Disney Food Pics of the Week: Corn Dogs

I can’t get enough of the incredible photos that you are submitting over at Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza! This week, we’re taking a look at a fan favorite on both coasts — the humble Disney Corn Dog! After our Hot Dog Pics of the Week feature, we knew we needed a separate corn dog post. The day has come!

First Disneyland Corn Dog

I adore this picture, and its original caption says it all: “Firsts…There’s nothing like experiencing things for the first time. Your first trip to Disneyland, your first pair of Mickey Ears and the first time you burn your mouth on a Disneyland Corn Dog.” We couldn’t agree more!
Photographer: Michael Greening

First Corn Dog at Disneyland!

Disneyland Cheese Stick

Who says hot dog lovers have to have all the fun? Corn Dog Castle at Disney’s California Adventure serves up hand-dipped cheese sticks, too!
Photographer: Kirsten Marie Hutton

Cheese Stick -- Inside

Disney World Corn Dog Nuggets

No trip to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is complete for me without a stop at Casey’s Corner. And every visit must include Corn Dog Nuggets! (With lots and lots of ketchup and plastic cheese. Well, Kelly says that’s yellow mustard, but I don’t believe her. Why would you have corn dog nuggets with no plastic cheese?)
Photographer: Kelly Tressler

Casey's Corner Corn Dog Nuggets -- Complete with Plastic Cheese and Ketchup!

And if you want to take a peek at a famous hand-dipped Disneyland corn dog or cheese stick in its perfect ready-to-eat state, here’s a great one!
Photographer: JazzyJen508

Cheese Stick from Disney California Adventure's Corn Dog Castle

To the photographers who have submitted these photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza on Flickr — thanks so much for sharing your food with us!

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Do you have a favorite corn dog experience at a Disney Park? Let us know in comments!


  1. says

    Yay! You included Corn Dog Nuggets. And that’s probably yellow mustard in my picture, not cheese. You can take the girl out of PA, but you can’t take the PA out of the girl! Hah!

  2. says

    Kelly — HA HA!! I’m just going to pretend it’s cheese, since that would be SO much better than yellow mustard. ;-D

  3. says

    We are all about the food at DLR/WDW, however… when we were at DLR 2 weeks ago we didn’t hit any of our usual table service places. We were just craving the corn dogs. What’s THAT all about??

  4. Deb B. says

    I’m with Kelly on this one…Casey’s Corn Dog nuggets are best with tons and tons of mustard. :)

  5. Daniel Staten says

    Now I’m starving! Corn dog nuggets, french fries and one of those brownies from Casey’s is pretty much awesome. Plastic cheese, yellow mustard and ketchup mixed together is legit. You can’t over sauce!

  6. says

    AJ- my husband thinks it’s gross too. I don’t really like any other kind of mustard either, just yellow. I’ll ask for it at a restaurant, sometimes they bring brown mustard and I get upset.

  7. Pat Johnson says

    Mmm…corn dogs, cheese dogs, corn dog nuggets. We’re connoisseurs of them all. We bring in little Gulden’s packets for our Disney corn dog dining adventures. So I’ve always got mustard packets in my TSA liquids bag.

  8. Logan says

    Corn dogs are one of my favorite foods! However, they don’t exist where I live now (New Zealand), so I make it a point to eat at least one every day I am in WDW or DL.

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