Top 12 Salty Snacks in Walt Disney World — What’s Your Favorite?

We talk a lot around here about Disney’s sweet snacks – and with good reason: nothing says indulgence like a bit of Disney ice cream or a monster cupcake.

But everyone knows that sweet snacks are even better with a salty chaser! ;-)

Salty indulgences abound at Disney World, too! And we think it’s time to give them their day in the spotlight!

So without further adieu, we’d like to take a brief look at some of our favorites in our salute to the Top 12 Salty Snacks in Walt Disney World!

Disney Popcorn

Alrighty, folks, we have to start with the obvious one: Popcorn.

How can you discuss Disney World salty snacks and not mention it? In fact, how can you go to a Disney park and not end up munching on this snack favorite?

We love popcorn in all its personalities — from the standard (refillable!) bucket you buy as soon as you walk into Magic Kingdom to caramel corn at Big Top Treats or Karamell-Küche. And when popcorn started popping up on Disney menus a while back, we were all for it!

NEW Disney Parks Popcorn Boxes!

But the best version remains that classic Disney popcorn box full of buttery (flavored) yellow kernels of fluffy goodness. Do yourself a favor and don’t leave without trying a box.

Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Over at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, you’ll find a lovely little assortment of waffles to satisfy your salt craving.

What? You ask. Waffles = salt? When they’re in the form of waffle sandwiches — they sure can be!

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich in Disney World

And my favorite when I’m satisfying a savory craving is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Sweet/spicy chicken with a touch of coleslaw offers a treat with complicated flavors, but a sure comfort food factor.

The perfect combo of sweet, salty, and slightly spicy, this sandwich will leave you full, happy, and ready to tackle the rest of those Disney miles! Just know that this thing can be uber messy, so bring lots of napkins!


I dearly love a plate of nachos, don’t you? And when I’m in the mood for this Tex-Mex treat, I head to La Cantina de San Angel in the Mexico Pavilion at Epcot.

Nachos with Cheese, Beef, and Jalapenos at Cantina de San Angel

The salty trifecta of chips, plastic cheese, and seasoned ground beef is perfection! And if you’re looking to add to it — try washing them down with a margarita, of course!

Want some less-fussy nachos? We’re also fans of the versions at Big River Grill and ESPN Club on the Boadwalk. Where do you find your favorite nachos in Disney World?

Tomato Basil Soup

If you’re in the mood for a good bowl of soup (fitting during the relatively cold Orlando days this past weekend), then head to Pinocchio Village Haus for their completely amazing Tomato Basil Soup.

Tomato Basil Soup at Pinocchio Village Haus

Sure, this bustling little counter service spot in “original” Fantasyland isn’t much of a Mecca for foodies. But this soup is a hidden gem and well worth the trek there to have some. Don’t forget to grab a table upstairs and away from the crowds to enjoy in peace!

Mickey Pretzels

When we got wind that Mickey-shaped pretzels had been spotted in Disney World, I’m not gonna lie to you…I did a little happy dance. These had long been a super favorite snack of Disneyland goers, and the fact that they were crossing to the other coast was big news!

Mickey Pretzel with Plastic Cheese

When you need your salt fix, nothing beats a pretzel; and if it’s soft, and chewy, and in the shape of a giant Mickey head — well, so much the better! But how do you top this awesomeness? With a little plastic cheese, of course!

Like your salty snack with a little kick? If so, there’s the Pepper Jack Pretzel, too! Find this at The Lunching Pad in Magic Kingdom (and occasionally in other Disney World locations!).

Cheesy Pesto Bread

I know, I know. I keep talking about this, but the Cheesy Pesto Bread really was the find of a century for me! Pick it up at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in the Landscape of Flavors Food Court for a super-value price!

Cheesy Pesto Bread at Landscape of Flavors

Made to order with savory pesto and melty cheese, it’s the perfect mini-meal and only costs a Disney Dining Plan snack credit!

Chicken Fried Rice

I love when Disney counter-service restaurants offer snacks that can function as meals, and this one definitely does. Head over to Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes in Animal Kingdom for a taste of this filling treat.

