Review: Lucky Fortune Cookery in Disney California Adventure (+ Disneyland Lunar New Year Menu Details!)

This spot might elicit a “wha?!? where’s that?!?” reaction for some since it really doesn’t get its share of the spotlight. But I really enjoy heading to the Lucky Fortune Cookery once in a while when I’m in Disney California Adventure!

The counter service location is a great thematic fit for the Pacific Wharf area of the park and offers some pretty tasty, customizable goodies for those who stumble upon it.

Lucky Fortune Cookery in Disney California Adventure

After the review, we’ll also have some awesome info for you about what Lucky Fortune Cookery and other dining spots are serving for this year’s Lunar New Year celebration in Disneyland — so scroll down for that! OK — Let’s dig in!!

Atmosphere and Themeing

Lucky Fortune Cookery is teensy. The outdoor location is nearly an afterthought — or so it seems. There are three main ordering windows and just a few tables scattered around.

Lucky Fortune Cookery Ordering Area

You’re clearly in an industrial section of town here at the Wharf, and the fun lanterns hanging from the rafters give this a sweet “downtown” vibe I think! It’s such a great way to soften an otherwise harsh space.

Lucky Fortune Cookery Ordering Area and themeing

Tables are scarce, but don’t forget that you’re surrounded by about three other huge restaurants here at the Wharf.

There’s a ginormous seating area just across the way, so if there are no seats available at the Cookery, just take your tray over to Pacific Wharf Cafe and grab a table there.

Lucky Fortune Cookery Seating

Condiments include the standards as well as a couple of items to spice up your “take-out” — sriracha and soy sauce.

Lucky Fortune Cookery Condiments

You’ll be given chopsticks with your meal, but you can always opt for the regular utensils if you’d prefer.

Lucky Fortune Cookery Utensils


When you’re ready to choose from the menu, it couldn’t be easier. It’s basically a “build-a-bowl” type restaurant, so you’ll choose your protein (chicken, beef, or tofu) and your sauce (Mandarin Orange, Spicy Korean, Thai Coconut Curry, or Teriyaki).

(Super healthy) sides include Edamame and Fresh Mango Slices, and you can also get a Sapporo (Japanese brew) here.

Lucky Fortune Cookery Menu -- click for larger image

On my visit I went pretty standard with the beef teriyaki. All of the combos come with steamed rice and seared veggies pre-mixed.

Lucky Fortune Cookery beef teriyaki

I was actually really impressed with this lunch. It was a good size, though it could definitely have been shared if I wasn’t starving.

The sauce was slightly salty, but definitely had a good, savory flavor. The beef itself was cooked just right — not too chewy.

Lucky Fortune Cookery beef teriyaki close up

Dig down in the box to get to those veggies and all of that rice. There have been complaints that the rice here is “soupy,” but mine was just fine. And the veggies were crisp yet tender.

Lucky Fortune Cookery beef teriyaki with veggies and rice

Of course, you can liven things up with some sauces. And don’t forget your fortune cookie! ;-)

Lucky Fortune Cookery extras with meal


So there you have it — pretty simple, really! Small location, easy food. And the menu allows for those who are watching their diets to be a bit more careful than they can be at other counter service spots, which is always a benefit when you’re eating your way through Disneyland.

I’m a big fan of anything where I get to eat a big mess of rice, meat, and veggies all in one (mmm… jambalaya), so this fits the bill perfectly. Head over to Pacific Wharf Cafe for a pastry or cinnamon roll after this and you’ve got an awesome meal.

But this week is the PERFECT time to try the Cookery if you haven’t already…

Lunar New Year Specialty Menus
From today through February 13th, the restaurant will take part in Disneyland Resort’s Lunar New Year festivities. To celebrate, the Lucky Fortune Cookery will offer pork spare riblets, chicken and vegetable pot stickers, edamame, ginger milk tea and almond cookies.

Lunar New Year Decor

In addition to extras here, The Boudin Bread Cart and Pacific Wharf Café will feature “Year of the Snake” bread, and Tsing Tao Beer will be featured at Rita’s Baja Blenders. Pacific Palisades Coffee Cart and the San Francisco Cart will serve up almond cookies, ginger milk tea, and other special items.

In Downtown Disney, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen’s menu will include tempura gulf shrimp skewers, red beans & rice salad, and coconut ginger lime beurre blanc. Shrimp sushi rolls with Guajillo chile pears, and dragon beef tacos will tempt visitors to Tortilla Jo’s. Other special menus include: spicy banger shrimp with Szechwan green bean salad (House of Blues); Asian salad, toasted sesame seed seared ahi tuna (La Brea Bakery); macadamia crusted tilapia and coconut shrimp (Rainforest Café), matcha green tea blast smoothie (Jamba Juice), and green tea ice cream (Haagen Dazs).

Have you eaten at the Lucky Fortune Cookery? What would your custom take-out box include? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    We ate here back in October! We had the Thai Coconut Curry with tofu. The sauce was delicious; my husband and I agreed that we would both order it again in a heartbeat! However, we would probably go with chicken instead of tofu next time. The tofu was a bit too soft for us. It actually reminded me a bit of the texture of flan – which is great if you are eating flan, not so much if you are eating tofu. :)

  2. Danny says

    I don’t know if it was just a rumor, but I had heard that pho (Vietnamese soup noodles) would be sold in Downtown Disney during the Lunar New Year. There were already two Chinese New Year kiosks in Downtown Disney when I stopped by on Thursday. One had New Year decorations and the other sold Asian snack foods (they had Pocky). No sign of any pho yet.

  3. Wendy Snelgrove says

    What are the vegetables? I suspect I wouldn’t be able to eat here because of the veggie mix, which is sad because it looks otherwise great.

  4. spe1983 says

    Had the chicken w/ the thai coconut curry, and it was spectacular. Not too spicy but had some outstanding thai spices and flavor. Split it with my wife and kiddo along with the Carne Asada and tamale plate from Cocina sitting under the heaters in December. It was a fantastic meal, but the star was the curry.

  5. Elana says

    I had the Thai Coconut Curry with Chicken on my visit two weeks ago. It was delicious! And it was enough food that I had leftovers for later in the day. Also really appreciated that brown rice was available. Will definitely be eating here again!

  6. says

    Amanda — Ugh! Flan-textured tofu? That does sound pretty bad. So glad that you loved the sauce, though! That sauce is getting some serious acclaim — I’ll have to try it next time!

    Danny — Thanks for the heads’ up!! I’ll see what I can find out about Pho!!

    Wendy — Mostly you’ll find carrots, snap peas or snow peas, onions, and green onions (from what I can remember). I’m not sure if they can separate out the veggie mix, but it may be something you can ask about!

    spe1983 — Love the idea of getting eats from both Cocina and the Cookery and splitting! I’d also get some soup in a bread bowl from the Pacific Wharf Cafe! Thanks for the awesome review!

    Elana — SO glad you enjoyed it!! And, yes, I prefer brown rice myself. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. Melissa says

    We just got home from Disneyland Resort. I had to try the Chinese Lunar New Year eats. Well I just tried the pot stickers rice bowl. I loved it!!! The sauce was a little spicy and delicious. My husband and I play “You Chose Poorly” We imitate the Templar Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He got the bread bowl and I got the pot stickers….he chose poorly…lol.

    It was our 10th anniversary and it was freezing this weekend, none the less we had a great time and brought home the snake bread.

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