Guest Review: New Earl of Sandwich Macaroni and Cheese!

Welcome DFB guest author Jenna G. as she tells us all about the brand new Winter Special at Earl of Sandwich in Disney World’s Downtown Disney — Mac and Cheese!

For those of us braving the wintry weather in most of the country, there are some new cozy comfort foods at Earl of Sandwich that may make us all feel better!

Check out these Earl of Sandwich Winter Time Specials, available for a limited time only.

We tried the macaroni and cheese, which was medium in size and was a sharable snack between two.

Winter Time Specials -- Get 'Em While You Can!

As a connoisseur of great Walt Disney World macaroni and cheese (my favorite being the Truffle Mac & Cheese from Yachtsman Steakhouse) I will say that this wasn’t the best mac ‘n’ cheese. But I can easily see it being a favorite with children.

Macaroni and Cheese

For the price of $3.99, it provides great value and snack potential for guests using the Disney Dining Plan.

These latest additions to the Earl of Sandwich menu are a positive change of pace and I hope this trend continues throughout 2013!

Will you be trying any of the Winter Special Offerings at Earl of Sandwich? Let us know which one looks best to you!

Jenna is a Walt Disney World enthusiast visiting the parks on a weekly basis, regularly dining on property. She is aD23 Charter Member, and a lover of all Mickey Mouse shaped foods.


  1. Beth says

    Is that bacon in there? My son is vegetarian and loves mac & cheese, but it looks like there might be some meat in that.

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    Beth, it doesn’t look like there is meat in there to me. I could be wrong, of course, but it looks to me, and common sense would tend to support the observation, that those dark specs are browned cheese. You’ll actually find that quite often, for example on pizza, where cheese has been baked or grilled under a broiler. If it’s bacon, they’ve ground it so small and added such a tiny amount as to be almost invisible, which doesn’t seem likely if they were featuring bacon in their macaroni and cheese. In fact, I’ve never encountered bacon in mac and cheese, though it sounds like it would be delicious, and your suggestion has inspired me to try it sometime in my own recipe. My gut feeling, and, again, I could be wrong, is that your mac-and-cheese-loving son should be safe eating this dish.

  3. Chris says

    So… how was the dish? I don’t mean to sound rude, but there is very little description of the Mac and Cheese – enough even that Beth wonders what is in it. The author says it could be a child’s favorite, but why? Not creamy? Cheesey? Greasy? Was it toasted as we are assuming? Guesses on what cheese they use or say they use? I love Earl, but he isn’t any where near us, so we only get to visit when we head to WDW – I’d really like to know details…

  4. says

    Dang! We ate at Earl of Sandwich in Philadelphia International Airport tonight, and they didn’t have any of the best stuff you find at WDW or Disneyland. No brownie creme sandwiches, no macaroni and cheese… guess we’ll have to get back to the parks soon!

  5. Daf says

    We are big EoS fans. We tried the pesto-chicken winter special sandwich, and we must say we weren’t impressed. :(
    It wasn’t as good as any of our EoS favorites.

  6. Nancy says

    We just returned from Disney World and I will have to say the the Mac and Cheese at Downtown Disney Earl of Sanwich was some of the best I have ever had. No meat or bacon added, just very tasty, cheesey flavor. During our stay I had it twice…once as a snack with a small bottle of wine and another time with a sandwich which was a bit too much food! Don’t care if it is homemade or frozen…it is good! Enjoy!

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