Review: Paradise Garden Grill in Disney California Adventure

I’m not sure how beautiful a day it is today in your neck of the woods, but on my last visit to Paradise Garden Grill in Disney California Adventure, it sure did FEEL like paradise! Ah, the SoCal weather…

Paradise Garden Grill


This dining spot is an outdoor eatery. It shares its Paradise Pier location and seating with Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta next door, and Bayside Brews nearby.

The whole group forms a little mini-town at the edge of the Pier, and its relatively remote location means that you could luck into an un-crowded eatery if you’re dining at the right times!

Paradise Garden Grill and Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta Seating Area

Available seating includes covered and uncovered outdoor seating, so if it’s unseasonably cold or warm, take that into consideration before dining here.

But, like I said, it’s SoCal, so it’s probably going to be beautiful. ;-) (Yes, I’m originally from Buffalo, and yes, I’m jealous.)

Paradise Garden Grill Covered Outdoor Seating

Once you’ve ridden Toy Story Midway Mania a few times and checked in with Ariel “Under the Sea,” it’s time to head on over for a relatively healthy meal!


The menu here follows the (I think) awesome trend of customizing your eats to  your liking. It’s basically a mix-and-match Mediterranean menu where guests get to choose their skewer base: Steak, Chicken, Beef Kefta, or Veg/Tofu; and their sauce: Moroccan Chili, Chimichurri, Tandoori-Spiced Yogurt, or Tzatziki.

(Note that the price has gone up to $11.49 for the platters since this photo was taken.)

Paradise Garden Grill

Dessert choices include Baklava and a Brownie and Strawberry Skewer (not noted on the menu, but reviewed here!), and you can indulge in Blue Moon or Sam Adams at Paradise Garden Grill. (FYI — Bayside Brews nearby will have more choice.)

Kids can try the chicken skewer or a beef kabob.


Paradise Garden Grill

On my recent visit, I went with an old favorite — the Grilled Steak Skewer with Moroccan Chili.

First of all, it’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? Who would guess they were in a Disney theme park? And second, it’s delicious. The steak was hot (if a little overdone for my liking), and the chili was flavorful and just spicy enough to make an impact on my Buffalo-Wing-Sauce-deadened taste buds.

Paradise Garden Grill

The cucumber salad and rice pilaf are the perfect cool-down accompaniments.

For dessert, I had to indulge in the baklava! I love baklava, and I make a point of trying it wherever I can in a Disney restaurant. (Methinks we need a good baklava throw down on DFB, no?)

Paradise Garden Grill

I was a little concerned about this version, since it really did have a mass-produced look and feel to it at first glance. But the taste and texture told a different story. Flaky with just a hint of sweetness, and the perfect portion size.

Paradise Garden Grill


I feel like this is one of the better-for-you counter service options in DCA, and the food has been worth walking all the way back here on my visits.

Though Paradise Garden Grill is often overshadowed by its next door neighbor — Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta — because the menu here can be a bit exclusive if you’ve got picky eaters in your family, this can actually work in your favor. Pickier eaters can head over to Boardwalk and get some grub while the rest of the party happily chooses their Mediterranean eats! Then everyone can meet up at the communal seating area to dine together. Good compromise.

While this spot isn’t the best counter service location in Disneyland overall (far from it), if you’re a fan of Mediterranean food or are looking for a fast and unique options while you’re in DCA, I can definitely recommend it.

Have you tried the customizable menu at Paradise Garden Grill? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. Jon says

    I had the same entree including the dessert as you AJ. I agree it was tasty for a counter service meal. My family and I had no plans on going there, but when we walked by PGG we decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed plus there was a band playing. Good music, weather, food, and company – DCA was good!

  2. Janet says

    I usually get the pasta but walk over to get the baklava for dessert, if we’re just hanging around talking. If we have “places to go, rides to ride” then I’ll get dessert later.

    You really have to be a fan of the filling with these. It’s not the flaky layers that you’d be used to in a piece of baklava, so it was wierd at first – but oh so good.

  3. Scott says

    Great review – I love this dining location.

    Not sure when the photos were taken, but they have changed the kids menu. Now they offer either turkey/beef sliders or peanut butter pita wraps.

    On my last visit I learned that you can order additional skewers for $7 or $8 each – nice option when feeling extra hungry.

    I am from Niagara Falls, ON and can appreciate your comment about having deadened taste buds from all the wings I have eaten at The Anchor Bar.

  4. Tim says

    Thanks for another great review AJ!

    We so enjoy one of the bands that plays the Paradise Gardens Bandstand, the Ellis Island Boys, that we actually plan our trips to DLR to coincide w/ their performance days. Ouside DCA they’re known as the Reynolds Brothers.

    Their schedule, including DCA days, is available at

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