2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Information

Great news, Disney Food Fans!! The dates for the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival are now up on the DisneyWorld.com site.

Start making your plans for…

September 27-November 10, 2013

Of course, dates are always subject to change. But these dates are what we expected — beginning on the last Friday in September, as always; and going through the second Sunday in November. (Note: no Veteran’s Day holiday included this year.)

2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Details

Of course, we here at DFB are already gathering details and info to make your planning even easier. Check out our 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival page for current information and upcoming news!

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Mushroom Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce at the Canada Food and Wine Booth

2012 Food and Wine Festival Coverage

If you’re planning for 2013, I encourage you to review our coverage from the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

This includes lots of special event reviews, seminar reviews, and photos of every single World Showcase Booth food item!! Much of the festival will be similar to last year, so you can use that info to get a jump on your planning strategy for 2013.

Cranberry Bog at the 2012 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

We look forward to seeing you at the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival! Don’t forget to join us on our Disney Food and Wine Festival Fans Facebook Page for details, fun Food and Wine photos, and more updates throughout the year!

What are you most looking forward to at the 2013 Epcot Food and Wine Festival? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Erin says

    SO EXCITED!! My Mom and I are extremely grateful and lucky enough to be going to the Flower and Garden Festival (first time!) and Food and Wine Festival + Disney Fantasy trip in the fall this year. I could literally burst. Thanks for always keeping all of your subscribers up to date on info like this. It puts my OCD planning skills to good use!

  2. says

    Erin — I’m excited, too! Can’t wait to start getting the details for what’s new at this year’s festival! Enjoy your trips.

  3. Stephanie says

    My absolute favorite thing to do at Disney. This will be my 5th year attending and I will usually go about 3 times. Love Mexico and Argentina as well as the bakery in France.

  4. Janet Sala says

    I am looking forward to a couple of things at the 2013 Food & Wine Festival:
    1) We hope to manage to reserve the 3rd Annual Italian White Truffle lunch. It has been amazing and we loved it in both 2011 and 2012! This is one event that I would cry if it disappeared.
    2) We really missed the events at the former “Bistro de Paris” in 2012 and are looking forward to some signature events at “Monsieur Paul.” The 2011 “Best of Bocuse” event left us wanting more just like it! What an experience! Please do something like that in 2013!

  5. Rod says

    Can’t wait for this year. We waiting too long and got shut out of all the demonstrations. Definitely looking to spend a few days at the festival.

  6. Amy says

    AJ, when do you expect information to begin to trickle in for the Food & Wine Fest booths, seminars, etc.? I cannot wait to attend again!

  7. says

    Amy — Usually, Eat to the Beat comes out in April/May, menus come out in July, expensive events are announced in July/August, and seminars/demos are announced in August. :-) We’re waiting impatiently!

  8. Cortney says

    YAY we will be there for the last week of the festival! Perfect timing for our Honeymoon do over/anniversary/birthday trip! If we aren’t careful we’ll spend the entire trip at the festival!

  9. Corrie says

    When is this event at Disney’s California Adventure theme park? It usually occurs in the spring but it was canceled the last two years due to construction, & I can’t find any info on whether it is returning this year… Thanks in advance :)

  10. says

    Corrie — DCA has made no mention of the festival returning to Disneyland Resort. Our fingers are crossed and we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

  11. Beth says

    Does it usually end firmly on the final date or will they still be up some afterwards? We are running in the Food & Wine Festival 1/2 marathon on November 9th and want to attend as much of the festival as possible, but don’t want to do too much extrenous walking in the days before the marathon. We had been planning on doing Epcot in the days after the marathon, but now we aren’t sure what to do to get to experience the festival. How many days do you think we would need to properly experience the festival?

  12. says

    Beth — Usually the last day is the last day :(. Often folks like to schedule at least two meals for “eating around the World”, so maybe schedule a visit or two before the race. Also, remember that you’ll be able to eat at the booths after the race during the party.

  13. Sharon says

    Planned our 3 week trip to coincide with Food & Wine Festival (plus MNSSHP!!), can’t wait to get on that plane and get stuck in!!

  14. Robin says

    We will be there the first whole week of the festival and we typically do dining plan, but I am thinking I should save my money for the booths. What’s your opinion?

  15. Mike says

    We are leaving the 27th of Sept (the start date) do you think they will possibly have some of the stands open on the 26th or no?

  16. says

    Mike — Usually they open the booths for a “testing day” the day before the festival officially begins. :-)

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