Spotted: New Food Items Available in Epcot’s Canada and UK Pavilions

One of my favorite activities in Walt Disney World is to wander around the World Showcase and check out what’s new.

While I always love old favorites, like Pocky and my beloved Fruit Gums, it’s definitely fun to stumble across a brand new display and get all excited about what I find. New or new-to-me — it’s all good!

Dueling Earths in the World Showcase

On a recent trip that just happened to coincide with the holidays, I found several fun new snack items that I wanted to show you. I’m thinking Picnic Around the World! Who’s with me?

Canada Pavilion

O, Canada! You can always surprise me.

We will keep dreaming of the day that you come into your own, but in the meantime, I’m going to grab some Covered Bridge Potato Chips and snack away. I’ll have one Ketchup-Flavored and one Sweet Potato, please! Oh, and a Montreal Steak Seasoning, too! (Ok. I’ll share a few.)

Chips from Epcot's Canada Pavilion

These are definitely going on our World Showcase picnic!

It is interesting to note that all of the snacks I found in the Canada Pavilion shops, such as chips and maple sugar candies, are pretty pricey. They’re especially expensive compared to the treats in other lands. Hmmm…

UK Pavilion

Being an obsessive tea drinker, I’m all about The Tea Caddy in the UK Pavilion. But another great thing about this shop: you can find lots of different candies and snacks here as well.

On the wall across from the register, we found another entry into the potato chip category: Yorkshire Crisps. These would def satisfy my crunchy-salty craving right now.

Yorkshire Crisps

And just in case you’re caught in the middle of Epcot at tea time, you can pick up an assortment of Sweet Pies to go with your cuppa. Bramley Apple for me, pleeeez.

A Selection of Fruit Pies Available in the Tea Shop

Most interesting to me was the assortment of savory items. Perfect for the British (or Anglophile) visitor who’s looking for a taste of home while away from home.

These would also make a swell souvenir if you’re bringing gifts back that capture the international spirit of Epcot.

More British Products

See? That’s what I love about this place. Kipper fillets. Who expected to find kipper fillets on their visit to Disney World? Not me. But there they are.

If you’re staying at a DVC villa or a spot that has a kitchen, you can stock up on some serious groceries at the UK pavilion these days! ;-)

Anyway, just wanted to share. I’ve got a couple of new items from France coming your way soon, too! Stay tuned…

What are your favorite food finds from Around the World? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. Erin Foster says

    A reminder if you’re thinking about buying something like those yummy jarred onions (and really, who isn’t thinking about buying yummy jarred onions), while you can buy food in glass containers in the theme parks, you can’t bring food into the parks in glass containers yourself. This means that if you buy the onions at Epcot and then head directly to the Magic Kingdom, they either won’t let you in or will make you throw out the yummy onions (horrors!).

    Also, the resort package delivery service won’t let you send food through the system. So you can’t use that to send the onions back to your hotel.

    If you’re going to buy the onions, or any food sold in glass jars in a theme park, plan to go directly back to your resort after doing so.

  2. Essie says

    I like the looks of a lot of these items such as the ‘crisps’, the mince pies, and the kippers. I agree that a lot of these would make nice gifts to take home.

  3. says

    Loving the food finds. But as a UK resident there are a couple of items that I’ve never heard of. Henderson’s Yorkshire sauce crisps? I’ve never heard of Henderson’s or Yorkshire Sauce. Sargents Mince Pies? Again Sargents is a mystery brand to me. However Mr Kipling is a legend in making “exceedingly good cakes”.

  4. Sally-Ann says

    I discovered the hard way last year when I stocked up on candies and they wouldn’t send them back to the hotel, a lot of candy = heavy bag for the day! And in the UK the onions are called pickled onions and you can get strong vinegar ones, sweet and baby ones like cocktail onions. A good pickled onion is one that has sat for a good few months and gone really dark brown and takes the skin out of your throat! Yum

  5. says

    I love the idea of a picnic around the World. I am going to have to try that! :) I like the UK groceries, especially the HP Sauce. Do you know if they have mayonnaise in the Germany or France pavilion? I know, weird question, but I fell in love with European mayonnaise when I lived in Belgium and I would love to find it again. Thanks for your great posts!

  6. Helen says

    I love the comment about the Canadian snacks being kind of pricey. Being from Canada, I can tell you that everything here is pricey (especially compared to our U.S. neighbour) plus you will pay a 13% sales tax on your chips here. We do make awesome snacks though and have a really great variety of chips!

  7. Lisa says

    I was going to say exactly what Helen said, everything is expensive here and maple products are particularly pricey. As for those chips, I’ve never heard of them before so I’m thinking they come from a province other than Ontario. They look good though!

  8. Cheri says

    I can tell you right now the higher prices has to do with customs. It is very expensive to ship items from Canada to the U.S. (and vice versa). Add to that the fact that they’re food products and it can get very pricey. There was some “small print” in the Patriot Act that meant certain imported goods were then taxed even more – it’s still hard to get certain products from Britain and Canada in the U.S. at a reasonable price.

  9. Nicole says

    Covered Bridge chips are from New Brunswick. Snacked on quite a few bags while I was living in Nova Scotia and they are quite tasty! Happy to see they’ve made it to the World!

  10. ZoZo says

    Speaking as a Yorkshire Lass… I can highly recommend the Yorkshire Crisps!!!! We used to eat them as a bar snack at work… The parsnip crisps are to die for – Yummy :o)

  11. says

    Im with Alan…. never heard of Henderson’s or Sargents – Mr kiplings are an instant win though!! YUM – always have a little giggle at the UK food items being sooooo expensive in Epcot.

  12. Anna says

    I live in England and have never heard of Seargent’s Mince Pies or the yorkshire crisps. And I do not know anyone who buys their kippers ina tin. Each to their own though I guess.

    Looking forward to the Japan foods….and the US Cheetos. I ahve dreams about those things. Not had them for 6 years.

    I will be bringing a lot of the English foods for my American friend when I go next time.

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