t absolutely required.

Studio Catering Company Tables

And if relaxation IS in the cards for mom and dad, don’t forget that High Octane Refreshments is right next door… .

BUT, let’s get back to the news at hand…


While the menu is somewhat limited here, they’ve got some good eats. Buffalo Chicken? Good. Turkey Club? Good. Grilled Vegetable Sandwich? Good.

Studio Catering Co. Menu

Studio Catering Co. Menu -- Entrees Continued

But in addition to the normal menu, they’ve currently got a Sloppy Joe (!!!!) served on a Tuscan roll with cheddar cheese.

Rock ON! I love me some Sloppy Joe! (Or “Sloppy Joes” as I called it when I was a kid….and still do sometimes…all the time.)

Sloppy Joe Sign -- Click to Enlarge

As usual, the long roll that contains the filling definitely appears to be baked freshly nearby, and the sandwich offers up a very hearty helping of meat and sauce. Mine was spilling off the side of the roll! I recommend grabbing a fork at the condiment stand. :-)

The sandwich, like others at Studio Catering Co., is offered with your choice of fries or apple slices.

Sloppy Joe at Studio Catering Company

And this was a pretty darn good sammich!

The rich, tangy barbecue sauce had the perfect balance of sweet and smokey flavor, with a little spice to keep it interesting.

Sloppy Joe -- Inside

The sandwich is generous as well, and is certainly large enough to share if you’re looking for a light lunch.


Studio Catering Co. continues to be one of my favorite stops for a delicious — and interesting — bite to eat when touring Hollywood Studios. Ample covered seating and a nice breeze on most days are a welcome pleasure, too.

While I really enjoyed the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from my last visit, the Sloppy Joe is next in line! Will it be granted a permanent spot on the Catering Co.’s menu? Probably not, but my fingers are crossed.

Will you be stopping by Studio Catering Co. to sample the Sloppy Joe? Better hurry…no telling how long they’ll have it. Let us know your thoughts when you do!


  1. Prof. Brainard says

    That does look like a yummy sandwich, but did you find it sloppy enough? The operative word here is “sloppy,” and I feel a person hasn’t had a true Sloppy Joe experience unless horrified onlookers take note of the sloppiness. Ideally, the traces of the meat filling should be found, when one is finished eating, on the shirt, around the mouth, and in the hair. That is the sign that a person really enjoyed their Sloppy Joe.

  2. Marc says

    This restaurant seems to make total menu changes more frequently than a ….

    Hopefully, the sloppy joe will still be there in July. (My fav sand which there once upon a time was lamb on pita bread.). Plus, the added bonus with this restaurant is the full bar just off to the side of the ordering windows.

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