Snack Series: Mickey Mouse Cupcake (and More!) at Art of Animation Resort

There is never a dull moment when you hit up Landscape of Flavors Food Court at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

I recently got to stay at AOA and couldn’t wait to share some of the fun grab-and-go eats we found. Today, we’re looking at a DFB favorite: cupcakes!

Mickey Oreo Cupcake

First up, this happy little find! While I’ve seen this type of cupcake elsewhere, this is the first spot I’ve seen it with the added Mickey white chocolate face!

Oreo Mickey Cupcake

Under the lid, you’ll find a fairly standard yellow cupcake with buttercream frosting. But the little white chocolate Mickey face and Oreo “ears” add a little something special to the mix.

Oreo Mickey Cupcake -- Outside the Box

Concerned about certain ingredients? You can determine exactly what went into your cupcake from the ingredient list. This is an excellent resource, of course, for guests with special dietary needs. We’re seeing these more and more on Disney grab and go options.

Oreo Mickey Cupcake Ingredients

Although it’s sort of boring — there’s no pa-pow! secret filling inside, after all — this one is well executed. The cake is moist, and the buttercream is nice and light. No over-cloying, make-your-teeth-hurt-heavy-sweet here. And definitely no whipped cream frosting.

And c’mon! You get bonus Oreos for the same price as a regular cupcake! Score!!

Oreo Mickey Cupcake -- Inside

Mini-Cupcake Variety

Here’s another little gem I found: an assortment of Mini-Cupcakes, similar to those I found during Christmas at Epcot. I absolutely love this idea. If you choose to share, there’s a little something for everyone in the fam. If you choose not to, there’s a little variety all for you!

This one includes carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate fudge, and a little lemony/pound cake twist. Yours might differ!

Mini Cupcakes

Babycakes NYC Gluten Free, Vegan Mini-Cupcakes

If you need to eat gluten free or vegan, this is the choice for you! Babycakes NYC Bakery is located in Downtown Disney, but now ships their products to the resorts, too!

Babycakes in the bakery case.

These cute options come in a variety of flavors and colors. Here, you’ve got chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and colored vanilla frosting.

Unboxed Babycakes.

So whaddya think? Which one is your favorite choice?

No matter what, it’s a win-win!

Will you be adding any of these entries into your next cupcake crawl? What’s your favorite?


  1. says

    Wow, that is so great that they are bringing the gluten free cupcakes to the resorts! Yay! I was a fan of the brownie mocha from babycakes. And their banana cake with chocolate chips was such a delicious surprise!

  2. Sarah says

    I had the mickey cupcake from the AoA, and it not only was delicious but it was sooo cute!

  3. says

    The Mickey face cupcake was our default dessert at AoA. It was as you describe. Nothing fancy but cute and well-executed. Frequently, our youngest would eat the Oreo ears off and the cupcake would get put away for breakfast the next day. (Something that only happens at Disney, I assure you.)

    The best dessert at Landscape of Flavors by far was the gelato. The honey-almond was from heaven. The baked goods were all tasty, but not especially exciting. I am still baffled they didn’t have a regular chocolate cupcake.

  4. Steph says

    To us, this was the best vanilla cupcake (maybe any flavor, really, and we’ve had a lot of them) on WDW property, when we had them last November. I found the cupcake to be more of a moist sponge cake, rather than the light, more dry cupcakes we normally get. The cake was still light, it was delicious and the texture was lovely! And this is a big deal coming from me, because I don’t care what the dessert is, the frosting is ALWAYS the highlight for me, so for the cake part to stand out, it had to be good! On a side note, HUGE DISLIKE for the soggy oreos. It get it, it’s the presentation, but, it’s a bummer, like soggy cannolis.

  5. Miranda says

    I know that the babycakes products are amazing for vegans and folks who eat gluten free, but for the wheat-eating people, how do they measure up against normal flour-based cupcakes? I imagine they have a different texture? Would anyone buy these out of choice over the regular cupcakes available?

    We are staying at Pop Century in June and are looking forward to walking across the bridge to sample the AoA food court.

  6. says

    Laura — I’m glad you’re enjoying the babycakes products! :-) I’ve seen donuts pop up at Beach Club, too!

    Sarah — Thanks for sharing your review!

    lebeau — That’s awesome! Agreed that the glato is great, too. We’ll have a gelato review coming up soon :-)

    Steph — Awesome review! And I’m the same way — for the cake to stand out, it HAS to be good!

    Miranda — The babycakes products are still very good, even compared to regular baked goods. The texture is a bit more “bread-y” — think banana bread texture versus light cupcake texture. The frosting is amazing, though; and I’m always wondering how in the world they make it taste so buttery with no butter! I personally love the frosting-filled cookie sandwiches the most.

  7. Essie says

    Isn’t AoA a wonderful and fun place to stay, AJ? We loved it there and it was our first value. I may choose to stay there from now on! Their food court is amazingly good and has something for everyone. Having taken some baking courses, my guess would be that Babycakes may use artificial ‘Butter Extract’ for their rich butter flovor, but again, that’s only a guess on my part.

  8. Alec says

    Really hoping that Babycakes can find a home in Disney Springs should Pollo Campero and Bodie’s be forced out. It seems like the type of place that would definitely succeed with its own storefront.

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