Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Dining Discount Program Adds New Restaurants

Disney World Annual Passholders visiting the Walt Disney World Resort can now enjoy a Disney dining discount at additional restaurants!

Jiko Dining Room

Additional restaurants now offering a 10% discount include:

The discount can not be applied on the following 2013 dates:
January 1; February 14; March 31; May 12; July 4; November 28; December 24; December 25; and December 31.

For more information about Annual Passholder Disney World Dining Discounts, see our Disney Dining Discounts Page!

Where do you use your Annual Passholder dining discount? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    Usually at Downtown Disney locations only is where we use our discount but I ask everywhere! I’m happy to hear this. I only wish there were more perks for passholders. We are passholders, married at WDW, visit at least twice a month, and we also have a Disney Visa Debit through Chase. I am disappointed when some of us freely advertise our love for Disney and get little rewards for doing so. All the other restaurants are hurting and I’m happy Disney may not be but as passholders we used to have sooo much more perks. As of late there’s not much. Our anniversary is coming up on the 24th and sadly we can’t afford a Disney restaurant so we will just do the parks and counter service. I try to think of people who only DREAM of going once and I feel so honored/blessed to go as often as we do. Can’t truly complain. However, the food at Disney not all but some places I CRAVE.

  2. Leslie says

    I apologize that this is off topic, but any info about whether Disney will do the free DDP this year? He always go in September and typically get that, but no word on that yet or even on deals on the rooms.

  3. Juanita says

    Like Jess above, we usually just use it at places in DTD, Wolfgang Puck Express and Earl of Sandwich. Have used it at Yak and Yeti in AK. We got the Tables in Wonderland card last July though and are loving it. I wish Disney would do more perks for being a passholder. It’d really come in handy, since we live two hours north and visit frequently.

  4. chris says

    I never knew about these discounts! Have they always been there? Finding the break-even point for the Tables in Wonderland card is now a bit more complicated.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Just a warning that the passholder discount does not work like Tables in Wonderland, i.e. it is not an across the board discount that covers all food and drinks. Pretty sure it never applies to alcoholic beverages and it sometimes only applies to entrees, not appetizers or desserts.

    This may have changed, but I would ask before assuming everything is covered, if you care.

  6. frank says

    ALWAYS ask about passholder discounts when you buy anything. You might be surprised. I got $.20 off a bottle of water on one visit and about $2 off an umbrella on a later trip. You won’t know unless you ask !

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