DFB Reader Questions Answered: Have Selma’s Cookies Disappeared?

Time to answer a reader question!! :-) We believe that if one of our readers has a question about Disney dining, there are probably more folks out there wondering the same thing!

Here’s a question that we’ve received from several of you about one of our favorite Disney pre-packaged snacks — Selma’s Cookies!

Selmas Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie -- One of Our Favorites!

One reader asks:

On my last visit I was unable to find Selma’s Cookies (the large individually wrapped ones such as chocolate chip) in any of the sweet or bakery shops in The Magic Kingdom. Do you know if they are indeed still selling them?

And the answer is – hooray — yes! Yes they are!

Selma's Cookies aka Minnie's Bake Shop Cookies

These days, you’ll find them labeled as Minnie’s Bake Shop Cookies, or you’ll find them in rows in Disney confectionery cases. There are still multiple flavors like white chocolate raspberry, chocolate chip, and peanut butter; and they’re still soft, flavorful, and delicious.

Cookie Close-Up

Fans of Selma’s Cookies will find them in several spots Walt Disney World, including Goofy’s Candy Company, Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk, Main Street Confectionery, Frontierland’s Prairie Outpost and Supply, Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney resort gift shops, and more.

They’ll either be pre-packaged as Minnie’s Bake Shop cookies, or found in the bakery or confectionery cases. Sometimes both! :-)

And if you’re after more great information about our favorite Disney snacks, be sure to check out the DFB Mini-Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks! Download your copy here!

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  1. Dawn says

    Wow! Always stayed away from these figuring they were prepackaged how good could they really be? Guess ill have to try some out next trip! Thanks!!

  2. Jonathan says

    I LOVE Selma’s cookies! Especially the raspberry white chocolate flavor (pure delicious heaven). You can also order them online at http://www.selmas.com.

    For people like me that don’t get to visit WDW that often, this is the perfect way to tide us over until we visit Orlando.

    But they are very expensive ($4.00+ per cookie with shipping), but I still order them occasionally because they are so amazingly good.

  3. Marc says

    They’re fantastic, but at 500 calories PER COOKIE, it borders on the ridiculous.

    From a nutritional standpoint, I have to wonder what they put in the cookies to make sure they are 500 calories each. And if I get one of these, I’m not just going to eat half a cookie, for pete’s sake. I’m eating the whole thing — but these ones, while delicious, are not a good use of one’s allotted calorie intake for the day…

  4. Ani says

    I recently purchased a White Chocolate Raspberry pre-packaged one and it wasn’t as good as the one I bought from behind the counter a year or so ago. It didn’t seem as soft & yummy, maybe it wasn’t as fresh? I actually threw away half the cookie because I wasn’t enjoying it as much & I LOVED the one behind the counter. Now that more people know that they are Selma’s cookies, more people will purchase them and they will be fresher. Thank you for spreading the word ;) Looking forward to a fresher one next time.

  5. Jennifer says

    @marc It may seem silly to only eat half of a cookie, but have you ever tried to eat one of these suckers? They are pretty big and rich. My husband gets the peanut butter chocolate one and he only eats half of it at a time because of this.

  6. Elana says

    Thanks for the info Jonathan! That white chocolate raspberry is my favorite and was no where to be found on my recent trip to Disneyland, 3 weeks ago. Believe me, I looked. ;)

  7. Corey says

    I looooove Selma’s cookies and brownies. I think it was our Oct trip that we couldn’t find any brownies, and maybe any cookies. Haven’t seen the butterfinger brownie in years – but just saw them on the site (might have to place a direct order). I wonder if they’re the same size as the park packages (averages about $3/brownie with shipping).

  8. Ric says

    I spotted these at MouseGear in Epcot on Feb 23rd.
    Have to say, I do not care for these cookies. To me, they aren’t baked; they’re dehydrated.
    Something never happens to the sugar in the mix that I want to have happen, so the sugar still has a very granular texture that’s not what I want when I want a cookie.
    Thankfully, there’s more than one cookie in Disney.

  9. Tom Babb says

    On my last few trips to Disneyworld, I haven’t been able to find the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I can find either of the two, but not the combination cookie.
    Has Disney stopped stocking it?


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