Guest Review: Captain’s Grille Breakfast Buffet at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Today, we’re welcoming back Emma Snobbish with a review of the Captain’s Grille at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Her review highlights the breakfast buffet!

When you’re contemplating breakfast choices around Walt Disney World Resort, the Captain’s Grille may not be on your radar.

“Oh, yeah – that one at the Yacht Club?” you might say.

That’s what I said, but on my family’s trip this January we wanted to try something new — someplace where we would be able to get a walk-up reservation. We had also heard tell of the Captain’s breakfast buffet, so we decided to give it a try.


The Captain’s Grille is just off the Yacht Club Resort’s lobby. You’ve passed it if you’ve ever taken the stroll from the Beach Club to the Yacht Club.

Outside the Captain’s Grille

Behind its fresh, white French doors you’ll see soft nautical stripes, and model boats and paintings of seaside scenes hanging on the walls.

The Main Dining Room

Once inside the restaurant, you’ll see a kid-sized waiting area complete with coloring sheets and crayons!

Children’s Coloring Area – the Crayons are Kept in a Little Boat!

The themeing here is subtle but still charming. I loved the compass design on the center of the tables and the beach waves etched on the chairs.

Big arched openings at the edges of the restaurant look out over the hallway leading to the signature restaurant — Yachtsman Steakhouse — and Stormalong Bay, the giant pool and play area shared between the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Kinda fun for people watching during your meal, although if you’d rather something more quiet there are plenty of tables further in.

Tables Overlooking the Walkway

We were seated in an alcove just off of the main room, next to the entrance to the buffet. We weren’t bothered by traffic – the restaurant was bustling, but still quiet enough to be relaxing!

Entrance to the Buffet Room


I had come in intending to try the buffet, but it was hard to keep to my resolution when I saw some of the a la carte selectionslemon ricotta hotcakes, or citrus-scented challah bread French toast, topped with lavender-infused strawberry compote and white chocolate ganache. Or the dark chocolate waffles with espresso mascarpone cream – I’d love to come back to try those someday!

The Breakfast Menu - click image for larger version

In the end, we all decided to go with the buffet.

The Beginning of the Buffet!

When you first approach the buffet (which is set off to the side in its own room), you are greeted by a lovely display of pastries– croissants, various kinds of Danish, banana bread, muffins, cinnamon buns, and a super delicious “chocolate swirl,” which was much like a chocolate croissant.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Flaky Croissants

The Delectable Chocolate Swirl

I probably could have made a meal just of all those delicious pastries, but as it was there were more selections to explore! The buffet branches off in two different directions, and both have entirely different dishes.

To one side were the breakfast meats – bacon, ham, country pork sausage, and grilled turkey sausage.

Breakfast Meats

They also had oatmeal, biscuits and gravy and cereals, bagels, and bread for toasting with a variety of toppings.

Steaming Hot Oatmeal

The Cereal Selection

Each little pat of butter was made in a Mickey Mouse mold. That alone practically made coming here for breakfast totally worth it. But then there was still more deliciousness waiting.

Mickey Isn’t on Just the Waffles!

This was one of my favorite dishes – baked tomato gratin. I think the cheese on top may have been boursin – it was so creamy and tasty, and so unique!

Baked Tomato Gratin

I love it when you can eat dessert for breakfast – the bread pudding was delish.

Bread Pudding

If you’re an egg person, this is the breakfast buffet for you. There was the captain’s frittata, scrambled eggs, and two types of specialty egg dishes. They looked like little scrambled egg patties, but they were so flavorful and just melted in your mouth.

Egg Offerings on the Buffet

One was egg whites with spinach and tomatoes; the other was called a Breakfast Reuben – topped with cheese with bits of corned beef inside!

Egg Whites with Spinach and Bacon

Breakfast Reuben

The buffet also offered fresh fruit, buttermilk pancakes, French toast, and the inimitable Mickey waffles.

