Guest Review: Disney’s Worms & Dirt Cupcake for Earth Day!

In honor of Disney World’s Limited Time Magic events for “Earth Week,” guests have access to a few new “earthy” treats in the parks!

The best one, in my opinion, is the Worms & Dirt Cupcake featuring a teensy flower pot on top!

Worms & Dirt Cupcake in Disney World

My good friend Daniel Wanderman has been touring the parks this week and was lucky enough to get a taste — check it out! (Love the choice of setting here, Daniel — The Victory Garden in Disney’s Hollywood Studios!)

The perfect place for Worms & Dirt! The Victory Garden in Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Here’s what Daniel has to say…

The worms & dirt cupcake debuted today at Fairfax Fare on Sunset blvd. This fun cupcake honors Earth week by mimicking the traditional “worms in dirt” dessert with a few twists. This one takes a chocolate cupcake and tops it with a ring of frosting. But why stop there?

The frosting is powdered with cake crumbs (dirt!), chocolate sprinkles (more dirt?), and garnished with gummy worms, a candy flower pot, and chocolate candy flowers. The best part is a delicious chocolate pudding surprise inside.

Close up of the Worms & Dirt Cupcake!

As a vegetarian and avid gelatin avoider, I pushed the gummy worms and sprinkles aside and dug right into the pudding center. The pudding was cold and delicious, which was quite refreshing on a hot, humid, park hopping Disney day.

It reminded me of the My-T-Fine pudding mom used to make as a treat.

Pudding Surprise inside the Cupcake!

The surrounding cake was soft and moist, but not soggy. I bit right into that flower pot (also filled with pudding), which was a sugary candy. The chocolate flower toppings were hard chocolate candies.

The deconstruction to avoid the gelatin was a bit of a pain, but totally worth it to try this beast of a dessert. Highly recommended, so get it while it lasts!

You can find this sweet treat at ABC Commissary, Pizza Planet, Backlot Express, Studio Catering Co., and Starring Rolls Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; and at our beloved Kusafari Coffee Shop and Bakery and the espresso and coffee cart at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Want more Earth Week treats?

We’ve spotted a giant gourmet caramel apple featuring Worms & Dirt decor at all of the candy shops around the parks! This one will set you back over $12, though, so be sure it’s right for you before buying! :-)

Worms and Dirt caramel apple

For a lower price ($4.99), check out  the Worms & Dirt tart topped featuring a raspberry and strawberry “worm” at Tony’s Town Square and Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom Park, Kringla Bakeri Og Café and Sunshine Seasons at Epcot, and Capt. Cook’s at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Worms & Dirt Tart

And if gummy worms aren’t your thing, there’s another version of the Worms & Dirt cupcake with that fruit-only worm found at Kona Cafe at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

Second Version of the Worms & Dirt Cupcake

Most of these goodies are only available through April 28th, so get ‘em while they’re around! The cupcakes and tarts are $4.99, or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit. :-)

For more awesome Disney cupcakes, check out our Disney Cupcake Gallery here!

Are you headed to Disney World this week to try an Earth Week treat? I’ve got two more Disney days scheduled and I can’t wait to get mine!

Thanks again to Daniel Wanderman for his review and photos! You can find him on twitter @DanielWanderman and on instagram @DanielWanderman.


  1. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    mmm, that cupcake looks SO GOOD! anything filled with pudding is okay in my book :)

  2. Essie says

    I think that the tart and cupcake with the fruit ‘worm’ is just so cute; I love the little face that they put on it! Unfortunately, I won’t be there to try them :( , but thanks for the report. At least it was fun to see them! :)

  3. says

    They look so playful. Wouldnt it be great if Disney swapped out the gelatine for veggie substitute? Im not a veggie, but I feel everyone should be able to eat a wiggly worm! :-)

  4. says

    Those are adorable! Chocolate and candy?! Awesome! I love the gummi worm part and I really think it adds to the concept. They wouldn’t be the same without them!

  5. says

    Oh my goodness! Chocolate cake, pudding, and gummy worms too? Too bad I won’t make it to Disney before they are gone! Thanks for the review, these look awesome! :)

  6. Diane in NC says

    I agree with Essie – the face on the fruit worm is adorable! I hate gummy anything but would totally love the fruit worm. Thanks for sharing.

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