NEW! Peach Cobbler at Epcot’s Liberty Inn

There is so much going on with in Epcot right now with incredible food! With the Flower and Garden Festival off to a strong start (don’t forget to read our full review of all of the food here!), I think it’s going to be a great Spring at Disney World!

And now we get to tell you about a brand new dessert offering at Liberty Inn in the America Pavilion — Peach Cobbler! But this isn’t just a random new dessert. This cobbler has a story.

It’s a recipe inspired by Mrs. Fisher’s Cookbook, the first African-American Cookbook, published in 1881. The book is part of the Kinsey Collection, an exhibit celebrating African-American art and history, which recently opened in the America Pavilion in World Showcase.

Sign for Peach Cobbler at the Ordering Area

Love the idea and want to see more recipes? You can actually pick up a copy of the book yourself! But now, onto the Cobbler!

Peach Cobbler

The cobbler is baked into the standard Disney counter service disposable black bowl. A word about cobblers: the term encompasses lots of different styles. Some prefer a crumb topping, while others favor a biscuit. Still others make cobblers that resemble pies with pastry shells top and bottom.

While the book speaks to a pie-like creation, this cobbler falls firmly into the crumble category.

Peach Cobbler

Close up, you can see the crumb topping of butter, flour, sugar, oatmeal, and spices, that bakes together to form a sort of crust on top of the fruit. It looked — and smelled! — like it was made from scratch in my own kitchen.

The flavor is the perfect balance of sweet with a little cinnamon, and the richness of the butter definitely comes through.

Peach Cobbler -- Up Close

Breaking through the topping, you come to the peach filling. I could be missing the mark, but this didn’t seem like a canned filling. It had a good balance of sweet and tart flavors, and the juices tasted fresher than what you normally get from a can.

Peach Cobbler -- Inside

Overall, we found the cobbler to be really delicious, with the flavor of a home-baked dessert.

It only needed to be warm with a scoop of ice cream to be perfect!

Will you be trying the Peach Cobbler at Epcot’s Liberty Inn? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!


  1. Jenny says

    It looked very yummy, just like one of the ones I bake. Yes the ice cream would have been the chery on top. :)

  2. J says

    I recall an excellent peach cobbler at the Crystal Palace breakfast. Sadly, it wasn’t on the menu when we were last there.

  3. Lisa says

    Excellent frozen peaches are available and I bet those were frozen… I wish they would leave the oatmeal out.. but I think I will try this one.. Ice cream would be wonderful.. Or a nice spritz of whipped cream…


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