Fried Rice at Anandapur Local Food Cafes

Studded with chicken, scrambled egg, and vegetables, this fried rice is a substantial snack with a little price tag. Condiments abound here, so you can dress your rice up with as much flavor as you like! And it’s a nice alternative to traditional side items, like fries or salad.

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls are another terrific way to answer the call for something savory that you can nosh while strolling. With layers of vegetables and/or meat, they’ll also beat back the hunger pangs for one more ride on Expedition Everest or Splash Mountain.

Pork Egg Roll at Anandapur Local Food Cafes

There are a few places to score egg rolls at Disney World, but we love Yak and Yeti Local Food Cafes in Animal Kingdom, as well as the little cart in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, where you’ll find Pork and Shrimp Egg Rolls!


Amble into Casey’s Corner on Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A. when it’s chili you’re after.

Casey’s Corner Chili

I’ve always loved this special hearty soup, and even if you don’t get a hot dog or fries to go with it, you’ll find your hunger handily dealt with by this tasty dish that’s full of meat, beans, and spices.

French Fries

Even though Figaro Fries have been gone for a while from Pinocchio Village Haus’s menu (sigh…) there are still delicious fries to be had! Our suggestion? Head to one of Disney’s counter service spots like Cosmic Ray’s or back to Casey’s Corner for a special treat: fries with condiments!

We especially heart the Chili Cheese Fries at Cosmic Ray’s. This is french fry heaven for sure.

Chili Cheese Fries at Cosmic Ray’s

Whether you stop at ketchup and plastic cheese, or get inventive with extras like ranch, lettuce, or salsa, you’re only limited by your imagination.

And for the ultimate Pulled Pork French Fries, head to Animal Kingdom’s Flametree Barbecue!

Pulled Pork Fries with Cheese

Pulled Pork Fries with Cheese

Turkey Legs

When nothing but the saltiest, smokiest will do, we humbly suggest that you head straight for a Turkey Leg!

Walt Disney World Turkey Leg

These gargantuan treats — and they really are turkey, we promise — come with a hefty calorie and sodium pricetag, but hey, it’s Disney, right? Those things don’t count here.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

For a salty snack that eats like a meal, head to Eight Spoons Cafe in Animal Kingdom for Baked Macaroni and Cheese! These ooey gooey snacks are served straight up or topped with pulled pork or sweet chili shrimp!

Baked Mac and Cheese with Shrimp

Baked Mac and Cheese with Shrimp


Pin it for later!

What’s Your Favorite Salty Snack in Disney World?

We know there are SO many more awesome options than what we’ve listed here, so now it’s your turn! Please let us know what your salty craving is in Disney World and where you go to satisfy it! :-)

When you want a savory treat at Disney, what’s your salty snack of choice? Leave a comment with your suggestions! I always love to check out your finds on my next trip!

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  1. Sara says

    Pulled pork nachos from Captain Cooks at the Polynesian are a must-eat for us on every trip! Crispy wonton chips topped with pulled pork, cheese, and pineapple salsa! Yum!

  2. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    I had never had Disney popcorn until my most recent trip – let’s just say I will never look at popcorn the same way again! It is my absolute favorite, and I can’t wait to have some on my next trip!

  3. Norma says

    I love the pork shank at Gaston’s Tavern. It has quickly become my new favorite.

  4. Brenda says

    I have 3 words: Corn Dog Nuggets! Especially at Casey’s! Also the teriyaki wings in Animal Kingdom.
    AJ, thank you for putting me in my happy place! Especially since we are expecting snow!

  5. Jenny says

    I don’t normaly go for the salty snack, but my two all time favorite two are the pretzel and onion rings. yumm oh.

  6. Liz says

    I’ve had the chicken waffle sandwich and it is yummy! I’ve also had the other two waffle sandwiches and they are all amazing. Definitely a new must eat for us at the Magic Kingdom!

  7. Christa M. says

    Gotta go with the popcorn. It’s unlike any other popcorn in the world. And, call me crazy, but the best popcorn in all of WDW is from the cart on the left as you cross under the train station in the MK. It tastes better! Why does it taste better?

  8. Rune says

    I was *sure* you were going to throw in the sea salt caramel at Karamell Kuche, or else the sea salt caramel hot chocolate at Ghirardelli DTD at the end there and you proved me wrong, heheh!

