Dining in Disneyland: Gourmet Marshmallows at Trolley Treats

When you’re looking for a tasty treat (which, of course, you ARE on Mardi Gras), a must stop shop on Disney California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street is Trolley Treats.

Trolly Treats on Buena Vista Street

The aroma of the candy kitchen entices you as you pass the picture window where you’ll often see candy makers creating one of their signature Trolley Treats items: The Gourmet Marshmallow.

Marshmallow Making at Trolley Treats

Sold either individually for $3.49 from the counter, or in packs of two for $5.95 from the store’s display, the hand made fluffy squares are available in several different flavors.

Trolley Treats Marshmallow Display

The flavors I went with were Banana Split, S’mores, Luscious Lemon, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Madness. I have to say all of them were great, but it was a serious sugar overload.

Normally I’d say just get an individual one and share it with someone, but hey, I was “working.” Let’s take a look at them all:

Banana Split Gourmet Marshmallow

First up, let’s go with the Banana Split. Topped with a cherry, this fun marshmallow is adorable and delicious. In fact, I think I’d call it my favorite. I love banana flavored items though, so this was right up my alley.

Banana Split Gourmet Marshmallow

The banana flavor reminded me a bit of banana flavored Laffy Taffy — sort of artificial, but the added chocolate drizzle, caramel & cherry on top made it the perfect combination to impersonate a mini banana split.

I love watching the candy makers in action and happened to get some pics of them making Banana Split Marshmallows!

Candy Makers in Action

When the marshmallows are all ready, they’re handed over to be packaged. Packaging takes place in the window that faces Buena Vista Street.

I’m assuming that this was a highly planned out scheme so that passers by will be tempted to come in and try one; it worked on me!

Packaging Banana Split Marshmallows

And for those of you who are curious, here’s the ingredients list.

Banana Split Marshmallow Ingredients

Luscious Lemon Gourmet Marshmallow

Next up, Luscious Lemon. This one to me was also yummy, IF you’re a lemon fan. Again with the artificial lemon flavor; but it did not taste like cleaning fluid, which to me most lemon “flavored” items do. (Not that I drink lemon cleaning fluid, but you know how that whole sense of smell and taste thing are related, right???)

Luscious Lemon Gourmet Marshmallow

The Luscious Lemon Marshmallow is almost like a lemon bar. The topping includes lemon marmalade and there are also graham cracker crumbs involved!

Luscious Lemon Ingredients

Peanut Butter Chocolate Madness Gourmet Marshmallow

Next up is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Madness. Normally I am not a chocolate person, but I love peanut butter. The chocolate in this marshmallow is very subtle. And the amount of peanut butter is just perfect.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Madness Gourmet Marshmallow

Other ingredients include peanuts, peanut butter cookie crumbles, and chocolate chips. Yum.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Madness Marshmallow Ingredients

S’mores Gourmet Marshmallow

Now, for the S’mores marshmallow. This one was devoured so fast by my “helpers” (aka piglet children), that I didn’t even get a photo of it unwrapped. So, in the package will have to do.

S'mores Gourmet Marshmallows

I was able to get a bite in and this one is awesome.

The bottom features a layer of graham cracker with a chocolate coating, then chocolate marshmallow, topped with a layer of toasted “regular” marshmallow. An instant hit with my kids.

S'mores Marshmallow Ingredients

Raspberry Chip Gourmet Marshmallow

There are a handful of other flavors that I didn’t try. They include Raspberry Chip, Watermelon, & Nutmallow.

Raspberry Chip looks exactly as it sounds. A raspberry marshmallow with a generous sprinkling of chocolate chips.

Raspberry Chip Gourmet Marshmallow

Watermelon Gourmet Marshmallow

The Watermelon Marshmallow has a layer of green marshmallow topped with a layer of pink marshmallow sprinkled with chocolate “seeds.”

Watermelon Gourmet Marshmallow

Nutmallow Gourmet Marshmallow

The Nutmallow Marshmallow features walnuts and a thick coating of chocolate drizzle.

Nutmallow Gourmet Marshmallow

Peppermint and Egg Nog Holiday Gourmet Marshmallows

For its first holiday season, Trolley Treats debuted two seasonal flavors; Peppermint and Egg Nog. Both were fabulous.

