Snack Series: Frozen Pineapple Bar at Disney Parks

Frozen eats are a favorite for many Disney guests, and we just reviewed the Triple Blast Ice Pops that replaced those twisty-turny Itzakadoozies last year!

But while I love my share of Mickey Ice Cream Bars and Sandwiches, I decided on a recent trip to go back to one of my favorites — the Nestle Delicias Pineapple Bar — since I’d never written about it for you guys before! (It’s no Dole Whip, but I still like it!)

Pineapple Pop -- Under Wraps

Out of the wrapper, it looks just like the picture on the sign, a frozen pop of pineapple juice and pineapple chunks. It’s actually somewhat similar to the paletas that I sampled at La Cantina de San Angel.

Pineapple Pop -- Up Close

Inside, you can see the sweet, almost creamy consistency, with chunks of pineapple suspended in the sweet frozen juice.

Pineapple Pop -- Inside

The treat has just right amount of sweetness, and it’s a perfect refresher when you need something cold on a hot day (of which there are many in Orlando)!

Pineapple Pop in the Florida Sunshine

It’s also worth noting that the pop is gluten free and kosher. (Really. I checked Nestle’s website.) They are not, however, dairy free, so keep that in mind.

What’s your favorite Disney frozen treat? Let us know in comments!


  1. says

    it is hard to not answer with the mickey ice cream bar, however another favorite of mine and my family is a frozen orange juice drink that we discovered at one of the walk up service stops in adventureland.

  2. Claire says

    I finally pried the Mickey head from my husband’s hand and got him to try one of these and he loved it!! I discovered them a couple of trips ago and was happy I did. We enjoyed a couple of them last week at Magic Kingdom when it was really hot, and they really satisfied. Even my 3 year old loves them, in fact she ditched her triple blast to eat my pineapple treat!

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    I always go for the Kai-gori in Japan @ Epcot.

    I love all things pinapple. I haven’t had one of these in a while but I liked how straight forward it is. Despite the fact that the first ingredient is milk, the only real taste is pinapple. Only 110 calories, low sugar. It’s a snack you don’t have to feel bad about if you are watching calories or want to save space for a nice big dinner.

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