The Healthy Stuff: Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Pancakes and More

A Disney Breakfast Isn’t Complete without Mickey Waffles!

Another touch I loved was the way they had little jugs out next to the syrup dispenser that you could fill up yourself – just cute!

Come and Get Your Syrup!

There were potatoes as well, tossed with herb butter and caramelized onions. There are some potato connoisseurs in my family, and they absolutely loved these.

Breakfast Potatoes

Yum Yum!


I was very impressed with the Captain’s Grille. The food was delicious, and the selection was really unique and gourmet – it managed to please both the picky and the adventurous eaters in our party. Our server was prompt and courteous as well.

There are plenty of tasty meals to fit into your schedule when you’re heading to Disney World, but I would certainly make room to go back to the Captain’s Grille. Definitely a Disney breakfast win!

Emma is a writer, photographer, Disney cupcake aficionado, and former Disney cast member. Check out her blogs over at A Pinch of Pixie Dust.

Has your family enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Captain’s Grille? What’s your favorite breakfast buffet at Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Colette says

    I really enjoyed eating at the Captains Grille last year. They had a wide variety of tasty food and the atmosphere was really calm compared to other breakfast places at WDW.

  2. Karen says

    This also is a much better value and better buffet than the character breakfast next door at Cape May.

  3. Katie says

    Mmmmm!! Looks so good!! I would love to go there and try some of the ala carte options along with the buffet!

  4. Christa says

    It’s one of our favorite breakfast spots since we usually stay at Beach Club Villas. No characters, yummy buffet or other menu items, and great service!

  5. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    looks really good.. just too hard to get to in the A.M. from another resort.. unless you want to spend the extra money on a taxi…

  6. Frances says

    We ate lunch there this past Jan. We had the soup and salad. It was ‘very’ good. I had the black bean soup with a tuna sandwich. My husband had clam chowder and I forget what sandwich he had. The bean soup was new to the menu and it was so good that I asked for the recipe. The atmosphere is very nice and quiet. We will definitely be going back again. I didn’t know that they had a buffet. We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn so it will be an easy commute. The bakery on the Boardwalk was closed when we were there :(

  7. Kat says

    Umm, YUM! :D I’ve never even thought to eat here before–definitely one of the over-looked places–but oatmeal brulee? That fruit arrangement? That sounds like an absolutely delicious ala carte menu, and the buffet looks great too. The restaurant is now officially going on my Disney dining bucket list–so thanks for the great review!

  8. says

    I am so happy you covered this again, as it is really one of our favorite ts breakfast spot. It is such a great place for quiet breakfast!

  9. Dan says

    This place has been a favorite breakfast spot of ours for years, even back when it was the Yacht Club Galley! Anyone else remember the key lime smoothie they had? :)

  10. Melissa says

    I have eaten here before, but didn’t try the buffet. I found your article searching for info to see if the buffet was worth a try and it seems it is. Staying again in October and will definitely give it a go. I did want to tell you that you didn’t miss much not getting the chocolate waffles. They were very dense, more like a waffle shaped brownie only not nearly as chocolatey as a brownie, and weren’t very moist or flavorful where the scant sploch of creme and cherries weren’t. Most of my creme was absorbed into the waffle when they arrived at my table anyway. Looking truly revolted, the waitress did give me syrup when I asked for it (I think she expected me to go into sugar shock with the first syruped bite) and that both moistened and added flavor to the “bare” parts. Honestly I could have dumped two of those little pitchers of syrup on them and not batted an eye.

  11. Mike says

    Is it a good idea to make reservations here for breakfast? Or is this the type of place you can just walk up to in the morning?

  12. Lottie says

    What does one table service credit get you at Captain’s Grille? Do you get access to the buffet alongside a breakfast dish? Or is it just one or the other?


  13. says

    Lottie — It would be one or the other. Typically, a DDP table service credit would be good for an entree plus a non-alcoholic beverage, or one full buffet or family-style meal.

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