Fun Find! Turkey Leg Display at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Turkey Leg Lovers are a special kind of Disney fan. They don’t just eat their favorite food; they celebrate it! And we’ve seen merchandise glorifying the turkey leg pop over the past year or so, but never all in the same place…

But, for the first time ever on a recent visit, we spied this merch display that includes All Things Turkey Leg while cruisin’ Animal Kingdom.

Turkey Leg Merchandise Display at Animal Kingdom

It’s far too cold in most of the country for your turkey leg t-shirt, right? No worries. There’s a sweatshirt now, too. :-)

Turkey Leg Sweatshirt

And don’t forget to bedeck yourself and your surroundings with your favorite food everywhere else, too. Hat? Check. Boxers? Check. Turkey Leg Air Freshener? Check.

And a brand new item for you: the Turkey Leg Wallet — so that you always have that $9 and change available.

All Turkey Let, All the Time!

Here’s the close up for you on that vinyl wallet. I know. Kinda gross, right? But kinda cool… .

I dig the retro Walt Disney World logo background and that Tom Staggified graphic as your ID card placeholder!

New Turkey Leg Wallet

I think this is all kinds of fun! Located right across from Dinoland’s Trilo-Bites in Animal Kingdom, where you can buy — you guessed it — Smoked Turkey Legs, this is a great way to take your favorite snack home with you.

And since the wallet doesn’t spoil (and it probably won’t make your luggage smell all hammy), it’s the perfect not-quite edible souvenir.

What’s your favorite Turkey Leg merch? Leave a comment and weigh in!

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