New! Souvenir Dumbo Popcorn Container in Disney World

We starting hearing from our DFB Readers about these brand new Dumbo themed souvenir popcorn buckets in Disney World’s New Fantasyland last week, and I couldn’t wait to see them!


New Souvenir Dumbo Popcorn Container in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Found in Magic Kingdom’s Storybook Circus, these are unlike any other souvenir containers we’ve ever seen.

Dumbo Popcorn Container Up Close (and in flight!)

Usually, souvenir containers are, themselves, filled with popcorn. But it looks like these are just “carrying cases” for a regular box of Disney popcorn.

Dumbo with Popcorn

Dumbo Popcorn Container with Popcorn Box

Nonetheless, they’re great looking. And once the popcorn is gone, it looks like a handle comes up and you’re able to use the bucket as a little “carrying case.”

Looking down at the top of the Dumbo Popcorn Bucket

I can’t wait to add one to the collection!

Dumbo Popcorn Container

Apparently, this little girl can’t wait either! ;-)

Admiring the new Dumbo Popcorn Container

Find these cuties at Maurice’s Popping Machine and at the Storybook Circus Popcorn Cart. It’s the perfect tie-in with Big Top Treats’ Dumbo snacks theme!

Dumbo Delights House Made Caramel Corn at Big Top Treats

Whaddya think? Will this be on your “bucket list?” Ba ha ha ha! :-)

Thanks again to DFB Reporter Zach Metzger and to DFB Editor Kim LaPaglia for sharing these pics of an adorable new addition to the list!


  1. says

    Well I have the Halloween Mickey and the Xmas Mickey so I have to get this right? :) Yes it’s a bucket on my bucket list

  2. Sue says

    Yes! I want it. But I’m not brave enough to ask a friend to pick it up when she’s there next week, so it will have to wait until I’m there myself. Hope they still have this in the fall.

  3. Zach says

    These look great! They remind me of all the amazing popcorn bucket options available at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

  4. says

    Sean — Absolutely!

    Sue — Ha ha! I imagine this will stick around for a while since it fits the themeing of the area so well and isn’t tied into a season.

    Zach — Ooh — do you have pics of the ones at TDR??

  5. Zach says

    I might have some, while there (my fiance and I added the trip to the beginning of a three week study abroad) I took a picture of anything I ate, like a food journal. If I find some what would be the best way to provide them?

  6. Galloping Gourmand says

    That’s the best popcorn bucket at WDW. It’s even better than the R2-D2!

  7. Christa M. says

    That is pretty cute. That would make an adorable Easter basket for a little Dumbo lover!

  8. Kristina says

    I really hope it is large enough to make into a lunchbox (for my adult self, naturally).

  9. Jennifer says

    Any idea what’s the ear span on this? I want to get one but I’m not sure it will fit in my luggage to get home when I come in May.

  10. Amanda says

    I believe that all items like that include the product inside. Like at Casey’s, the collectible mug includes the drink of your choice. I’m pretty sure you get the popcorn with the bucket for the $12.

  11. MLR says

    Bought one yesterday for my daughter who couldn’t come to the park with us because she’s sick :(. It is large & may be difficult to pack in the luggage. It does come with the popcorn! She loves it!

  12. Richard says

    I went to Magic Kingdom on Easter and saw the Dumbo bucket at the end of the day. It is really cute and with the popcorn served in the box, there is no mess to clean up afterwards. Perfect addition to my Mickey holiday buckets :)

  13. Randee Gillund says

    Does Dumbo’s ears come off at all? Flying might crush them, I dont want to take that chance!!!

  14. Jim says

    We got one last week and loved it. Got it home okay and now just broke an ear off within a week. Cute Souvenir, hard to keep it safe. It has several screws on it so you could disassemble it but the ears don’t look like they come off easy. Typical plastic ears with a tab that push through a hole in the head and wouldn’t easily come back out without breaking. That tab is where our ear broke.

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