Disney and Star Wars Valentine’s Day Treats at Target

I made my bi-monthly trek to Target and encountered a staggering amount and variety of Disney-themed Valentine merchandise. Not surprisingly, a fair amount of Mickey and princess goodies graced the shelves. Very surprisingly, the Mickey and princess treats were far outnumbered by Star Wars Valentine candy. Apparently residents of a galaxy far, far away have quite the sweet tooth. Who knew?

Here a photo tour of what I found in the seasonal Valentine shop:

Star Wars Valentine’s Day Goodies

Goblet mugs filled with Star Wars conversation hearts. Chewie needs me, I know he does.

R2 and Darth heart-shaped boxes, filled with conversation hearts.

R2 and Darth boxes.

Take a close look at the back of the R2 heart box and you’ll see that the “conversations” appear to be somewhat Star Wars related.

The ones I can make out say, “Mine will U B,” (like Yoda texting?) and “Luv Machine.” Machine! Get it! I need to find out who makes this stuff and steal their job because it is awesome beyond belief.

Yoda and Vader heart box chocolates.

Sound making dispensers filled with candy. I guess Darth is red because he’s filled with Valentine love.

A Star Wars, Lego, M&M candy dispenser mashup. So very many lawyers needed to be consulted to make this happen :-)

Star Wars Pez. Not sure what this has to do with Valentines Day, but it was right there next to the heart-shaped stuff.

Metal box filled with chocolate hearts. Anyone else think the Vader face looks a bit like Han in the Carbonite?

Vader candy dispenser with light-up candy lightsabers. Seriously, I want a job coming up with this stuff.

Disney Character Valentine’s Day Goodies

Car and crown shaped pretzels for those folks that choose not to distribute candy. What is wrong with you people? :-)

Packaged pretzels

Princess Pez dispensers. Cindy and Aurora are shown here. Tiana was also available.

Princess Pez

Mickey JuJu Hearts.

Mickey Milk Chocolate Hearts.

Mickey Mugs filled with Chocolate Hearts.

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Activity…

And at the end cap … Disney movies displayed with buckets of M&Ms and popcorn. Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day to me!

Happy Valentine’s Day…early!

Will you be buying any of these treats for your loved ones this Valentines Day? Keep us in the loop!

Erin Foster is the Disney Food for Families columnist and a behind-the-scenes guru here at Disney Food Blog! Check out more of her posts here.


  1. says

    OMG I have to go to Target! Those are meant for me and my fiance, we LOVE Star Wars. For our first Valentine’s day together (we had our 1st date 3 days earlier) he emailed me a series of Star Wars themed “cheesy” valentines.

  2. says

    Excellent post, Erin! Although I’m not the biggest fan of Valentines Day, I may still need to pick up the Star Wars dispenser. Given that I work there I’ve seen everything come in. The Disney header on the Disney endcap is quite cute, which I may need to get you a picture of.

    Keep up the awesome work, and Have a Magical Day!

  3. Christa M. says

    I hate Valentine’s Day, but I love this stuff!!!!
    Anyone remember Luv Pops? They were heart-shaped lollipops with Mickey & Minnie on the wrapper. I haven’t seen those in YEARS, but they were soooo good.

  4. Courtney says

    I really hope that when Target opens in Canada they have all the disney stuff they have in the US

  5. Maria says

    I need that Yoda Goblet! It would go perfectly on my Yoda collection shelf. :) I only wish they had more stuff with Yoda on it. A Yoda with light-saber candy dispenser would be amazing.

  6. Jamie says

    Christa M- yes, I remember Luv Pops!! we actually used them as part of our wedding reception favors (8 years ago)! sooo cute :)

  7. Agnes says

    I was surprised to see an Emperor Peez! I guess they were thinking of the “collect them all/ each sold separately” folks. But where’s all the Leia merchandise?

  8. Christine Blair says

    OMG Thank you so much for finding these! This is perfect for my son and …well… everyone in my family! Great Hunting find!

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