    So many good things on your list (although I’ll skip the turkey leg as those things freak me out)! Love the fresh chips / crisps at Friars Nook too!

  9. Marc says

    The ‘turkey leg’ is nothing more than ham repurposed on a bone. Two cast members confirmed as much to me independently last time I was there. No wonder the aroma is so much like bacon.

    I love the popcorn and the pretzels, and I’m dying to try the waffle sandwiches next time I go to Sleepy Hollow refreshments.

  10. says

    Sara — YUM!!! That’s a great addition!! And I love items that are unique to resorts.

    Sandy — I’m SO glad you had some! That stuff HAS to have an addictive ingredient.

    Norma — That’s awesome! Was there anything else in New Fantasyland that you loved?

    Libby — It’s really something special! Let us know what you think when you try it.

    Brenda — OOh, great picks!! I love those teriyaki wings in AK — definitely underrated!

    Jenny — Yum-o indeed! I love them, too, and it’s always fun to return to a favorite.

    Liz — I still need to try the breakfast waffle sandwich, but I’ve now had the other three! So awesome!

    Christa M. — Yep — agreed! That’s actually where THIS pic of popcorn is from!

    Rune — Oh my goodness YES. I WAS going to add the sea salt caramel to this list as a “joke,” but I was too tired last night when I was editing! ;-D The salted hot chocolate is a great add, too. AND the salted hot caramel from the Prost Booth in Germany at Christmas time! You know what? I’m getting an idea for another post… ;-)

    Marc — Let me know what you think when you try those waffle sandwiches! :-)

  11. Robin S says

    I have to disagree with the chicken waffle sandwich… Only bc the Proscuitto Ham & Swiss waffle sandwich is one of my favorite things I’ve eaten anywhere!!! I’ve planned trips for around 8 friends since i tried one last April & always tell ppl it’s a total must-have , tight up with a dole whip &/or mickey premium bar!!!!

  12. Kat says

    AJ–Yes, you should totally do a post on salty/sweet treats (like the salted caramels, etc.): I LOVE that salty-sweet combo!! And while all the cheeses aren’t necessary salty, the cheese plate at Les Halles is still my favorite savory snack. So yummy!

  13. Jessica says

    Disney popcorn has been one of my favorite treats, ever since I was a little girl. I’ve had the Nutella and fruit waffle from Sleepy Hollow’s…. I cannot wait to try the spicy chicken waffle sandwich!

  14. Mark D. says

    The chicken waffle sandwich is fantastic, but if you are going to throw that in as a snack you may as well put in a steak dinner. That thing is huge. I thought only people like me considered that a snack.

  15. Jamie A says

    Marc-I’m allergic to pork & while I’m not a fan of those caveman sized Turkey legs, I promise you they aren’t pork. They are smoked in a smokehouse like ham or bacon that’s where the flavor & smell come from.

  16. Brian says

    I’d add to the pretzel entry the pretzels at Sommerfest or other kiosks at the Germany pavilion, which are generally better than the pretzels sold at all the other park locations. Similarly, the best place for fresh cut fries would be Cookes of Dublin–and disappointly not the Yorkshire Fish & Chips Shop in the UK pavilion that just makes frozen steak fries.

  17. Chrissy says

    Flame Tree BBQ over at Animal Kingdom has amazing onion rings, especially when paired with the sauce. Yum.

  18. Sarah cameron says

    We had the nutella strawberry waffle from Sleepy Hollows on our last trip and it was incredible!! Soooo filling we weren’t even hungry for lunch. ;-). Oh well we squeezed in a Dole-whip and all was well. ;-). I personally love the ham and cheese croissant at Boulangerie Pattiserie, although it’s not really too salty, just Ooey gooey goodness. Mmmm I need to get some soon!

  19. Niki M says

    I’m usually drawn to sweets in WDW. I’m hoping to find a new favorite salty snack on our next trip when we try the vintage irish cheese and bacon dip with fresh fries at Cookes of Dublin!

