Fun Find: Japanese Food Cards in Epcot

We just had an awesome review of some of the Epcot Japan pavilion’s more unique snacks, but today we’ve got something a bit different for you from the Mitsukoshi Department Store!

A while back, Heather and I were exploring the Japan pavilion when the idea struck that we must compile a portfolio of these fun, food-centric greeting cards and postcards!

Fruit Cards

First up, a few fruit-focused cards… the watermelon and pineapple ones have a little move-able, pull-out feature and wish the recipient “Happy Summer”! (Ah… seems so far away right now, doesn’t it?!)



This little monkey with a banana is kind of awesome. Must-share.


Tofu Cards

Next up — a whole series about what looks like relatively sad tofu cubes. Even the rock-star tofu cubes have a somewhat chagrined look on their faces. From my research, Tofu Oyako is pretty popular!


To-Fu Oyako


Tofu Card

Sweets Cards

And there’s a whole section of sweets-focused cards as well. Things like cake, soda pop, and ice cream are represented here.

Wedding Cake

Lots of Sweets

I’m pretty sure the girl in this card is me, since I live in Texas, love Orange soda, and always wear my bikini and braids. (HA!)

Orange Soda

Bear with Ice Cream

Apparently there’s much love for the baker here, eh?

Baker Weirdness

Either way, I think these are fun! And don’t forget that you can send mail directly from Disney World! Every park and resort has a mailbox. My favorite is the one on the corner of Main Street USA. :-)

What fun food finds have you come across in Japan’s giant department store in Epcot? I could spend hours in there!!


  1. says

    Those are great cards. The Japanese pavilion has such great stuff. I love the happy summer cards! I’m ready for warm and sunny times!!

  2. Kris says

    The little bear isn’t eating ice cream, she’s eating Hanami dango, which is a Japanese rice dumpling (similar to mochi) ^_^

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