Guest Review: Dino Diner Snacks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We’re welcoming back DFB Guest Author Joey Beyer with a guest review of the Dino Diner in Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand!

Howdy everyone! On a recent visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom I had the opportunity to try a couple of delicious items at the Dino Diner in DinoLand U.S.A. While Chester and Hester may seem like they are all fun and games, in Dinoland they are serious about snacking!

Dino Diner!


The Dino Diner is located to the left of Primeval Whirl if you are facing the entrance to that attraction. The stand is designed as a concessions trailer that you would expect to see at a carnival or county fair, and fits perfectly with the theme in this area of the park.

Seating is minimal and there’s little shade, so this is more of a grab-and-go spot.


The menu here is small and features cinnamon glazed nuts, drinks, and a hot dog if you are looking for something a bit more filling.

But the BIG news is the frozen lemonade. New this year, Animal Kingdom has introduced several alcoholic frozen lemonades around the park at various locations. Dino Diner is one of the lucky ones, sporting the Frozen Bacardi Raspberry Rum Lemonade.

Dino Diner Menu.

But first — the food. I am a big fan of the cinnamon glazed almonds but my partner in crime on this particular day preferred the pecans, so we went with those.

These can be found in all of the parks and many other places around property. That sweet smell always lets you know they are close by — and makes it hard not to buy them!

While they are a little more expensive than some snacks, I love them because they are filling, and a perfect item to tide you over to a late lunch or dinner Advance Dining Reservation after a vigorous morning or afternoon of touring.

Both the almonds and pecans are served in a bag and are very sharable. The portion size really is pretty generous, and even my normally insatiable appetite is satisfied after this fabulous treat.

Pecans in a bag!

The picture is a little dark, but the cinnamon-sugar coating is visible on the pecans. Do not let that deter you though. This is a sweet treat, but it really is a more mild sweetness; especially when compared to a cookie or a cupcake.

The natural taste of the nuts really blends well with the glaze and makes this snack truly mouthwatering. The pecans’ crunchiness also adds a great textural element. All of these aspects combine to make candied nuts a true classic.


It was a warm winter day and we needed something to wash the pecans down with. Enter — the Frozen Bacardi Raspberry Rum Lemonade!

Frozen Rum Lemonade!

The beverage is served in a standard disposable cup, so the presentation is nothing remarkable (of course it still looks delicious).

I found the taste to be outstanding! It is the regular frozen lemonade with Bacardi Razz added in. The rum taste was present, but quite subtle. The raspberry flavor really complemented the flavor of the frozen lemonade to make for a nice balance between tart and sweet.

If you enjoy the regular frozen lemonade, you will likely enjoy this drink as well


That is it for today — the perfect between meal snack to keep you going at Animal Kingdom! I hope you enjoyed this brief journey to DinoLand! Be sure to check out the Dino Diner next time you are in the area and in need of a delicious treat.

Joey Beyer is a full time medical student in Illinois and an avid fan of all things Disney and food related. His first visit to Walt Disney World was at the age of two, and he hopes to eventually move to central Florida to be closer to the magic.

If you’ve enjoyed a delicious snack in Dinoland — or elsewhere in Animal Kingdom — let us know in the comments below!


  1. Anastasia says

    Yeah cinnamon glazed almonds are AH-mazing! I actually used to be in charge of making them when I worked at Universal back in college. During the winter months the line for them was crazy. They remain one of my all time favorite theme park snacks.

  2. CraigInPA says

    The cinnamon glazed nuts are also available on the boardwalk. The cinnamon glazed pecans are absolutely the best snack I’ve ever had at WDW.

    And, FYI, you can buy these nuts mail order from if you aren’t in the World and need a fix!

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    I never even knew this place was there. Then again I’m rarely in that part of Dinoland. Now that I know they serve those pecans I’ll be sure to stop by.

  4. Nell says

    Amazing! Wonderful!
    I thought the only place I could find those yummy pecan gems was EPCOT.
    This is the BEST news – ever!

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