  20. Gwen says

    They made my mum act/make noises like a turkey (She turned 62 the day we were at DHS!) and they gave her the plumpest, juiciest turkey leg they had … for no money. :O It was the best thing seeing the look on my mum’s face. She couldn’t believe it! It was their first trip ever with their grandchildren :)

  21. says

    wow definitely getting one of those chicken and waffle sandwiches next time I go. That thing looks absolutely amazing

  22. Lisa says

    Ok – now my mouth is watering….
    First – Sea Salt Carmel at Epcot’s Germany Carmel Shop! Sweet – Salty – YUM
    Second – Home-made Potato Chips at Magic Kingdom – only on rare occasions is this place open (twice in the past year when I’ve been here – and I’m in Disney every weekend as I live close by). It’s called Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland and they make their own potato chips. Sometimes they are even warm! They also sell these with sandwiches when the Diamond Horseshoe is open for lunch on busy days. Enjoy!

  23. Jill says

    I can’t wait to try some waffles when we go this summer!! My daughter is looking forward to a nutella one while I think that chicken one looks AWESOME!!! It’s our first time going with our kids and can’t wait!!

  24. Tracy B says

    Circa 2000 when I worked at DAK they used to have a cart that sold a mashed potato volcano…it was like a cheesy, gravy, chili mashed potato parfait. So good. I am not sure if they still sell them or not but I seriously crave them sometimes!!

  25. Shelby says

    I was at DW a couple of weeks ago, and my boyfriend got a jalapeño pretzel from a food cart inside of Hollywood near the Hat- it may have been the Pretzel Garden. It was a small, ordinary red cart with popcorn as well.

  26. Michael Davenport says

    The popcorn is good but so loaded with salt, you spend the rest of the day buying the expensive drinks because you are so thirsty…Disney Plans it this way I’m sure LOL

  27. Sandra says

    As much as Dole Whip and Mickey bars, WDW popcorn is an essential to any trip. It is reasonably priced, easy to share, and comes in a variety of cute containers. I am also a fan of the tomato basil soup, which is often served at the food courts at the All Stars–just another good reason to stay there.

  28. Amy says

    Thanks for this list! We usually have all the snack tokens left at the end of our trip that we don’t know what to do with them. Not too much into sweets which is why I love this list! Have tried a few on here but will have to try the rest!

  29. Lauren says

    A year and a half ago I’d have said the turkey leg and corn dogs were my fave salty snacks. That was the only time I could tolerate eating meat off the bone. Now after turning vegetarian it would have to be the pretzel and onion rings!!

  30. Wendy says

    CREAM CHEESE stuffed pretzels are my HAVE TO HAVE when I go to Disney! It is the ONLY thing I will “cheat” with! To die for! SO good, especially when they are warm! YUM!!!!

  31. Dee says

    Great List. Another one that should be considered is the Gyoza (pot stickers) from the Yak and Yeti and the AK.

  32. Simba8 says

    Don’t try the cheese and chili fries unless your constipated. You will be missing some major Disney time but you will be getting to know their bathroom rather well. Never again!

    The pop corn is the best and something they can’t ruin. I can’t say I have had much luck over the years with Disney food. After having stale taco salads, raw still almost frozen chicken sandwiches, diarrhea chili cheese fries I prefer to pack our food. The food at Epcot is a bit better.

  33. Roland Deschain says

    You left off the Poutine Frites from le Cellier…..the saltiest thing I have EVER had at Disney!!!! I’m convinced tht salt is Canada’s major export:)

  34. Lyn says

    I get the turkey leg whenever we are in Hollywood studios..its definitely turkey. They are big enough to split between two people. Smoked turkey dipped in mustard is amazing.

  35. M&M says

    Egg Rolls at Lotus Blossom at Epcot are WONDERFUL, they are the same ones from Animal Kingdom.

  36. Saint-Claire says

    Actually the Mickey pretzel has moved from Fife and Drum to Block and Hans at Epcot. They also have craft beers at Block while Fife has turkey legs, popcorn, ice cream, and draft beer.

  37. Catherine Hopkins says

    We are in our planning stage. This is one of those times when Celiac really sucks. Pretzel, waffle…all stuff I can’t have (insert sad face here)

  38. Agingdiscoqueen says

    I’m with Tracy B. on this one. The Mashed Potato Volcano was amazing! The most unhealthy thing you could ever eat, but I loved it. I had one at Animal Kingdom. Not sure if they sold them in other areas, but the last time we were there in around 2003, they were gone.

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