The Peppermint Marshmallow was like eating a squishy candy cane. AND I am surprised to admit that I really enjoyed the Egg Nog Marshmallow. It was sweet with a dusting of Nutmeg. Normally I am not a big Egg Nog fan, but this was really quite good. I am hoping for more seasonal flavors!

Peppermint and Egg Nog Marshmallows


Overall I think that Gourmet Marshmallows are a really fun and unique treat to add to the park. I do hope that they will continue to experiment with new flavors and seasonal items to keep them interesting!

Have you picked up a Gourmet Marshmallow at Disney California Adventure yet? Which flavor would you like to try first?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. says

    Those all sound so delicious!!! How in the world do you pick just a few flavors to try??? ;) I wonder how the watermelon flavor was. I think the lemon sounds yummy; I love lemon bars. *sigh* So many yummies to try!

  2. TammiQ says

    YUM!! I’ll be at California Adventure at the end of the month and these will definitely be a must-try item. Those lemon marshmallows are calling my name already.

    Are the packs of two limited to certain flavors or all flavors? I think I will have to pick up several!

  3. Jen says

    I love “real” marshmallows!
    I’ve burnt out two hand mixers making them at home. But, oh, were they worth it!

    Too bad these are at CA. Bring them to WDW!!!!!!

  4. Prof. Brainard says

    Truly scrumptious! (I must add that, in my experience, persons who feel compelled to announce that they don’t drink lemon cleaning fluid quite often do drink it when no one is looking–or at least put it on their salad.)

  5. says

    As one who makes homemade marshmallows for fun, I super duper love these! I need to visit DL so I cantry them all!

    One thought though, $3.95 seems pretty pricey, even for a Disney marshmallow. Please tell me that they are large. For that price, it should be a big old slab of delicious sugar!

  6. Heather Sievers says

    @Amanda – It was hard to choose! I am curious about the watermelon too, but I’m worried it might be too sweet for my liking.

    @TammieQ – They have all of the flavors in the two packs, but there are no “mixed” packs. In the packages you have to buy two of the same flavor.

    @Jen – HAHA! I’d love to try making them sometime.

    @Prof. Brainard – Ok, I’ll admit to using it on salad… ; )

    @Jaia – They are pretty generously sized. I couldn’t eat a whole one alone.

  7. Jenny says

    I think I would be willing to try the lemon and the reasberry chip. Those are my fav flavors. I just have a feeling that I would want to share one.

  8. says

    Are the ones in the packs good for taking home? I’ll be in Anaheim in a few weeks but with some many dining plans already I won’t have stomach room while I’m there!

  9. Heather Sievers says

    @Jenny – The lemon is SO good. I’ll have to try the Raspberry one soon and report back!

    @V No Privacy – Yes, you could totally take them home. I’d carry them on the plane though so they don’t get squished.

  10. spe1983 says

    I had both Holiday marshmellow. Any they were both very very tasty. Definitely recommend any of them that they make. The Egg Nog was surprisingly awesome and they are super sweet that just a bit or two was needed and they lasted almost a full week of nibbling.

  11. Colin Z says

    I had my first marshmallow from there for “free” when taking the Holiday Time at Disneyland tour. I had no idea when they were handing out that they’d otherwise be so expensive!

    One thing we learned was that there is a vent from the candy makers’ kitchen onto the street. You can see it in one of the tiles along the sidewalk between the candy makers and Buena Vista street.

  12. Heather Sievers says

    @spe1983 – I was surprised by the Egg Nog one too! AND I definitely recommend sharing. They are so sweet, a little bit goes a long way…

    @Colin Z – Both Candy Palace and Trolley Treats have those vents. They pump out yummy smells to entice you to come in!

  13. Agnes says

    I totally agree with you about lemon flavored food sometimes tasting like cleaning products (not that I’ve ever tried, either). Everytime I see a green Life Saver, I think, “uh oh, cleaning product…”

  14. says

    I love this blog. The banana marshmallow looks like it would be my favorite. Your photos and descriptions are the best I’ve seen.

  15. Val Kessler says

    Love your posts! Last week I watched some of the chocolate pops being made at Disneyland, but never got to see how they get the nonpareils on the outside. They are on perfectly around the whole thing. How do they do that? Did you get to see that part?

  16. Tara says

    So sad when I went in May to discover they’re not making these anymore. I was really excited to try them. :(

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